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White Bedroom Decor - Check 5 Wondrous White Bedroom Ideas

Do you need to design a bedroom in a new house or apartment? Interior design might be exciting, but it's also a real challenge. The great variety of colors, styles and accessories makes it quite difficult to choose a particular solution. But sometimes the simplest decisions are the best ones. A white bedroom is an absolute classic which will work both in small interiors and in large spaces. Are white bedrooms boring? Not necessarily! You don't need a lot to make the white bedroom look original. We have prepared a few white bedroom ideas you can try yourself. See how easy it is!

White Bedroom Decor - Check 5 Wondrous White Bedroom Ideas

A white bedroom and wood - a perfect Scandinavian style combination

Do you want your white bedroom to be cozy and look interesting at the same time? Perhaps you’ll get interested in Scandinavian style. In its primary concept it combines white color and wood. Surprisingly, one doesn’t need a lot of such accessories. Wooden flooring or table is all you need to create the right atmosphere in the interior. You can also pick other items made of the natural material such as a chest of drawers, a chair by the vanity or base of the floor lamp. It all depends on what you need. Keep in mind that Scandinavian style doesn’t use pointless accessories. Everything has to be useful.

A white bedroom can also use non-typical for Scandinavian style accessories. For instance, all elements can be white, except from the furniture. This way, it becomes the main, characteristic point of the interior. It will draw attention upon entering the room.

A white bedroom and wood - a perfect Scandinavian style combination

White bedroom and wood

Scandinavian white bedroom

Are you renovating your house or apartment and are inspired by white bedroom designed in Scandinavian style? If you plan to work on a larger scale, you can decide on a full metamorphosis. A wooden sliding door is an interesting idea, especially for small spaces. You can fit its color to the rest of the furniture and leave the rest of the room white.

If you renovate an old house, you might encounter characteristic elements such as support beams. Don’t give up on them. They perfectly match Scandinavian style as well - especially if you leave their natural wooden color.

Each white bedroom inspired by Scandinavian style can look completely different. It really depends on whether you prefer a traditional interior or perhaps are interested in modern minimalism. The same style might look entirely different, depending on the approach.

White bedroom decor Scandinavian style

White bedrooms Scandinavian style

White bedroom furniture with white and green accessories

Does a monochromatic, all white bedroom seem boring to you? You can easily enliven such an ordinary white interior by adding some colorful accessories. Blue or green colors are the best options - mostly because of their symbolics and the way they influence our senses.

Blue color is considered very calm. It is associated with hygiene and freshness. When combined with white, it’s perfect for a room like a bedroom. Make sure to pick the right shade and be moderate with it. White bedroom furniture plus blue decor and textiles is a great idea, though.

Green color, similar to blue, is linked with freshness. Additionally, it’s a symbol of life and harmony. A well-matched green color soothes and helps to regenerate. Because of this, a white bedroom often uses green accessories that make the interior look neat and full of energy.

White bedroom furniture

White bedroom ideas green decor

White bedroom set blue linen

Are you dreaming of a white bedroom with blue or green decorations that are not so obvious? You can choose a single distinct element. The bed is the most common choice, in this case. But remember you can break the scheme. Instead, you can pick a blue lamp or armchair that will allow you to read your favourite books in evenings.

You don’t want to overdo it and prefer proven colorful elements? Various bedroom textiles are the best choice here. You can pick colorful:

  • carpets,
  • blankets,
  • bed spreads,
  • cushions,
  • drapes.

Colorful decorations are always a good idea. The choice is great, in this case. There are elements such as:

  • pictures,
  • vases,
  • mirrors,
  • posters,
  • clocks.

White bedroom blue bed

White bedroom decor blue accessories

A romantic white bedroom decor with pink color

Romantic white bedrooms are characteristic for a delicate and serene atmosphere. They are very aesthetic and allow a comfortable rest. But such an interior is actually quite difficult to design, as one can easily overdo one aspect and create a kitschy interior.

Delicate pastel colors are the main characteristic feature of a romantic white bedroom. It means that fuchsia, for instance, will not make a good impression here. Because of its intensity, it might disturb your rest. Dusty pink, on the other hand, is a perfect choice - both for the equipment and accessories. This delicate shade is so safe that the interior looks great even if the pink is used in abundance.

Apart from the combination of pink and white, you can also choose delicate patterns. Quilted headboards look beautiful as well. If you cannot find the one you like - don’t worry. Just choose a classic bed frame without a headboard. Create a bedhead using an upholstered panel. Such a solution gives you way more options and possibilities for design.

Flowers and plants make very romantic patterns in a white bedroom. But make sure not to overdo them. You have to decide whether you choose floral pattern posters or prefer bed linen with flowers.

A romantic white bedroom decor with pink color

White bedroom and dusty pink

White bedroom and pink decorations

White bedroom decor pink wall

White bedroom pink bed

Elegant white bedroom ideas - glamour style

Do you like richness and elegance, which is a characteristic feature of silver, golden and glass decorations? Are you afraid you have to give them up if you like a white bedroom? No worries. Just pick a particular style - in this case, luxurious glamour.

The bed is the central point in this type of white bedrooms. The larger it is - the better. But make sure to preserve the functionality of the interior and leave some space to walk around. It’s not a problem, though, if your white bedroom is large. In this case, you can easily pick a king size bed. Upholstered furniture is the best option here.

A vanity with a mirror and a matching chair is another, very characteristic element of a glamour-style white bedroom. Although manufacturers offer many solutions in this regard, white bedroom furniture decorated with e.g. carvings is the most popular options.

If you design a white bedroom in glamour style, don’t be afraid of accessories. They don’t have to be practical - but they must shine and look good. Use richly decorated ceiling lamps.

Elegant white bedroom set glamour style

White bedroom ideas glamour and mirror

White bedrooms glamour decor

Glamour grey and white bedroom

Modern white bedroom furniture glamour

A white bedroom decor and industrial style? It’s possible!

Industrial style interiors, although very calm and minimalistic, typically use a darker color palette. They are usually various shades of grey and even a dark, black-like charcoal color. For this reason, when thinking about white bedroom ideas, this style is not taken into consideration at all. Nonetheless, as it turns out - you can preserve industrial style using white color, which can be delicately combined with grey colors.

How to achieve industrial style in a bedroom? You can pick an interesting wall finish, using one of the following materials:

As for white bedroom furniture, a large but low bed frame is very characteristic for industrial style. You can pick an upholstered model but if you want the bed to match industrial style precisely - choose the one made of metal.

As you add other elements such as lamps, mirrors or even cabinets - remember their shape can resemble standard loft-style furniture. You can pick each in white color, or if you don’t find such products - just paint them white.

Grey and white bedroom industrial style

White bedroom decor industrial style

All white bedroom brick wall

Loft style white bedroom decor

White bedrooms ideas loft style

📍 White bedroom decor - what accessories to choose?

A white bedroom is such a universal interior that you can use any accessory in it - regardless of the style or color. If you are dreaming of a Scandinavian style interior, decorations made of wood or similar materials are the best options. Elegant, glamour white bedrooms look best with gold, silver and glass accessories. You can also pick colorful textiles. They are perfect accessories for white interiors.

📍 A white bedroom - what wall color is the best?

Similar to accessories, a white bedroom can pick any wall color - you are not limited in this case. If you want to create a monochromatic, all white bedroom, pick white or delicate grey walls. But if you want to enliven the room a little - choose any color, but make sure the shade is delicate, so that it doesn't overwhelm the interior.