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3 Green Bedroom Ideas - Create a Calming Oasis in Your Interior

Are you dreaming of a green bedroom and still looking for a good idea? Are you not sure which design is best for your house or apartment? A green bedroom can look very impressive - provided that you fit the decor to the interior's character. Such a color palette offers plenty of possibilities - also for the style of the interior. But most importantly - green iis a soothing color. It's perfect then for a place that is meant to give you relaxation after a long, exhausting day. Check the most interesting ideas for a green bedroom.

3 Green Bedroom Ideas - Create a Calming Oasis in Your Interior

Green bedroom - a soothing interior

It’s not a secret that colors have a great influence on humans - our psyche and well-being. No wonder then, that it’s an important factor when designing home interiors. Some colors can motivate to action - they should be used in home interiors like an office at home. Others are calming, and they have the ability to put one in a relaxed state. They are perfect for a bedroom or living room.

There is a color that guarantees serenity and can make you calm down immediately - green. No wonder that its different shades are used in bedrooms.

Green bedroom - a soothing interior

A dark green bedroom or a bright color palette?

Picking a shade is one of the most basic, and at the same time biggest dilemmas one can encounter when designing a green bedroom. The possibilities are quite numerous. You can pick brighter shades like mint, pistachio or celadon. But these are just a few of the options. Darker hues like bottle green or emerald are equally popular.

If you’re wondering which shade is the right one, you can simplify your decision. By establishing certain basic issues, you can at least determine which color palette - dark or light you should use.

Pay attention to the following issues:

  • your own preferences,
  • the size of the room designated for a bedroom,
  • the layout of the interior and the access to natural light,
  • the style you wish to achieve.

Small interiors with a tiny window - or completely without it won’t look good in a dark color palette. On the other hand, a light green bedroom might annoy you instead of having a soothing effect. In such a case, the size of the room is a secondary issue - your preferences are the main factor.

A dark green bedroom or a bright color palette?

Dark green bedroom and Nordic decor

A green bedroom - pick a strong wall color

If green is your favourite color and you’re dreaming of a green bedroom, consider using this shade on the walls. It’s a perfect background for less pronounced elements, e.g. grey furniture.

Green walls look perfect in combination with pastel colors, e.g. beige, taupe or ecru. Sometimes not-so-obvious combinations make the interior look unique. Dusty pink is a good example - it looks impressive when combined with green.

If your green bedroom has walls in this color, make sure to pay attention to the lighting. Green looks completely different with “warm” and “cool” lightbulbs.

A green bedroom - pick a strong wall color

Olive green bedroom

Green bedroom decor - bricks on the wall

Green bedroom - wooden floor

Furniture and accessories for your green bedroom

A green bedroom doesn’t mean just colored walls. Furniture is often the decisive factor as for the character of the room. In smaller interiors, it can be simply a green upholstered bed. In larger rooms, you can add a wing chair in the same color.

Although a green bedroom is not the most popular choice, manufacturers offer a wide variety of products in this regard. You can easily match the color of the bed with your own expectations. But regardless of how many types you can find in the catalogues - a dark emerald green bed is the most popular choice.

You don’t have to create a so-called “total look” in your green bedroom. The room’s character often relies on the accessories and decorations. Adding a large soft shag rug is a great option.

Furniture and accessories for your green bedroom

Green bedroom ideas - upholstered bed juicy green

Dark green bedroom - chairs

Green bedroom ideas - plants

Olive green bed - green bedroom decor

A green bedroom - a controlled balance

Do you want to create an interesting and modern interior design that combines different elements? It’s not a problem at all. A green bedroom can have just one wall in this color. Simply use shades of gray, the mentioned pink or beige on the rest.

This way, you can use one wall as the background for the bed. Make sure it’s not green as well - unless you use a clever trick and pick a light shade of green for the wall and add a bed that is at least a few tones darker.

If your green bedroom has only one wall in this color, you can also use other green accessories. But make sure not to mix too many shades - two or three are just enough. This way, you can get a really interesting effect, and the room won’t irritate you.

A green bedroom - a controlled balance

Green bedroom ideas - an interesting wall pattern

Light green bedroom - bed and cream walls

Olive green bedroom wall

Bold accent wall - green bedroom ideas

📍 A green bedroom - what accessories to pick?

If you decided on a green bedroom, make sure to pick the decorations carefully. They greatly affect the style of the interior. White, beige, grey and black elements are universal decorations for a green bedroom. Brown accessories can also look good - but it depends on the shade.

📍 Is a green bedroom a good idea?

A green bedroom is a perfect place to rest. Such a color palette is very soothing and calming. If you are planning to design a bedroom and have no idea what color should dominate - consider using green.