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5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022

5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022
5 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for December 2022

Modern technologies appear in more and more homes. It concerns vacuum cleaners as well. Robot vacuum cleaners have become very popular. They are intelligent devices that clean your home, allowing you to relax. Are you wondering which robot vacuum cleaner to pick? It’s not as easy as it seems. Check the most popular robot vacuum cleaner. Take a look at the best robot vacuum cleaner reviews.

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What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner - robot is an intelligent device that can clean the house for you. The most recent models not only clean surfaces but also mop them. A robot vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice if you love having a clean house, and you typically do your chores every week or every other week.

Robot vacuum cleaners differ from traditional devices by modern technology. Thanks to it, the robot vacuum can plan the route and omit obstacles such as cables. You don’t have to worry the device will suck them up and cause damage.

What sensors should a robot vacuum cleaner have?

An effective robot vacuum cleaner that is supposed to relieve you of everyday cleaning needs certain parameters. Which ones are the most important? A robot vacuum cleaner moves around a certain area, so motion sensors are the basic elements here. Thanks to them, the device scans the apartment and moves along a planned route. But as it turns out, there are several types of motion sensors.

Anti-collision sensors are the most important. They allow the robot vacuum cleaner to avoid obstacles. This protects the device from damage. Apart from this, there is also a collision sensor. As the vacuum reaches a wall, it detects the fact and doesn’t try to go through it.

Modern robot vacuum cleaners also have sensors protecting them from falling down. It means that if they happen to operate upstairs and get close to the stairs, they won’t fall down, as the intelligent function prevents it.

The mentioned area scanning function, also referred to as mapping, is possible not only thanks to the sensors, but also cameras and infrared detectors.

Special dust sensors take care of a more thorough cleaning. It is important if you want to use a robot vacuum cleaner e.g. in the kitchen, where you cook.

The last issue when it comes to sensors is the function that prevents the device from getting tangled with cords. Manufacturers use special detectors for this purpose as well.

A powerful engine and a capacious battery - why are they essential in a robot vacuum cleaner?

Appropriate engine power is one of the most important parameters of robot vacuum cleaners. It doesn’t mean, though, that the highest power is the best. Such devices operate basically every day. For this reason, apart from the power of the mechanism itself, also pay attention to suction power.

Battery capacity is very important - the bigger, the better. A robot vacuum cleaner with a 2000 mAh battery can clean the house even for two hours. It is enough to clean the whole house.

What are some useful functions of a robot vacuum cleaner?

Parameters like noise level and dust container type are very important parameters of every robot vacuum cleaner. Also, take a look at filters. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter which is able to catch all bacteria, viruses and harmful dust mites.

Pay attention to other functions like control via a smartphone app and returning to the base for charging. Some models can resume cleaning directly at the spot they previously stopped, e.g. because of low battery.

There is also an interesting option of voice commands. The latest Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners feature it.

Do you need to prepare the surface before a robot vacuum cleaner can clean it?

Are you wondering whether you have to prepare the space and move all the furniture before you can turn on a robot vacuum cleaner? There’s no need for that. Robot vacuum cleaners are able to avoid obstacles. What’s more, you can create virtual walls and lighthouses. It’s an area you can set only in an application.

How is a robot vacuum cleaner better than a traditional device?

The biggest advantage of a robot vacuum cleaner is the fact that it works by itself so that you don’t have to do anything. What’s more, it’s a compact device, so it doesn’t need much storage space.

It doesn’t mean, though, that a robot vacuum cleaner is a completely flawless device. First of all, it is not sufficient enough to clean an apartment or a house effectively. It’s great for everyday use but you should support it with a different model, e.g. a cordless one.

What are the best brands offering a robot vacuum cleaner?

Roomba vacuum cleaners are the most popular devices from this category. In fact, they were the pioneers on the market. But nowadays, an increasing number of brands have started offering robot vacuum cleaners. Xiaomi, Electrolux and Karcher are quite popular choices. Their big advantage is a much lower price range in comparison with the mentioned Roombas.

Where to buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

Robot vacuum cleaners can be purchased basically in any electronics store. They can also be found in supermarkets - but they might offer devices of a lower quality. The Internet provides the widest selection. Online stores often have the best prices.

What is the cost of a robot vacuum cleaner?

The cheapest robot vacuum cleaners can be purchased for about $150. But they don’t have a good battery and aren’t very efficient. However, they might be useful for cleaning a small 50 square meters (~530 square feet) apartment. If you want a better quality, pick a robot vacuum cleaner for about $300. For this price, you can buy an older iRobot Roomba model or a Xiaomi robot vacuum.

The latest Roomba robot vacuum cleaners cost from $700 to over $1000. They offer the biggest number of functions and are the most efficient.

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