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3 Best Vacuum Blenders for December 2022

3 Best Vacuum Blenders for December 2022
3 Best Vacuum Blenders for December 2022

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What is a vacuum blender?

Vacuum blenders are distinct devices which work differently than typical models. They can be compared to e.g. slow juicers. How do they work? The basic process involves eliminating air from the container. Thanks to this, beverages, smoothies, shakes and even soups have high nutritional value and keep their freshness and taste for longer.

Because of their characteristic construction, a vacuum blender is slightly bigger than a classic countertop or stick blender.

How can you use a vacuum blender?

Vacuum blenders are not only quite powerful, but also universal devices. Thanks to this, in addition to standard vegetable and fruit beverages, you can also prepare :

  • smoothies,
  • mousses,
  • soups,
  • creams,
  • ice cream.

A vacuum blender is perfect for standard fruits and vegetables. In addition, you can also blend various herbs (parsley, kale, spinach), as well as seeds and nuts.

Are vacuum blenders durable?

Modern vacuum blenders are very durable devices. One can use them for many years. What makes them so sturdy? Most importantly, strong materials - durable plastic and stainless steel. Thanks to this, the device can use technologies making the blades spin with the speed of several dozen revolutions per minute.

Should you buy a vacuum blender?

Vacuum blenders are perfect devices for those who spend a lot of time in their kitchen preparing delicious and interesting meals. Using them, one can make delicious soups, mousses and beverages. It’s also a perfect option for those who have small children or simply pay attention to the quality of what they eat. Thanks to the limited access to oxygen in vacuum, the meals are more nutritious.

How much power do vacuum blenders have?

A vacuum blender is a device with quite a powerful engine. The best vacuum blenders offer a power of 3.5 HP. What does it mean? Crushing ice and hard fruits and vegetable is not a problem for such a device.

A vacuum blender - the most important advantages

The capability to prepare valuable beverages, mousses, creams and soups using the latest technologies is the biggest advantage of a vacuum blender. In most cases, such devices have large blending containers. Thanks to this, you can prepare a meal for many people at once. These are not the only advantages mentioned by manufacturers and users. Despite the relatively powerful engine, vacuum blenders are quiet. You don’t have to worry that you will wake up the whole family while making a beverage in the morning.

A vacuum blender - the most important advantages


Are there any cons of a vacuum blender?

One can say that vacuum blenders are among the best devices of this type available - so it’s difficult to find any drawbacks. Some users might complain about the big size of the machine. What’s more, some suggest the price for a good vacuum blender is quite high. Because of this, not everyone can afford such a device.

What are the functions of a vacuum blender?

Modern vacuum blenders have not only many advantages, but also plenty of functions that make them easier to use. Some offer an additional container you can take to work or school to enjoy a delicious beverage. That’s not all. Other interesting options include:

  • OneTouch - which allows to make a beverage quickly,
  • 3D blades - thanks to the special shape and positioning, they can face any challenge,
  • Noise Reduction Cover - a special cover muffling sounds.

Does a vacuum blender come with any extra accessories?

Typically, vacuum blenders don’t offer any additional accessories. Extra containers are the only exception - you can use them to take a beverage with you.

Are vacuum blenders noisy?

One might assume that a vacuum blender is noisy because of its power, and that the sounds it generates are tiresome. It’s not true. Because of the unusual construction and modern technologies, such devices are very quiet.

How much does a vacuum blender cost?

Unfortunately, vacuum blenders are among the most expensive devices of this type. If you decide to buy one, you have to prepare to spend between $250 and $600. It seems a lot for a device of this type. But keep in mind it’s an investment for a long time, and the value returns quickly.

Where can you buy a vacuum blender?

Sometimes, you can find a vacuum blender in physical stores - but it’s quite rare. It’s much easier to purchase it online. You can get a vacuum blender directly at a retailer, as well as in various auction sites.

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