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2 Best 50 Inch TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

2 Best 50 Inch TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands
2 Best 50 Inch TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

Statistics indicate that customers buy large TVs more often. Small models are becoming less popular, and their main purpose is the possibility to install them in the kitchen, where you can watch the news or your favourite program while cooking. How much does such a device cost and where to buy it?

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Watching TV has reached a completely new level in the recent years. Entertainment at home has reached a cinema level. Thanks to the constant development, the user gained access to various applications and solutions offered, for instance, by Smart TVs. One can easily say that standard TV watching has become obsolete, and most devices focus on other solutions. They are, for example, streaming services and using a TV for playing console games.

Are you wondering why investing in a TV smaller than 50 inch models? For many reasons. The quality and resolution are the most common ones. VOD services display movies and TV series in high quality - UHD, and some programs are also streamed in 4K. It’s difficult to achieve a good quality on a small screen, so the platforms are not used to their full potential.

A bigger screen also means that watching films and shows is more comfortable. The right TV should allow for pleasant watching. The user shouldn’t be able to see the pixels on the screen.

How to pick the best 50 inch TV?

Just like with any other size of a device, when buying a 50 inch TV, pay attention to the brand and additional functions provided by the device. Check if it’s a Smart TV and what system it offers. Learn the number of USB and HDMI ports.

Demanding users can pick between 50 inch TVs with and without Ambilight lighting. It’s an additional advantage, but it’s offered just by one brand - Philips. If you find this option important, consider buying a device of this brand.

Keep in mind the TV should also match the size of the room in which it’s going to be installed. A too small distance between the screen and the user is uncomfortable and detrimental to your vision. A minimal distance between a 50 inch TV and a sofa is 2 meters. If the device hangs on the wall, the range can be larger.

How much does a 50 inch TV cost?

50 inch TVs have different price tags, which mostly depends on their parameters. The cheapest and simplest models can be purchased for $300. But keep in mind they won’t provide a high-quality display, and the construction might be far from durable.

More diverse models cost more, but they are a long-term investment. A good-quality 50 inch TV costs $700 and more. But if high quality is your your priority - it’s better to spend more.

Where to buy a 50 inch TV?

50 inch TVs can be purchased in good electronic stores and supermarkets. Furthermore, you can also check online stores, as they provide access to more models, and most importantly, have better deals and bargains. What’s more, it’s easier to compare 50 inch TVs of various brands on a website. This way, you can pick the best offer with exact functions you need.

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