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3 Best LG TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

3 Best LG TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands
3 Best LG TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

LG is one of the fastest developing electronic companies. Although it first appeared on the market with air conditioners and washing machines, its horizons quickly broadened. Currently, LG TVs are picked by users who value high quality and a good price.

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Why is an LG TV worth investing in?

LG TVs are popular among users all over the world. The advantages of these devices lie in many functions they offer.

An LG TV can work as an element of a home cinema system. One just has to pick a device in the right size, and with Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos technologies. The size is crucial in this case - the larger, the better.

Every LG TV currently available on the market can be connected with a console. Thanks to this, one can spend time together with the family and favourite entertainment. Playing on a big screen provides unforgettable experiences.

Do you have a videoconference at work and have to make a presentation? You can use the LG TV - it’s perfect for this purpose.

What are the biggest advantages of an LG TV?

ThinQ technology is the biggest advantage of LG TVs. What does it do? It recognizes speech and follows your commands. It’s simply controlling your TV with your voice.

The possibility to synchronize the LG TV with many other devices is also a big plus thanks to which you can realize the idea of smartHome.

Are there any disadvantages of an LG TV

The majority of drawbacks pointed by the users of LG TVs are factory defects. But they aren’t malfunctions appearing across all models, so they are not characteristic features of the products from this brand.

Many users complain about the LG software webOS. But keep in mind that it’s constantly updated. Any inconveniences reported by the users are quickly eliminated.

Some point that the Magic Remote used for controlling the LG TV is annoying to use. But this is a matter of getting used to it, rather than being the device’s flaw.

How much does an LG TV cost?

The price of LG TVs mostly depends on their size, offered functions and sometimes the construction of the device. Small models with an 43-inch screen, providing a good-quality HD display and the SmartTV option cost about $400-$500. 70-inch models are much more expensive. They can even cost $700.

Where to buy the best LG TV?

LG TVs are very popular on the market, so you won’t have any issues with finding them in any electronic store. Many stress that online stores are a better idea. Why? When searching for a particular model, you can easily compare an LG TV with other devices. Online shops also offer attractive deals more often than their physical counterparts.

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