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Attic Room Ideas - 4 Stylish Inspirations For a Practical Interior

The space in the attic is often omitted when designing home spaces. It's a big mistake. Attic rooms can be functionally organized - even if they are seemingly very small. Are you wondering how to use an attic room? Apart from obvious ideas such as a room for your child or a bedroom, it's a perfect space for an interior of your dreams. We have gathered several attic room ideas for you. Check them out and use them in your own house or apartment.

Attic Room Ideas - 4 Stylish Inspirations For a Practical Interior

The attic room - a relaxing oasis

Everyone dreams of peace and quiet sometimes. Unfortunately, with a big family, it’s not always possible to relax in a living room - especially if you have guests in the house. For this reason, consider creating a relaxation zone in the attic room. Surprisingly, you don’t need a lot to make it possible. Depending on the potential of the room, you can use a wing chair or a small sofa. You might also need a small table, a book shelf and good lighting, for instance a floor lamp.

Not wanting to follow standard patterns? You can use another interesting way to design a relaxing corner in an attic room. Instead of furniture, you can add large pillows. Not only it’s significantly cheaper, but also guarantees maximum comfort. This way, you don’t have to be concerned that the room is too low to fit a standard sofa in it.

When you choose bean bags for an attic room, pay attention to their filling. If it’s too hard, it won’t be comfortable for lying down. Too soft filling, on the other hand, will quickly lose its shape and you will have to replace the pillows.

The attic room - a relaxing oasis

An attic room - vintage liiving room

Two-storey apartments in large cities are typically located on the upper levels. Apartment layouts vary greatly, in this case. Very often, an attic rooms is the only space to design a resting place resembling a living room. Don’t give up this idea. Good space management is key here. This way, even a room with a slanted ceiling can be designed in an interesting way.

Check out the basic attic room ideas you can use in this case:

  • placing sofas and chairs where the slopes are,
  • good illumination of every corner of the room,
  • minimizing any unnecessary accessories and decorations,
  • choosing bright pastel colors that make the room seem bigger.

If you apply the simple rules mentioned above, you can create a nice relaxing corner. The attic room can also become a fully functional living room for the whole family to use.

Modern living room - attic room ideas

Attic room design - comfortable furniture

An attic room design - a home theater room

Up until recently, a private theater room was something few could afford, as it was a serious investment. Today, however, electronic devices are easily accessible, so that one can watch the latest releases at home - with a very good sound and display quality. Of course, you can design a mini-theater in your living room. But it’s not the same as a separate room. So, if you have an empty attic room - consider designing it in this way.

Of course, designing a theater room at home requires a lot of work. Soundproofing the interior is the basis here. It’s very important that no noise from the outside reaches the viewers while watching movies. Conversely - the movie cannot disturb the rest of the family who want to relax and sleep.

Surprisingly, soundproofing an attic room is not too problematic. You just need a good material such as sponge that protects the room effectively and prevents the sound from escaping.

An attic room turned into a theater can simply use a TV wall. Nonetheless, many people claim a projector plus high-quality speakers is a much better idea. This way, the result will be very similar to the quality of a real theater hall.

An attic room design - a home theater room

Atticc room ideas - home theater

Small attic room ideas - movie room

Home cinema - attic room ideas

A home library - an attic room with plenty of books

A home library is a dream-come-true for those who love reading and following adventures of main characters. You can design an attic room so that so-called bookworms can be very pleased. It’s a greatly recommended idea, as sloped ceiling is perfect for designing practical book shelves.

An attic room doesn’t have to be large to create a home library in it. It’s recommended, though, that you fit at least one armchair in there, so you can sit down comfortably and read in peace. The rest can be very minimalist, without unnecessary decorations.

Sometimes, an attic room is very large. If so, the space can also serve as a home office. It’s a very good solution during the pandemic, when many people have to work from home. This way, you can simply take care of your responsibilities without being disturbed. It can also become a practical space for children to study. In both cases, you only need a desk and a comfortable office chair.

A home library - an attic room with plenty of books

Attic room design - library room in the attic

Office and library - attic room ideas\~l_7436

Interesting attic room - small library

A brilliant attic room idea? Turn it into a home gym

Do you like to take care of your body but you don’t have enough time to go to a gym? Perhaps a home training room in an attic room is a good idea. One can design a place like this in an interesting and functional way - especially if the interior is tall. An attic room can help you in achieving a shape of your dreams.

Painting the walls in a bright, neutral color and investing in a good flooring is the basis here. Regardless of the flooring of your choice, it’s recommended to use special mats. They will make exercising much more pleasant - even you’re going to do it barefoot.

As for the equipment of your choice, take the amount of available space into consideration. Typically, one can fit a treadmill or a stationary bike even a small attic room. Sometimes, there is enough space for weights as well.

An attic room turned into a gym is much more functional if you install a mirror on the wall. This way, exercising is much more pleasant.

A brilliant attic room idea? Turn it into a home gym

Gym in a large attic room

Small attic room ideas - gym

A small gym in the attic room

📍 How to design an attic room?

If you want the attic room design to be functional, make sure to analyze the amount of available space. This way, you can fit the furniture and other elements in it. This is also a good indicator to help you decide what is going to be in the attic room - a relaxing zone, a library, a movies room or a gym. There are plenty of ideas out there.

📍 How to paint an attic room?

It's recommended to paint an attic room in bright colors, as they make the room seem bigger. White or grey are perfect for this purpose. Pastel colors are also very good choices. You can be bold and use colors like dusty pink or mint green.

📍 How to furnish an attic room?

The furniture for an attic room mostly depends on how you are going to design the interior. If it's going to be a relax room - sofas or bean bags are the basic items. A movie room needs certain electronic devices. Make sure that the equipment makes the room more functional.

📍 How to design a large attic room?

A large attic room gives you plenty of possibilities - you can design anything in such an interior. You can easily create a home theater or a gym in a big room like this. A home library is an interesting option as well.