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13 Best 55 Inch TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models

13 Best 55 Inch TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models
13 Best 55 Inch TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models

One cannot deny that over the last few decades TVs have changed significantly. First, they look completely different, they are slimmer and bigger. Additionally, the implemented solutions greatly improved the convenience of using them. Why is a 55 inch TV or larger such a good choice? What to pay attention to when choosing one? Check and pick the best model from its category.

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Is a 55 inch TV a good choice?

55 inch TVs are one of the most popular devices. They provide excellent quality, and the size of the screen allows you to watch movies and series comfortably. In addition, picking a large TV is not as serious expense as it was a few years ago. One can also pick more effective displays, e.g., OLED.

55 inch TV - is it better than a small model?

The plummeting popularity of small TVs is not a surprise. It’s because of the easier access to modern technologies which allow you to display images in high resolution. A wide screen can display sharp images, without any unnatural stretching.

An UHD 4K display is currently a standard for many models, so you can install a big 55 inch TV even in a small living room, where the distance from the user should be a bit over 2 meters.

55 inch TVs is an optimal size which allows you to install it either in a niche or directly on a wall. When combined with additional equipment, e.g. special speakers, they provide comfort and color depth.

Note that many decide to design their interiors as open spaces. A big living room combined with dining area is a perfect place for a 55 inch TV. It provides a perfect view for anyone who’s in the room.

What to pay attention to when picking a 55 inch TV?

When picking a TV, pay attention to several important issues that may affect the way you use it. Most importantly, it’s the number of ports it offers. Depending on the model and brand, you can find a different number of HDMI and USB inputs or even an SD card reader. Some models contain a satellite connector and cable TV card readers. It’s not a standard, though, so when buying a 55 inch TV, make sure it’s in the particular model, if you need it.

Can a 55 inch TV make you feel like in a theatre?

Combining a Smart TV with a high-resolution display and additional systems improving sound and screen can help you feel like in theatre. OLED and Ambilight are solutions improving user’s comfort. But they are not a standard offered by every 55 inch TV. Ambilight is offered only by one manufacturer.

How much do 55 inch TVs cost?

Depending on the brand and technological solutions they are equipped with, 55 inch TVs can cost even $10,000. Such models can be waterproof, so one can install them e.g. in a bathroom. But few clients decide on such a solution.

Most users want a 55 inch TV to be practical, provide a good-quality display and cost little. Brands offering electronic devices are aware of this, so the simplest 55 inches TV can be purchased for about $400.

Where to buy a 55 inch TV?

55 inch TVs can be bought in various electronic stores - depending on the model and parameters they offer. But it’s not the only option. Online stores are worth checking as well. They often offer more models, along with a lot of special deals.

Purchasing a device online is highly beneficial. First, you don’t have to leave your home to buy a new device. You can easily compare two models with each other. Most importantly, a 55 inch TV purchased online gets delivered directly to your address. This eliminates the risk that something goes wrong during transporting it yourself. Thanks to this, the device reaches your home undamaged.

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