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Moss Wall - 4 Stunning Wall Moss Decor Ideas You'll Adore

Mysterious half-light, ever present greenery and silent trees - woods and forests fascinate so many people for a reason. But what if you took a piece of woods home? It's possible - a moss wall is an increasingly popular interior decor. Thanks to it, you can recreate the beauty of nature in your house. Such an original decor piece amazes everyone who sees it - regardless whether it's in the form of small moss decor pieces or the whole wall covered in moss. Are you wondering if it's a good idea for your interior? Check how to use decorative moss on the wall.

Moss Wall - 4 Stunning Wall Moss Decor Ideas You'll Adore

What is a moss wall?

A moss wall is an original and increasingly popular decoration made of living or preserved moss. Plants can either cover the whole surface or form a framed picture. It’s a universal decoration, and it can be adjusted in terms of the size, form and even colors.

Moss decor is often used in arrangements with other plants. You can find moss pictures depicting something particular, or resembling natural wood underbrush. For the first purpose, the moss is typically dyed in various colors.

As for a living moss wall, it’s usually combined with ferns, air plants, ivies and other moisture-loving plants. It’s an element of so-called green walls, aka vertical gardens.

What is a moss wall?

Moss wall - an original decoration

Why more and more people decide to install a moss wall?

Reference to nature appear more and more in home interiors. It’s particularly apparent in popular styles like Scandinavian or Wabi Sabi, as they use natural materials. But wooden furniture and flooring or stone tiles aren’t everything - because nature is mostly associated with greenery.

Traditional potted plants are, of course, the basic solution. But many people are simply too busy to take care of them. Unlike houseplants, moss walls don’t need attention - for this reason, it’s an increasingly popular choice.

Moss decor on walls is perfect for small interiors. The lack of containers or pots that have to stand somewhere is a huge advantage. Moss on a wall practically doesn’t take space - yet it’s very impressive.

Why more and more people decide to install a moss wall?

Does a moss wall need any care?

Moss wall decorations usually don’t need any care, so it’s an excellent solution for busy people. Moss wall art is typically made of specially preserved plants. It doesn’t mean, as some might think, that they aren’t real. They were simply stopped in development, thanks to which their fresh looks were preserved. Because of this, a moss wall doesn’t need watering, fertilizing, misting, or even having access to light.

If a moss wall is installed by a professional company, it is refreshed every few years. Experts remove dust and cobwebs, adjust the moss position and apply a new layer of preservation product.

It’s different with a living moss wall. Such an installation is called a green wall, in which moss grows along with other plants. A proper care is essential, in this case. The plants have to be watered regularly or misted, they also need fertilizing. Don’t forget about lighting - although moss is a shade-loving plant, it still requires UV rays for growth.

Preserved moss walls are vulnerable to sunlight, which might cause discoloration or even drying. To avoid it, pick a shaded spot for this decoration.

Does a moss wall need any care?

What is the best type of moss for moss walls and decor?

A moss for wall decor is picked depending on the result one expects. As for preserved moss walls, three basic types of moss are used. They are:

  • reindeer moss,
  • sheet moss,
  • cushion moss.

Reindeer moss is the most popular option. This lichen is grey or brown in its natural state. The market offers reindeer moss in various colors - dyed and stabilized.

What is the best type of moss for moss walls and decor?

Sheet moss is a perfect background material. It grows forming large blankets and is harvested in sheets. Thanks to this, it’s great for covering big surfaces.

Cushion moss is an excellent material for 3D arrangements. This type of moss decor forms fluffy balls resembling cushions. Leucobryum glaucum is the most popular species used in moss walls.

Moss and lichens species are protected in many countries. For this reason, you cannot just take moss from the woods home. Even if it’s allowed in your state, it’s better to purchase moss from a certified plant breeder. This way, you don’t destroy the natural environment.

Is moss wall good for allergy sufferers?

Moss wall art is a perfect solution for allergy sufferers. Preserved moss wall doesn’t release any allergens, isn’t powdery and doesn’t attract dust. As for a living moss wall, it’s even better - lichens regulate air humidity and remove pollution. What’s more, spores released by living moss doesn’t aggravate allergies - unlike trees and flower pollen.

Moss wall ideas - where can you use moss wall decor?

Moss decor can be used in basically any interior. For instance, a moss wall in the living room is an outstanding decoration, and it will impress any visitor. You can choose an arrangement in a picture, a few small frames with moss or the whole wall covered with moss.

Moss wall art matches any style using natural elements. It’s great especially in interiors where wood and stone are the main materials. Added greenery can create a cozy and fresh atmosphere.

A moss wall is an increasingly popular decoration used in offices and restaurants. Preserved moss can form a text with the company’s name or logo - it’s a great way to attract clients’ attention.

Moss wall ideas - where can you use moss wall decor?

Moss wall DIY - how to make moss decor?

Creating moss decor isn’t a difficult task. You can make a simple moss art yourself. Simply prepare the right materials. You need the following items:

  • preserved moss (e.g. reindeer moss, cushion moss),
  • a frame in any shape,
  • a hot glue gun with glue sticks,
  • (optional) additional decorations: branches, stones, wood slices.

Before you begin, plan what you want the picture to look like. For instance, you can arrange the moss in a particular shape, e.g. heart. Alternatively, you can use a simple, yet impressive idea - fill the whole frame with moss, forming a soft “carpet.” If you add some branches and stones, the result will be even more natural.

Once you have a plan, you can begin combining the elements. Use hot glue to stick moss and other elements to the surface.

If you’re dreaming of the whole wall covered with moss, asking an expert for help is a better idea. Doing this, you can be sure the decoration is going to look perfect. In this case, you can expect a maintenance service some time after designing the moss wall.

Moss wall DIY - how to make moss decor?

How much does preserved moss cost?

The cost of moss used for walls depends on many factors. If you decide to make the decor yourself, take the cost of materials into account - that is, of moss and elements used for its installation. If you want to cover a bigger surface, it’s a good idea to use special panels covered with moss. The prices of such a panel depends on the manufacturer, however the price of one panel is typically $20.

Moss walls in offices are usually made by professionals. In this case, the price depends on the surface, type of moss and whether it’s a text or logo (and how complicated they are), or if the whole surface is covered. The price per one square meter varies between $70 and $100, but remember about the cost of installation as well.

How much does preserved moss cost?

A moss wall in the kitchen - an original finish

Are you looking for an original kitchen design idea? A moss wall is quite an unusual solution - thanks to it, your kitchen will look different from any other interior of this type. What moss wall decorations are the best, in this case?

A moss panel between the cupboards and the worktop is an ideal option, thanks to which the interior gains an original background. A moss wall in the dining section of the room is a similar solution. Such a decoration can easily replace a framed picture - plus, it’s far more interesting.

If you don’t feel like covering a large surface, use moss decor as a green accent. Just pick a framed moss arrangement and hang it at an evident spot.

A moss wall in the kitchen - an original finish

Moss wall in the kitchen

Kitchen moss wall art

Wall moss panel - moss on the wall

Moss wall art in the bathroom - an interesting interior idea

Humming water and green moss is something which brings a magical forest into mind - that’s why a moss wall in the bathroom is a perfect idea. Thanks to it, evening relaxation has an entirely new character.

Moss walls in bathrooms are often created by the bathtub, so one can admire them when taking a bath. It promotes relaxation and soothes nerves after a long day. But moss decor can be placed anywhere in the room - over the sink, by the shower and around the window.

A moss wall in the bathroom looks great with stone-like tiles and wooden elements. If you have grey tiles imitating stone or concrete, and the furniture is in natural wood color - moss decor is a perfect addition, thanks to which the interior will gain a new personality.

Moss wall art in the bathroom - an interesting interior idea\~t_712\~a_24-138--3380-20124

Moss wall in the bathroom - moss decor

Unusual pictures - a moss wall in the living room

Contemporary living rooms use more and more unusual decorations. The popular trends pick minimalism and give up an accumulation of ornaments. As suggested by interior designers, a modern living room can gain the most using only a few decorations that will make a statement. A moss wall is perfect for this purpose.

Just like in other cases, you can decide to cover the whole wall with moss. But the result will be just as amazing if you pick a large picture-like panel and put it e.g. behind the sofa. The shape doesn’t matter - you can choose, for instance, a round panel. Small framed moss arrangements look equally good.

A moss wall can also be a perfect TV back wall. Such a TV wall will surely enrich evening movie watching.

Moss wall art can look even more impressive is you pick the right lighting for it. You can install a sconce, or LED strips to light the moss from behind.

Unusual pictures - a moss wall in the living room

Moss wall decor in the living room

Interesting moss wall art - moss in the living room

Moss TV wall in the living room

A sign - moss wall decor for a café or a restaurant

Moss wall decor always evokes curiosity - therefore, it can bring more clients. What’s more, an interior decorated with lichens gains a unique atmosphere, and being in such a place becomes an extraordinary experience.

Moss wall decor can be an unusual background for a backlit restaurant logo. Such a decoration will surely catch a lot of attention. Moss art on the wall in the form of lettering is an equally good idea. There are many companies on the market offering creating moss logos and signs. There are many possibilities - make sure to talk about your ideas with the project contractor, who will tell you what to choose.

A sign - moss wall decor for a café or a restaurant

Moss sign - moss decor for a restaurant

📍 What is the best moss for decor?

Moss wall art is typically made of three types of moss - reindeer moss, pin-cushion moss and sheet moss. You can also pick between living and preserved moss - the latter is more popular because it doesn't require any care.

📍 Moss wall decor - where to buy?

You can buy moss for walls as raw material to design your arrangement. Such products can be bought in a flower store and online - on online marketplaces and stores offering moss decor. Some companies offer moss wall panels - for installation or with an installation service included.

📍 How to use moss decor on the wall?

Moss decor can be used as a picture - a framed arrangement. Covering the wall with special panels is another option. A moss wall is suitable in any interior - it's a perfect decoration for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

📍 How to grow moss on the wall?

Living moss on the wall needs the right conditions, just like any other plant. It requires the right humidity level, so it's good to mist it with water. A moss wall indoor can be fertilized from time to time, it also needs access to light. Don't confuse living moss with preserved material - the latter doesn't grow and doesn't need any care.