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Grey Bathroom Decor - 7 Inspiring Grey Bathrooms Ideas

Grey is the most common color used in home interior design. Although many people finds it mediocre and boring, it has a great potential to look really interesting. Sometimes even the smallest details make the interior inspiring. Have you just decided that you want to design a grey bathroom in your house or apartment, but you have no idea how to do it? We have prepared a few ideas you will surely like. Check them out and get inspired - your grey bathroom will impress everyone!

Grey Bathroom Decor - 7 Inspiring Grey Bathrooms Ideas

Grey bathroom with golden elements - class and elegance

A grey bathroom doesn’t consist only of matching furniture, flooring and wall colors. Although those components are, in fact, very important, accessories and decorations are the ones that play the key role here. Because grey is quite neutral, you can let your imagination run wild here. For this reason, the combination of grey and gold is a very popular option.

Are you wondering what golden elements to include in a grey bathroom? Lamps are perfect, in this case, as well as cups for toothbrushes and soap dispensers. If you like original solutions, you can also choose golden fittings. Thanks to them, the grey bathroom will gain an original and a little bolder character.

Golden color is also perfect if the whole grey bathroom design is kept in a minimalist style. This way, the golden elements will break the dullness of the interior.

Grey bathroom with golden elements - class and elegance

Grey bathroom - golden accessories

Unusual grey bathroom with gold

A feminine bathroom with a little bit of pink

Are you dreaming of a feminine grey bathroom? A combination of the neutral color with womanly pink is an interesting option. It doesn’t have to be too intense. If you want the interior to look stylish - choose dusty pink instead of fuchsia. It will delicately highlight the room.

There are many options for using pink in a grey bathroom. This color looks great on a wall. You can paint it or choose modern tiles.

There are also much bolder designs, such as those with pink fittings. Manufacturers also offer pink sinks, bath tubs and toilet bowls. Nonetheless, keep in mind that choosing all of those elements in pink might be a little bit too much. For this reason, the most common solution involves picking only a pink sink or bathtub. This way, the element serves as an interesting accent that won’t overwhelm the interior.

A feminine bathroom with a little bit of pink

Grey bathroom with pink tiles

Grey bathroom pink wall

Grey bathroom ideas - with black

Do you like grey bathroom designs with black decorations? It’s a timeless design that will always be popular - regardless of changing trends. Such a color palette is very characteristic for industrial style, although it also fits glamour style interiors, provided that you pick strong lighting.

Black accessories used in a grey bathroom can be very subtle. In this case, you just need dark textiles, fittings or decorations such as baskets for cosmetics. Are you feeling bold? You can always pick black cabinets, sinks and bathtub.

Remember that while black looks really beautiful in the bathroom, it is also difficult to clean - especially if you choose matte elements. You can protect sink or bathroom faucets by applying some olive oil onto them. This trick won’t work with ceramics and bathroom furniture, though. If you decide on the modern equipment, keep in mind that it requires a lot of work to keep it in order.

Grey bathroom ideas - with black

Grey bathroom - black fittings

Grey bathroom with black accessories

A minimalist gray and white bathroom

A gray and white bathroom is a very common choice, especially in small interiors. For this reason, many homeowners think that an interior like this is bound to be boring and that it’s difficult to think of anything new in this regard. It is, however, possible, as everything is based on picking interesting accessories - not the most obvious ones.

What solutions can be used, in this case? Consider the following suggestions:

  • unusual mirror frame,
  • combining different furniture pieces from different series,
  • an interesting floor or wall tiles pattern,
  • posters on the walls,
  • unusual lighting,
  • interesting-looking bathroom radiators.

Each of those elements can make the white and gray bathroom into an impressive interior - even if it’s very small, which is often the case.

A minimalist gray and white bathroom

White and grey bathroom - interesting wall

Interesting white and grey bathroom

Grey bathroom ideas - floral accents

Do you like floral and plant-based patterns in home interiors? They are very characteristic for rustic and Provencal styles. They look perfect in grey bathrooms as well. They enliven the mood, while keeping the classy style.

Grey bathrooms typically use tiles with a floral pattern on the wall. They shouldn’t be used on every wall of the room, as it might overwhelm the interior. Highlighting one of the walls, e.g. the one with the bathtub or sink and mirror is a much better idea.

Manufacturers offer various tiles with a floral print. You can pick the completely grey ones or ones tinted with color.

If you like bold, crazy designs, use the floral pattern on the floor. You can be sure that you won’t see this solution very often in other interiors you’ll visit.

Grey bathroom ideas - floral accents

Grey bathroom - floral tiles

Grey bathroom - floral pattern

A modern grey bathroom decor with wood

A monochromatic grey bathroom looks really good if combined with wood. If the shade of the room is dark, e.g. charcoal grey, make sure to break it with wooden elements of a brighter, natural color. You need just a few accessories to make the whole design look really interesting.

Interestingly enough, a grey bathroom with wooden elements is so universal that it can be adjusted to any style. This combination is perfect if you dream of a Scandinavian bathroom. But the interior looks equally elegant in traditional style.

If you like wooden flooring, but think that the natural material is not the best idea - there is another solution. Just use wood-like tiles that imitate wood and are much more resistant to humidity.

A modern grey bathroom decor with wood

Grey bathroom wooden decor

Grey bathroom wood

A grey bathroom with dark blue decorations

Are you looking for an interesting color accent you could use in your grey bathroom? Dark blue is the absolute hit of the recent seasons. Dark blue kitchens, for instance, are very popular. But this trend is being introduced in bathrooms as well. In this case, one has to be careful not to make the interior too dark.

Grey bathrooms can gain a unique character if you pick tiles in different shades. You can also choose a mosaic - especially if your grey bathroom has a shower stall.

A grey bathroom with dark blue decorations

Grey bathroom with dark blue

Interesting gray bathroom with dark blue color

📍 Grey bathroom - what accessories to choose?

You can add accessories in any color in your grey bathroom. You can use gold, pink and dark blue elements. Colorful towels also look great. A grey bathroom decor often uses large, modern mirrors or interesting lighting.

📍 What are the best grey bathroom cabinets?

White, black and natural wood furniture works well in a grey bathroom. Keep in mind that glossy cabinets are a much better option. Matte furniture is much more difficult to clean.

📍 What is the best paint for a gray bathroom?

Regardless of the paint color you pick, make sure to choose the special type of product. Bathroom paint has to be resistant to humidity. It's good if it can be cleaned. This way, you can easily remove any dirt.

📍 Grey bathroom decor - what lighting to choose?

Lighting for a grey bathroom depends on how dark the color you chose is. If it's a light grey bathroom - you can use smaller lamps. If you interior is dark blue or uses dark blue as an addition, make sure to add strong lighting that will brighten the room.