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6 Best Top Load Washing Machines for December 2022

6 Best Top Load Washing Machines for December 2022
6 Best Top Load Washing Machines for December 2022

Top loading washing machines are distinct for their small size, thanks to which they are highly appreciated among small apartment owners. In comparison with front loaders, there are significantly fewer models in the category of top load washing machines. Still, they are very popular. It’s important to pick the right, efficient washing machine. So, which top load washing machine is the best?

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What are the features of a top load washing machine?

The method of loading is the basic distinct element of a top load washer. The upper part of the device has a lid. The drum is underneath. Unlike a front load washing machine, a top loader has a vertical drum. Appliances of this type are quite small, which is greatly appreciated among their users. Such models typically have panels with traditional buttons without any screen. The market also offers modern devices with a display. Unfortunately, few brands offer top load washing machines. Make sure to read top load washer reviews to learn which one is the best.

Top load washing machines - what are their functions?

Front load washers are much more popular. For this reason, manufacturers focus on those devices when developing new technologies. Regardless, every top load washing machine has a selection of useful functions - some models are very advanced.

Almost all top load washers have the basic functions like programs for certain types of fabric, extra rinse or spinning speed regulation. Some top loaders automatically detect the amount of water needed for a wash cycle and have a program for delicate fabrics. Quick washing is also an important program. Thanks to it, you can get a small amount of clean laundry in a short time. Washers with a steam function are perfect for refreshing clothes. Thanks to this solution, wrinkles are reduced and one doesn’t have to iron the clothes. It saves time and energy.

A top load washing machine - what are its advantages?

The small size is the biggest advantage of every top load washing machine. Thanks to it, you can fit it in every bathroom or other interior. The most common dimensions are 40x90x60 cm. When you plan purchasing such a device, you don’t have to think about additional space for the door. Thanks to a doorless construction, the washer won’t get blocked by elements standing next to it. The only space that has to remain free is the top lid.

Top load washing machines are much more convenient to load and unload for some people. It is important, for instance when the user suffers from spine issues that prevent them from bending over. Low malfunction rate is a rarely mentioned advantage of top load washers. A vertical drum means a lower risk of flooding. Thanks to this, you can save money on repairs - which might be more frequent in front load washing machines.

Does a top load washing machine have any drawbacks?

Although top load washing machines generally take less space, one has to keep in mind that they require free space over the lid. It means that you cannot put any shelf for bathroom accessories there. The cover usually doesn’t have a window, so you cannot control what’s happening inside during a wash cycle.

A top load washer cannot be integrated. It might be problematic to ventilate the device - it needs to be done after each washing. A lifted cover is not very aesthetic, and it’s easy to accidentally close.

Another, fairly important issue, especially for big families, is the low capacity of such washing machines. A top load washing machine typically doesn’t exceed a 6 kg capacity. They also have fewer functions and programs. The lack of a screen is a less problematic but equally important obstacle. Most top load washers are controlled with knobs and buttons. They aren’t the best washing machines for fans of the latest technology.

How much does a top load washing machine cost?

Top loading washing machines are available at different prices. You can buy the most popular models for about $500. The more functions, the higher the price of a device. A top load washing machine that costs over $1500 is a really rare occurrence. You can easily find a good-quality appliance for under $1000. Such a model is the best washing machine for anyone who looks for a budget solution.

Which stores offer top load washers?

You can get a top load washing machine in most electronics and home appliances stores. Make sure to compare prices when you browse through different offers - the same model can be cheaper in another shop. You can count on good prices in online stores. When making a purchase, check whether the retailer offers delivery along with installation. In most cases, you can have the old device taken out, so that you don’t have to worry what to do with it.

Top load washers are recommended to those whose space is quite limited. Such devices are often picked by small apartment owners and people who live alone.

A top load washing machine is a very good solution for elderly people and those who suffer from spine issues. Loading laundry through a top lid requires much less strain and bending than it is with front load washers. Because of the lower capacity, top load washers are good for families who don’t need to do laundry too often, or who wash their clothes more frequently but in smaller quantities.

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