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3 Best Jug Blenders for December 2022

3 Best Jug Blenders for December 2022
3 Best Jug Blenders for December 2022

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What are the characteristics of a good glass jug blender?

A jug blender is included in the small kitchen appliances category. Thanks to it, you can blend various foods into smooth pulp. Manufacturers offer a variety of models differing in parameters and additional elements. Jug blenders are incredibly easy to use, but nonetheless one should read the instruction before the first use. The main part contains a so-called jug, where the ingredients go. The control panel is located in the base, so you can easily manage the whole device.

What are jug blenders typically used for?

As ratings show, countertop blenders are commonly used for making everyday meals. Typically, it’s used for making favourite juices and smoothies - especially in summer, as they can crush ice.

A jug blender is also perfect for those who like lightweight meals. Using it, one can make a cream soup, purée or fruit mousses, loved especially by children. This type of blender can easily blend products like oats, almonds and nuts.

Is a glass jug blender a durable device?

A jug blender is a valued kitchen appliance among many people - because of its durability. The device endures a lot of pressure while working, so solid materials are key. Manufacturers pay a special attention to the blending, cutting and chopping elements, as they have to be able to cut hard, e.g. frozen products.

Who should use a jug blender?

Countertop blenders are used by both large families and singles. Using them, one can easily make meals and smoothies. One should think well before making a decision to buy one, although, as online reviews show, such a device is useful in every kitchen.

What is the power offered by a jug blender?

The power of a jug blender affects its possibilities. The simplest devices typically have little power - 300 W, and they don’t offer anything but blending. More advanced glass jar blenders are equipped with several useful functions - they usually have 1600 W. Additionally, the option to control the speed allows smooth shifting between low and high power.

What are the advantages of countertop blenders?

A jug blender has a high capacity for blending - a large jar allows preparing more food at once. The high power of such a device is another advantage, thanks to which it can blend a lot of frozen elements, creating a delicious smoothie. Additionally, after closing the jug and setting a program and time of blending, you can leave the device and e.g. go make yourself a coffee - all thanks to a timer and stability of the blender, which is a result of durable and stable base.

What are the advantages of countertop blenders?


Are there any potential flaws of a glass jug blender?

Despite many advantages, countertop blenders have certain drawbacks. Unfortunately, such a device takes a lot of space. It’s typically set in a fixed place, as hiding it and taking out might be tiresome. The high power of the device means it’s also quite loud, which some might find annoying.

What are the features offered by a jug blender?

A jug blender is perfect for preparing various smoothies from soft fruit. But depending on the model and used attachments, one can make much more with it. Countertop blenders are capable of:

  • crushing ice,
  • blending hot meals,
  • preparing thick pastes,
  • emulsifying,
  • preparing sorbets.

Do jug blenders have additional accessories?

A basic blender with glass jar consists of a base and a blending jug. Depending on the model, one can use additional containers, for instance, to prepare meals and shakes to-go. In practice, the jar can be detached after blending, closed using a special cap and taken anywhere - e.g. to work.

Is a jug blender a loud device?

One of the main minuses of a jug blender is the noise it generates during blending. It’s because of the high power of the blender, thanks to which the device can tackle even big quantities of e.g. ice to crush.

How much does a good jug blender cost?

The prices of blenders depend mostly on the manufacturer, elements of the set and the power of the device. The simplest devices of this type cost a little over $20, but one should expect too much from them. Better quality countertop blenders cost more, from $50 to $100. The most expensive models cost over $400.

Jug blender - buy online or in a physical store?

Jug blenders can be purchased in any supermarket or home appliances store. But the selection offered by physical stores often doesn’t contain all possible models. In this case, check online stores. They offer much wider choice, and the prices are typically far lower.

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