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7 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022

7 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022
7 Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022

Are you planning to buy a new vacuum cleaner? Manufacturers offer many devices that help in keeping the house clean. There’s one interesting solution - an upright vacuum cleaner. It’s a very practical device, thanks to which you will quickly remove minor dirt or your pet’s fur. Upright vacuum cleaners are bagless, battery-powered models. As a result, you don’t have to plug it in and risk tripping on the wires while cleaning. Check the best upright vacuum cleaners and pick the best one for your home.

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How does an upright vacuum cleaner work?

Upright vacuum cleaners are quite a novelty on the market. Initially, wired models appeared, but they have been quickly replaced by far more convenient equipment.

Upright vacuum cleaners have built-in batteries. Depending on the model and the operation mode, they can work for a particular time period. After the batteries run down, the device has to be plugged in for recharging.

The vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt which is then accumulated in a special container. As it gets full, you can simply empty it and the device is ready for further work.

Is buying an upright vacuum cleaner a good solution?

Why should you invest in an upright vacuum cleaner? First of all, it’s a multi-functional device. Using it, you can do more than just vacuum floors, carpets and corners in between furniture pieces. Thanks to a special brush and the right suction power setting, you can thoroughly clean a sofa and a mattress. It’s a very convenient solution - animal owners will surely appreciate it.

The lack of a cord that might limit movements is a big advantage. Thanks to it, you can e.g. take the vacuum to the garage to clean your car.

What are the functions of a modern upright vacuum cleaner?

The lack of a power cord is the most important benefit of upright vacuum cleaners. Such a solution doesn’t limit your movements during everyday cleaning and offers many possibilities. Depending on the manufacturer, you can distinguish several basic functions that often depend on the attached electro brushes. They help in cleaning floor planks, carpets, sofas and even the inside of a car.

Some brands also offer special pads for vacuum attachments. Thanks to them, you can quickly wash the floors and wipe them dry. This solution combines two devices in one.

What are the important parameters of an upright vacuum cleaner?

You should pay attention to a few crucial elements that might help you pick the right model fit to your needs. The first issue is the operating time on a single charge. Based on the class of the product, it can last from several dozen minutes to over an hour. The time the device needs to get fully charged is also very important. The best devices have a quick charge system which can last just an hour!

Is an upright vacuum cleaner better than a traditional one?

Upright vacuum cleaners are definitely a much better solution than traditional models with bags. First of all, it’s very universal, which allows for cleaning basically anywhere.

The latest devices have relatively large batteries, thanks to which they are always ready to work. Additional filters clean the air, which is very important for allergy sufferers.

How much do you have to spend on an upright vacuum cleaner?

The prices of upright vacuum cleaners differ. They depend mostly on a particular model and the functions of the device. The simplest upright vacuum cleaners cost around $50. But models offering the latest technological solutions can cost up to $500.

Where to buy an upright vacuum cleaner?

Upright vacuum cleaners are available in supermarkets and stores with home appliances. But the selection in physical stores might be limited. That’s why we highly recommend online stores. Buying online, you can get some special offers and free shipping.

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