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5 Ideas for Ecru Color - Glorious Color Ecru Interior Designs

New trends appear in interior design every year. But bright shades such as ecru color remain equally popular all the time. Its prestige is mostly a result of practicality, as it fits basically any style and can be matched with any color. Color ecru invites calmness and elegance to an interior. Although it usually appears as an addition, you can easily create an interior designed entirely with this color. Check what color is ecru and what does it mean. Get inspired and create an interesting design for your house or apartment.

5 Ideas for Ecru Color - Glorious Color Ecru Interior Designs

What color is ecru?

Color ecru (Fr. écru, to be precise) is a very bright shade. Although many confuse it with beige, in reality, it’s a tone between white and very bright beige. Ecru color appears very warm, which is its very characteristic feature. Interiors designed with this color are very cozy and at the same time clean and elegant.

Where to use ecru color?

Ecru color is very practical, so it can be used practically in any type of interior. It’s perfect both in small and large rooms. As an additional advantage, it makes the room seem larger than in reality. For this reason, it’s great for small apartments, narrow kitchens and hallways.

Because of the universal character of ecru color, you can use it also in a modern living room or a Scandinavian bedroom. It’s also the leading theme color in Boho style.

Where to use ecru color?


What colors go with color ecru?

As interior design experts often stress, color ecru is so universal that it can be matched with any other color and it will look good every time. But some combinations are particularly popular.

Color ecru is often combined with:

  • Dusty pink - it’s a very elegant combination, perfect for interiors like a bedroom, a room for a baby. If you want to change the style, just add a few golden decorations to achieve a glamour style living room.
  • Olive green - ecru and earth colors look very natural so they are perfect for minimalist Nordic interiors.
  • Dark blue - a contrasting combination with interesting black or golden accessories will create an intriguing Art Deco style.

Ecru color can be combined with all pastel colors, charcoal grey, emerald green and turquoise. Depending on the colors you match, they are characteristic for different styles.

What colors go with color ecru?

Ecru color and blue accessories

Ecru color and olive furniture\~l_167841

What style matches with ecru color?

Ecru is quite a universal color. For this reason, you can use it in many designs, as it works for basically any style. Are you wondering in what combination it looks best? Ecru color is very characteristic for English and shabby chic styles. It highlights everything it’s supposed to. It also brings some calmness and elegance.

In addition, ecru is often used as a base color of Scandinavian style and as a complimentary shade to classic style. You can use it in various ways, in this case.

What style matches with ecru color?

English style living room - ecru combined with gold and blue

Modern and cozy ecru living room

Is it a good idea to paint the walls ecru?

Many people wonder whether ecru color on the walls is a good idea - claiming it might be too bland. It’s partially true, as ecru is a neutral and not too exciting color. But it’s a perfect basis for interesting, colorful furniture. Furthermore, you can hang interesting pictures of any color palette on ecru walls.

Color ecru also looks perfect if bricks or decorative stone are installed on the rest of the walls. The color balances the whole design and eliminates the risk of “disorder.”

Is it a good idea to paint the walls ecru?

A stylish living room in color ecru

Ecru is a color that appears mostly in living rooms. The shade can be used in a few different ways in this type of interior. Painting the walls in ecru color is the easiest method. It’s a perfect option - especially for small and poorly illuminated interiors.

If you find ecru color too boring and would rather paint the room in a different shade, you can always use ecru furniture. It has one big advantage - it’s available in different variants. Therefore, you can find both wooden and upholstered ecru furniture.

You can also choose ecru color decorations or fabrics. Bright cushions, blankets or even curtains make the interior look very cozy.

A stylish living room in color ecru\~t_718\~a_88-13

Ecru color - a living room and plants

Minimalisti modern living room color ecru

A calm bedroom in ecru color

A bedroom is a place for rest, where you can easily relax. Ecru color is an ideal option, in this case, as it’s mild and, more importantly, it doesn’t tire your eyes. A bedroom in this color is not only very elegant but also extremely cozy.

Similar to the living room, you can use ecru color in a bedroom in a few different ways. What’s more, you can combine it e.g. with blue and design a Hamptons style bedroom - it’s been one of the most popular decors recently.

You can also use ecru and white colors in your bedroom. By combining them with wooden elements or wicker, you get a Scandinavian style interior.

A calm bedroom in ecru color

Ecru color - pink decor

Children’s room - featuring ecru

Ecru color is a perfect choice both in a room for a baby, as well as an older child. A room for an infant doesn’t need too many objects - a bed, a small wardrobe or a dresser and an armchair will suffice. The design looks perfect in bright shades. You can also combine ecru color with pink, blue or pastel green. This way, the interior is more “distinct.”

An older child or a teenager have varying tastes. It means that if you design the room using an intense color, you might hear after a few weeks that they don’t like it anymore. In such a case, you risk discontent of the youngling or having to renovate the interior again. Can you avoid those issues? Yes! What’s more, color ecru might help you. Just use it as the so-called basis for the whole interior - on the walls and furniture. Doing so, you can easily match any decoration with it and arrange the room in every possible style. This way you can change the teen’s bedroom more often without spending tons of money.

Children's room - featuring ecru

Ecru color - teen bedroom

A bright ecru bathroom

Bright bathrooms that use ecru color are always popular. You can easily fit them to the current trends - by choosing simple accessories like colorful towels, interesting laundry baskets, soap dispensers or bathroom rugs.

Color ecru looks very interesting in a bathroom if combined with wood-like tiles. Unusual ceramics and black fittings also fit this color perfectly. This way, you can create an interesting, industrial bathroom that will impress anyone who sees it.

A bright ecru bathroom

Ecru color - a bathroom with plants

A modern kitchen with elegant ecru color

Is your kitchen very small or narrow and therefore you are wondering how to design it? In this case, you should think of the color palette in the first place. Sometimes, such an interior is also poorly illuminated. Color ecru combined with strong lamps might be the answer to your problem.

An ecru kitchen is a perfect alternative for white color which has dominated home interiors and became too mundane for some homeowners.

Although ecru is a color that doesn’t seem too “radical,” it can be used in different ways in the kitchen. The cabinets fronts can be glossy or matte, plain or decorated with carvings or glass. Thanks to those small details, various ecru kitchens look completely different.

You can also buy colorful kitchenware or appliances to your kitchen. Electric kettles, toasters or even refrigerators in vibrant colors - pink, blue, or green, have been very popular recently.

A modern kitchen with elegant ecru color

Ecru - traditional kitchen,current,kitchen,light,medium,painted,recently-added,transitional-room-style,wood/perfect-beige-rustic-kitchen

Modern kitchen - ecru color

📍 What color is ecru?

Ecru color is a mixture or white and beige. It's very similar to cream or ivory, although experts can spot differences between those shades. Ecru is a very elegant color and it makes the interior look cozy.

📍 What color goes with ecru?

Ecru is a universal color, so it can be matched with any color. It looks great with pink and blue. It can be also combined with grey, white and even black. The color palette mostly depends on the style you want to design the room in.

📍 How to make ecru color?

Ecru color can be made by mixing three other shades: white, yellow and grey. Start from a few drops of yellow and grey and make sure you don't make the shade too dark - if so, the result willl be beige instead of ecru.