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Spring Decor - 4 Stunning Spring Home Decor Ideas

The weather get warmer every day - we can forget the freezing temperatures. Those changes will positively affect your mood, making you crave interior design novelties. If you cannot decide on radical solutions such as a renovation - just refresh the home decor. Check the what spring decor ideas are the hottest this season. Choose a store-bought spring decoration or make one yourself. We have prepared several interesting suggestions for you.

Spring Decor - 4 Stunning Spring Home Decor Ideas

Basic spring decorating ideas - vases with flower arrangements

A couple of warmer days is all it takes to feel the spring and get motivated to change something around the house. It would not be possible if not for spring decoration, that will help you create a unique atmosphere. Are you wondering what spring decorating ideas are the best? Choose live flowers in a vase.

Such spring home decor is perfect for any home interior; in the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the dining room. You can also put a vase with cut flowers in the hall, if there is a chest of drawers or a console table in there.

There are so many vases available on the market that you will easily find the right model, matching your own taste. You can choose between the popular ceramic and glass variants - transparent or tinted.

Basic spring decorating ideas - vases with floral compositions

Spring decor ideas flowers

Floral compositions make a perfect spring home decor, they are also very universal. You can put any flower species in the vase to make the spring decoration look really good. Furthermore, when choosing particular plants, you can match them with the interior’s colors. For instance, if your living room is designed in French provincial style, you can choose:

  • lavender,
  • convallaria,
  • peony,
  • hydrangea.

Some flowers might be difficult to get during this time of the year. But if you visit local flower shops, you should be able to get them without an issue.

If you love flowers and pick a different spring decoration every week - check a floral exchange, which should operate in every large city. You can get flowers for half the regular price - especially if you buy in bulk.

Spring decoration flowers

Spring decor ideas tulips

Spring home decor golden vase

Spring decoration lilac

Spring decoration tulips

Spring home decor unusual vase

Wreaths and floral compositions - unique spring home decor

A classic spring home decoration like cut flowers in a vase does not convince you because it seems too banal? In spite of this you still like plants? Perhaps floral wreaths will interest you. You can use them both inside the house and on the entrance.

You can buy a wreath in a store or make one yourself. It all depends on how much time you have and whether you like spending time this way, making spring craft ideas. They are not difficult to make, and the spring decoration prepared this sway looks truly unique.

Wreaths and floral compositions - unique spring home decor

To make it easier, you can purchase a base made of:

  • wicker,
  • pine branches,
  • wood,
  • styrofoam,
  • floral foam.

This way, all you have to do is pick the decorations you like and arrange them on the base as you like.

You can also use other interesting spring craft ideas such as plant-based arrangements. They can be made from both fresh and dried flowers - it all depends on the result you are planning to achieve.

If you pick fresh flowers, make sure to use floral foam that can be dampened. Otherwise, your plants will look tragic the next day.

Wreaths and floral compositions - unique spring home decor

Spring decorations wreath

Spring home decor plants

Spring decorating ideas flowers

Dried ornamental grass - spring home decor for boho interiors

Dried ornamental grass has been a highly popular spring decoration in the recent times. They look perfect especially in rustic or boho style interiors. In this case, they highlight their character.

Pampas grass is one of the most commonly used material in this case. If perfectly fits bright, pastel interiors. Single, large plumes in a tall vase located on the floor look the best. If you have no space for this, you can also choose smaller elements - perfect for a vase on a table or vanity.

You can also use other dried plants. Thanks to this, they not only look, but also smell beautifully in the room.

Dried ornamental grass - spring home decor for boho interiors

Spring decor ideas roses

Spring home decor dried flowers

Spring decoration dried flowers

Living room spring home decor - spring themed blankets and cushions

Spring home decor does not only mean flowers or other plants. Spring is a perfect time to change certain elements such as blankets and cushions. If you want to add some freshness to your home interior, consider picking intense colors. The best suggestions for this occasion are:

You can choose both plain fabrics and the ones with interesting patterns. If you pick one pattern, make sure to be consistent, so that the whole design looks good.

Living room spring home decor - spring themed blankets and cushions

Spring home decor blankets

Spring decorating ideas cushions

📍 How to make spring decorations?

Spring craft ideas for decoration are typically not complicated - especially if you decide to use flowers or other plants for this purpose. You have to choose between a simple bouquet or a unique spring decoration such as a wreath. Then just purchase the plants and accessories. The last step is finding an inspiration on the Web and bringing your project into life.