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Amazing Kitchen Designs – Check 7 Inspiring Grey Kitchen Ideas

Various shades of grey have dominated the interior design sector in the recent years. Grey color is used for any type of interior – on walls, as accessories, or on furniture. This color can be also found in many kitchens nowadays. A grey kitchen is a real classic, but it doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Are you looking for an idea to make your room more lively? Learn how, using simple tricks, you can make your grey kitchen cabinets more vibrant and create a fantastic looking interior that you've always dreamed of.

Amazing Kitchen Designs – Check 7 Inspiring Grey Kitchen Ideas

A grey kitchen – what is it about?

A grey kitchen is a highly poular and at the same time very universal trend. A kitchen painted in this color might become either minimalist, elegant, luxurious or homely - it all depends on the effect you want to achieve.

Walls or furniture in the same grey color allow you to create a room of different qualities and aesthetics. Because of the versatility of the color, it is the accessories that determine the character of a grey kitchen. For this reason you should choose them carefully. They are elements which create the style of the whole interior.

A grey kitchen is very practical because it’s in a color that looks good on any surface and texture. Grey kitchen cabinets are perfect in matt, semi-glossy and glossy versions, as they make fingerprints less apparent.

A grey kitchen – what is it about?

Trendy grey kitchen

What style fits a grey kitchen?

Gray kitchen cabinets, depending on particular type, might be a part of any interior style. The color might be used both on plain and richly decorated fronts. A grey kitchen can be both universal and unique, and that’s why it is so valued by interior designers.

Grey kitchen furniture looks best in Scandinavian style kitchen. You can also use it in more classic designs and loft-style interiors. It’s one of the most universal solutions for home interior design.

What style fits a grey kitchen?

Are you dreaming of an elegant grey kitchen? No problem. Just combine this classic color with gold or silver. You can also pick transparent glass lamp shades that perfectly match glamour or Art Deco styles.

What should grey kitchen cabinets look like in an elegant interior? It’s recommended that they are glossy. A white-grey kitchen combined with the mentioned gold looks stylish as well. Interestingly enough, the golden accessories don’t have to be grand in any way. Cabinet knobs or fixtures are good options. Such small elements make the grey kitchen look radiant.

A grey kitchen with wooden elements – how to design it?

One of the most popular and at the same time most impressive kitchen design is a grey kitchen with wooden elements. If it’s improperly arranged, however, it might look poorly. Knowledge of the basic rules of designing a grey kitchen can help you achieve the intended result and create a stylish interior that you will enjoy for a long time.

A grey kitchen with wooden elements – how to design it?

A trendy kitchen – grey with wooden counter

One of the most popular current trends is matching grey kitchen with wood in any color. Wood usually appears in the form of kitchen counters or a table.

A light-grey kitchen looks best with a very pale, almost white wood. When it comes to dark, graphite-grey color, all shades of grey fit well. You might go for a bold contrast, choosing light wood or give the interior a warmer look by combining grey kitchen cabinets with yellow or orange shaded wooden counters. Dark wood matched with grey fronts might bring elegance to the room but at the same time it makes the interior look “heavier.” It might be an issue for homeowners who love subtle designs.

Regardless of the color you choose, wood used in the kitchen should always be laminated. It makes it easier to clean, which is very important in case of difficult, heavy stains, such as oil.

A trendy kitchen – grey with wooden counter

Can you use other wooden accessories in a grey kitchen?

Are you not a fan of wooden countertops, but you still want to implement wooden elements in your grey kitchen? No problem! You can use wooden slat wall - an exceptional trend of 2022. Although it’s more popular in bedrooms and living rooms, well preserved wood can be used in kitchen designs as well. Thanks to this, you can divide the interior into zones - e.g., one for cooking and one for eating.

A grey and white kitchen, loft style – give your furniture a unique character

A grey kitchen with wood might look interesting when designed in loft style. It’s a unique and unusual way to give a fresh look and bring out the character from ordinary grey furniture. Loft style usually uses ordinary materials in their raw and natural form. They might be, for instance: concrete, wood, stone or brick.

A grey kitchen in loft style is perfect for anybody who loves interesting and unexceptional interiors, as it contains a lot of unusual aesthetical solutions. A prevalent element of loft interiors features using a classic combination of two colors – grey and white. Quite a popular solution for this style involves brick or concrete walls.

A loft style grey kitchen uses not always practical, but great looking accessories, such as long hanging lamps without shade, suspended ceiling or elements made of steel.

The central element of a loft style grey kitchen is usually a metal island with wooden or stone counter, used for preparing and eating meals. This solution is not only very trendy but also highly functional.

If a grey interior seems too dark to you, you might decide on a white kitchen with darker details. It’s an equally interesting solution.

A grey and white kitchen, loft style – give your furniture a unique character

Grey kitchen - loft

For brave ones only – a modern grey kitchen with a colorful accent

A grey kitchen designed in modern style favors wild color combinations. They can turn an ordinary room into a bold and lively interior. A grey kitchen with a color accent definitely draws attention, and it can even boost energy of anyone staying in the room and put them in a good mood.

The monochromatic and for many a predictable grey color can be adjusted by adding a pronounced accent in the form of a colorful kitchen appliance. An unusual, colorful refrigerator or coffee machine is a perfect solution in this case.

You could also put a color on one of the walls. By adding other colors to the grey kitchen, you can easily get rid of the austerity and visual “coldness.” The most popular colors used in a grey kitchen are: red, orange, green and yellow, as they evoke positive feelings and strengthen appetite. Nevertheless, choose the color by yourself, in line with your own preferences.

You can also bring color to your grey kitchen naturally, for instance by creating a small “garden” on a wall, with green fresh herbs.

Instead of colorful accents, you could also use stone tile, which looks equally unique. It’s a perfect alternative for those who love unusual interior designs.

A modern grey kitchen with a colorful accent

Szara kuchnia z niebieskim akcentem

White kitchen with a grey countertop – an intriguing design idea

Matching white walls (or cabinets) with an elegant grey counter is an interesting kitchen design idea, which is also becoming very popular. A contrast between the colors creates an unusual but also quite universal interior. A grey, smooth countertop highlights the perfect shape of white kitchen cabinets, forming a trendy and modern kitchen design.

When deciding upon white kitchen cabinets and a grey countertop, it is advised to paint the walls grey or white. It will make the design more consistent. White walls can brighten the room, which is a good solution for small interiors. In some cases, though, this solution might be problematic due to high probability of the walls getting stained. Grey walls make the room darker and visually smaller. For this reason it is better to avoid dark colored walls in small kitchens.

White kitchen with a grey countertop – an intriguing design idea

White kitchen with a grey countertop

How to use grey kitchen cabinets? 3 easy ways

Grey kitchen cabinets are often used in many interior designs, and although they look simple and classical, they can be used in many ways. There are 3 rules that make grey kitchen cabinets design far easier:

  • Lower cabinets in grey – placing grey kitchen cabinets at the bottom is one of the most popular solutions. Dark bottoms and light tops can visually take weight off the walls and make the room look bigger.
  • Upper kitchen shelves in grey color – upper level grey kitchen cupboards look very elegant. They make the kitchen look classy and refined.
  • All in grey – grey fronts, counters, appliances and fixtures made of stainless steel is an interesting combination, and it will be trendy for a long time.

How to use grey kitchen cabinets? 3 easy ways\~l_169265

How to use grey kitchen cabinets? 3 easy ways

Grey kitchen furniture might overwhelm the whole interior visually, therefore it should be applied in large, spacious kitchens only.

Notica that there are many shades of grey and each of them might make the kitchen look completely different. The recently popular cool grey is starting to give way to warmer tones in 2020. If you decide to buy furniture in this color, you might use a delicate tone of gray as a basis – on the walls. Make sure, however, to pick the colors carefully – use a color chart to help you.

Kitchen with grey furniture

Grey warm kitchen

Grey kitchen various shades

What to match dark grey kitchen cabinets with so that they look good?

It’s not a secret that all shades of grey mix well with snow white color. But sometimes such combination might be not satisfying enough. In this case it is advised to try unusual mixes to learn which style is the most appropriate for an interior.

If grey kitchen cabinets have dark shade, you might combine them with light walls or try using bright accessories, for instance by combining dark fronts with bright countertops. Depending on whether the cabinet’s front is plain or pronounced, you might choose a countertop made of stone (e.g. granite) or wooden and laminated one. Light wood is a very easy material, which can bring a warm and familiar atmosphere into the interior.

dark grey kitchen cabinets

Grey modern kitchen

Grey light modern kitchen

Grey kitchen cabinets should be well illuminated, especially if it’s a dark grey color. Make sure, right before making a purchase, whether the light doesn’t deflect the colors, which might make the grey front look poorly.

A classic grey kitchen is not boring, provided that the tradition is supported by a little bit of modernity.

Grey kitchen cabinets

📍 What walls go with grey kitchen cabinets?

If you have grey cabinets in your kitchen, the best solution is painting the walls white or uniform grey. Grey color is versatile enough, so you can also try more bold combinations. Grey cabinets look perfect with yellow, green and orange colors.

📍 What countertops are best for a grey kitchen?

The most popular solution is matching grey kitchen with wooden or stone countertops. The variety of choice is wide, as there are many types of wood and stone. A grey kitchen with wooden counter is more universal than the one with stone top.

📍 What color looks best with grey cabinets?

Grey furniture is very universal, therefore, it looks good with most colors. The most popular colors to combine with grey are green, yellow and white. A less common but equally impressive match is grey furniture and fuchsia elements.