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4 Best Bathroom Plants - Find a Perfect Plant for Your Bathroom

Many consider houseplants essential home decor elements. Plants improve one's general well-being, and sometimes directly affect health thanks to air purification. It's recommended to use greenery in the bathroom - not only for cosmetic purposes. By choosing the right bathroom plants, you can create a real oasis which will fill you with positive energy in the morning, and soothe and relax you in the evening. But what are the best plants for your bathroom? We have four best suggestions for you.

4 Best Bathroom Plants - Find a Perfect Plant for Your Bathroom

Bathroom plants - should you keep plants in the bathroom?

The bathroom is rarely associated with plants. However, plants in the bathroom are a fantastic idea you should consider. Thanks to this, the interior becomes cozier and filled with positive energy which will enrich you every day.

Bathroom plants are also a great idea for an unusual interior decoration. By placing plants on every free surface, you can turn your bathroom into a real jungle. Alternatively, you can place a single unusual-looking plant as a subtle decor piece. Regardless of what you pick, plants in the bathroom will amaze everyone who visits you.

Bathroom plants - should you keep plants in the bathroom?

When choosing plants for the bathroom you can also count on more practical aspects of this solution. Potted plants regulate the quality and humidity of the air. Moss is a good example - it absorbs excessive moisture like a sponge and releases it when the environment becomes too dry. A moss wall is a perfect idea for an exceptionally practical decoration.

Well-known “air purifiers” like peace lily and fern are excellent at removing harmful substances from the surroundings. What’s more, they are perfect bathroom plants, thriving in humid environments.

Plants in the bathroom - general rules

Caring for bathroom plants looks pretty much the same as it is with other houseplants. But what are the best bathroom plants? Make sure to pick species that love humidity. Pay attention to the conditions in the interior: if the windows provide plenty of sunlight during the day, search for plants that need a lot of it. You can pick, for instance, aloe vera. For bathrooms with small windows or located at the Northern side, shade-loving plants are the best option.

The size of the room is an important aspect. If you are looking for plants for a large bathroom, you don’t have to limit yourself. Even a big monstera won’t get in your way, so you can easily style your bathroom into a real urban jungle.

If your bathroom is small, we recommend picking one or two plants, focusing on their unusual looks. An interesting-looking fern species or a fancy lucky bamboo arrangement are both great options.

Plants in the bathroom - Monstera

Bathroom plants - lucky bamboo

Can you keep plants in a windowless bathroom?

Unfortunately, all plants require at least a bit of light for photosynthesis to take place and produce energy. Some plants like the mentioned peace lily can thrive even in a very dark interior. But if you completely block the light - even the most durable organisms will die.

Are plants in a windowless bathroom a completely abstract concept, then? Not necessarily! You don’t have to give up the dream of a beautiful, full of greenery interior - just provide a different light source.

We’re talking about artificial light. There are many solutions like special UV lamps, light bulbs and even flexible light strips. The choice is really broad, so you will easily find something that suits your needs.

Can you keep plants in a windowless bathroom?

You can treat such lights like another decoration, which greatly enriches your house or apartment.

How to use such a lamp - and what are the best bathroom plants, in this case? Special plant lights are supposed to reflect natural conditions in which certain species grow. That’s why, in theory, you can have any kind of moisture-loving plant in your windowless bathroom. The choice is yours.

The lamps have to be on for 14-16 hours a day. Remember to let your plants rest for 8 hours in darkness. Additionally, you have to adjust the intensity of lighting - it depends on the needs of a particular plant species.

Windowless bathroom plants - lamp

The best plants for the bathroom

As mentioned, the choice of bathroom plants depends on many factors. But there are species that work better than others in a particular case. Apart from the classic options everyone knows - peace lilies, ferns and snake plants, you can pick something more original. Below, you will find four best bathroom plants you should try.

Alocasia - perfect for a bright bathroom

If dark shades of emerald green is something putting you in a great mood, Alocasia (Alocasia) is an ideal plant for your bathroom. The genus consists of over 80 species originating in tropical areas of Asia and Australia.

Best plants for a bright bathroom - Alocasia

The green alocasia fits perfectly both in elegant and minimalist bathrooms. There are many varieties on the gardening market, such as Black Velvet Alocasia with dark green leaves with bright veins or Dragon Scale Alocasia with an intriguing texture and color.

These interesting bathroom plants need bright light - hence, it’s a perfect choice for bathrooms with large windows. It’s a warmth-loving species which reacts poorly to cold. That’s why, if you decode to place an Alocasia in your bathroom, you have to take care of the right room temperature. High air humidity is beneficial for the plant, but remember not to overwater it.

Zamioculcas - a bathroom plant for busy people

Do you have no time to take care of plants and want a plant in your bathroom that will look good without effort? ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is your best option. This plant is called “a plant of steel”, and not without a reason - it’s really difficult to kill a Zamioculcas, and it looks great even when neglected. It’s so-called living fossil which has evolved about 42 million years ago in Africa. In the wild, Zamioculcas grows in the shade of tropical forests, as well as in rocky and sandy areas.

Plants in bathroom zamioculcas

ZZ plants are perfect for a dark bathroom - they prefer shady spots or the ones with scattered light. Direct sunlight is definitely harmful for them and might cause spot on leaves.

Zamioculcas is a succulent and accumulates water in the leaves just like cacti. Even if you forget to water it for a few weeks, nothing serious will happen. On the contrary - dried soil is recommended, in this case.

Original Tillandsias - air plants in the bathroom

The intriguing name Tillandsias includes about 500 species of plants. They are most commonly known as air plants, as they don’t need soil to grow. They are epiphytes that take the nutrients they require from air.

Air plants are characteristic for their original looks, which differ depending on the species. They became popular mostly in minimalist apartments. They are perfect for small arrangements in open containers, as well as terrariums. Air plants can be hung, as well as “planted” in a piece of wood or bark. Combined with moss, they form original decor pieces - perfect e.g. for Scandinavian style.

Tillandsias are perfect bathroom plants. Because of the high humidity in this type of room, they practically water themselves. Do you love hot baths or showers? The well-known steam that makes your mirror difficult to use, creates ideal conditions for these plants. Alternatively, you can spray them twice a week.

Remember that an air plant has to dry after watering. If it’s in a container, just shift it to a different angle so that the excess water can flow down. If you lead the plant to the state of rotting, it will be difficult to save.

Air plants in the bathroom

Air plants - bathroom hanging plants

Decorative bathroom plants - a charming orchid

Orchids belong to the most popular houseplants. It’s not a surprise - they are exceptionally beautiful.

Orchids grow best in 40-80% air humidity - these exact conditions can be found in a bathroom. These are the best plants for a small bathroom. You won’t fit many plant pots in there, so a single plant of unusual looks is a perfect highlight of the style.

Decorative bathroom plants - a charming orchid

What types of orchids make the best bathroom plants? It’s not an easy question, as there are over 100 thousand of orchid species. You can go classic and pick a moth orchid - Phalaenopsis. White or delicately colored flowers will enliven the elegant decor. Do you want something more original? Pick unusual-looking orchids, e.g., a monkey face orchid, a flying duck orchid or a lady’s slipper orchid.

Plants in bathroom - monkey orchid

Best bathroom plants - flying duck orchid

📍 What are the best plants for the bathroom?

The best bathroom plants love humidity in the air. Peace lily, orchid, fern and snake plant are examples of popular plants used in bathrooms. Make sure they can grow well in the interior's conditions like temperature and lighting levels.

📍 What plants for the bathroom should I buy?

When deciding which bathroom plants to buy, pay attention to the conditions in the interior. The amount of sunlight is one of the most important factors. If the bathroom is large, you can pick big plants like Monstera. Aloe, orchids, staghorn fern and air plants are great for small interiors.

📍 What are the best plants for a dark bathroom?

Shade-loving and tropical plants are the best options for a dark bathroom. In this case, you can use peace lily, zamioculcas, fern and anthurium. Decorative moss on the wall is also a good solution.

📍 Plants for a windowless bathroom - what to choose?

Plants in a bathroom without windows need an additional light exposure. Invest in special lamps, thanks to which your plants will thrive. In this case, you can use any bathroom plants - fern, anthurium, string of pearls or orchids. Make sure the species you pick like high humidity.