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4 Best Blenders for December 2022 - Top Brands

A perfect blender, suited to any user simply doesn’t exist - because everyone is different and expects various functions. Fortunately, thanks to a few tips and presenting functionalities of particular models, you can easily pick the best blender that matches your individual needs.

The following list contains the best blenders - grouped into categories:

4 Best Blenders for December 2022 - Top Brands

Blender - what kind of device is it?

A blender is one of the most popular devices used in the kitchen. Thanks to it, one can quickly make a smoothie or blend a vegetable soup for a child. The best blenders are multi-functional devices.

Blenders are powered by electric energy, and their precise operating and functions depend on the type you pick. Cordless or portable blenders are becoming a popular option. They can be plugged via a USB cable, thanks to which they can be used basically anywhere. They are perfect for work. Thanks to their small size, you can easily fit them in a bag or a backpack.

The best blenders - what can they prepare?

Using a blender, you can prepare fruit and vegetable beverages. You can also use it to make dressings for salads and fruit sauces for desserts.

A blender is a helpful device used by young moms who prepare delicious and healthy soups for their children. All they need to do is boil vegetables included in the meal, and blend them along with a broth. It’s a much better alternative than store-bought food jars, as this way you are sure what you’re giving to your toddler.

Interestingly enough, you can use a blender - especially a handheld model - to mix various cake fillings. It’s a quick and easy process.

What kind of blenders are available on the market?

Blenders available on the market differ between each other by looks, construction and functionalities. The most popular models include:

  • hand blenders,
  • countertop blenders,
  • vacuum blenders.

The mentioned portable models are quite unusual. They were the latest ones to appear on the market. Portable blenders offer the least power and a single serving - because of the small size.

How durable are the best blenders?

It’s difficult to talk about a certain level of durability of blenders in general, because every product is made from different materials. They directly affect the device’s strength. For this reason, make sure to check the technical parameters of a device before making a purchase.

The best blenders rarely last for less than a year - even if they are heavily used. If damage occurs, you can always use the warranty. An improper use that caused e.g. case breaking is the only exception in this regard.

High-quality blenders from the best brands are an investment for years. Many people use them even for over a decade - this way, you know it’s a durable kitchen appliance.

How durable are the best blenders?


Who should buy a blender?

Blenders are perfect devices for those who want to add various smoothies to their diet - made of fruits or vegetables. Using them, preparation becomes not only easy, but also very quick. Of course, you can use other devices, for instance, a juicer. But it typically costs more, and such devices take more space.

How powerful are the best blenders?

Power is one of the most important technical parameters you should pay attention to when buying such a device. The best blenders offer a power of over 1000 W, thanks to which beverages and cream soups are made quicker. Countertop and vacuum blenders typically offer such power. They can blend even hard fruits and vegetables without the risk of damage.

The best blender - does the number of blades matter?

The number of blades is a significant factor for a blender. Typically, it is assumed that the more blades, the more powerful the device (with exceptions). But remember that the number of these elements is not everything. Shape and position matter, too. Manufacturers try to come up with new solutions to provide even more functionality in this regard.

What kind of safety measures do blenders offer?

The best, modern blender models offer additional safety measures. They protect not only the user from harm, but also the device from breaking.

The most common safety elements protect against:

  • power surges,
  • overheating,
  • accidental turning on,
  • turning on the device with improperly assembled blades.

Of course, depending on the model and brand of the blender, it might have more safety elements.

Can you wash a blender in the dishwasher?

A whole blender cannot be washed in a dishwasher, but you can easily do it with its parts. In a hand blender, you can wash attachments this way. In other models have dishwasher-friendly blades and blending containers.

Many specialists stress that if you decide to wash blender blades in the dishwasher, you should be careful. Not only you could get injured, but also the sharp blade might damage other elements. For this reason, make sure to secure it so that it cannot move around the device.

What are the functions of the best blenders?

Freestanding blenders typically have the highest number of functions. They can e.g. crush ice cubes, allowing you to prepare cocktails like straight from a bar. Using such a device, you can also make a sorbet or homemade peanut butter - thanks to a lot of power and durable blades that can manage even difficult tasks. Handheld blenders often offer a technology called EasyClick - for instance, Braun devices have it. Thanks to it, you can quickly change the attachments without wasting any time. ACTIVEBlade is another useful feature - it guarantees that the blades are lifted and lowered, so they reach every blended product. A turbo mode is a standard - it increases rotation, thanks to which the ingredients get blended into pulp quicker.

Best blenders - extra equipment and accessories

Additional equipment offered with a blender depends mostly on what model you pick. As for handheld blenders, a few typical elements that come with them:

  • a whisk attachment,
  • containers for whisking,
  • a crusher with blades.

Countertop blenders often come with an additional blending jug. Thanks to this, you can prepare two different beverages without having to wash the jar.

Licuadoras: equipos y accesorios adicionales


How loud is a blender?

The noise generated by a device depends mostly on a particular model, its power and number of blades. Portable and stick blenders are usually the quietest devices. Countertop and vacuum devices are the loudest.

Keep in mind that the sounds generated by a blender also depend on what you’re preparing and which mode you’re using. Fast and turbo modes create more noise than the basic setting.

How much do best blenders cost?

The price of a blender relies on the type of device you pick. The best cheap blender is probably a portable or handheld model - for a good quality device, you have to pay about $20 and more. If you want a stick blender with additional elements, you can buy it for $80 - such a device is offered, for instance by Bosch.

As for countertop blenders, the prices for a good quality device start from $100. The most expensive models cost over $500.

Where can I buy the best blender?

A blander can be found in practically any electronic goods store. Some basic hand models are also available in a supermarket in the electronics section. Note that online stores offer a much broader choice. In this case, you can pick a device of an unusual color, for instance. Online shopping is the best option if you are looking for a portable blender, as physical stores offer them rarely.

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