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10 Top Rated Best Vacuums for December 2022

You can find the best vacuum cleaner reviews below - the rating contains the best available devices for 2021. For your convenience, the products have been grouped into specific categories.

10 Top Rated Best Vacuums for December 2022

What is the best vacuum cleaner on the market?

The market offers many various vacuum cleaner models. Thanks to this, customers can pick the right device, fit to their needs and expectations. One can pick from the following types of models:

  • traditional vacuums,
  • bagless vacuum cleaners,
  • upright vacuum cleaners,
  • carpet cleaners,
  • industrial vacuums,
  • portable vacuum cleaners for cars,
  • multifunctional vacuums,
  • handheld cleaners,
  • self-propelled cleaners.

As you pick a particular model, make sure you know which solution is the most convenient. Vacuum cleaners with bags are becoming more and more obsolete nowadays. They are replaced by models like an upright vacuum cleaner or robot vacuums.

Why should you invest in the best vacuum cleaner?

Picking a vacuum cleaner is only seemingly a simple task. Many people wonder what is the best vacuum cleaner for home. The opinions on this matter are divided, as everyone focuses on different parameters. For some, powerful suction to remove the dirt accumulated deep in the carpet is the most important issue. Others might pay attention to energy consumption or weight of the device.

The most powerful engine is not always a sign of quality. A large engine also means bigger energy consumption. According to the European Union laws, vacuum cleaners must be marked by energy sufficiency labels - from A to G. The great majority of customers pick less powerful but more energy efficient devices - labeled as A+, A++ and A+++.

Best vacuum cleaner without bag - how does it work?

Bagless vacuum cleaners have gained popularity in recent years. Such devices are much easier to use in comparison with classic models. It sucks up the dirt into a special plastic container. It’s typically half-transparent, so that one can tell if it’s full and ready to empty. Depending on the model, the dirt containers have different capacities. Smaller vacuums are much more handy but the container is smaller so it has to be emptied more frequently. That’s why the best vacuum cleaner of this type has a large dust container.

What are cordless vacuum cleaners? Are they the best vacuums?

A cordless vacuum cleaner is the most popular solution - favoured especially among small apartment owners. Such a device is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts for a given period of time. After the battery dies, the vacuum cleaner has to be plugged in and recharged. Cordless power supply means no more problems with a messy and quite limiting cable.

Handheld vacuums can be included in this category. Thanks to their small size, they are perfect for cleaning cars and home furniture. Vertical vacuum cleaners are designed for standard vacuuming, they have a dust container. After filling it up you just have to empty it.

The best vacuum cleaner - a traditional device or a modern robot?

Although vacuuming is nothing problematic, many people aren’t too fond of it. The sole thought of a traditional vacuum cleaner with a cord might make one shudder. Heavy and unwieldy models, restricted by a cord, have been replaced with more modern solutions.

Robot vacuum cleaners are one of such novelties. They typically have a docking station you can place at one spot in the house. Using an app, you set specific hours for when the robot is supposed to work, as well as where it can enter and which places it should avoid. There is another advantage - you can turn the device on remotely when you’re not home. When you’re back you can enjoy clean floors without having to clean them yourself. It’s the best vacuum cleaner for busy people who have no time for cleaning.

The best vacuums for industrial use - where can you use them?

Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for removing very difficult dirt that normal devices aren’t able to clean up. They are used primarily in factory units and during renovations. Such a vacuum cleaner easily removes dirt after drilling holes in a wall and gets rid of small concrete elements. Industrial models are the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning companies.

Do the best vacuum cleaners use any filters?

In old-type devices, a filter was supposed to protect the engine. Nowadays, the best vacuum cleaners have multiple filters that protect not only the engine but also the surroundings they work in. HEPA filters are becoming a standard - they clean the air from dust, allergens and mites.

How to pick the best vacuum cleaner?

When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for home, pay attention to several important parameters. First of all, assess the size of the apartment and consider the type of flooring installed. Engine power and suction capacity are significant parameters. Many customers are interested in additional options like HEPA filters, washing function or work duration on one charge.

Can the best vacuum cleaner be controlled using an app?

Self-propelled vacuum cleaners can be programmed and controlled by a smartphone. An application can turn the device on remotely from anywhere. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner draws a map of the apartment after the first activation. It’s helpful for setting boundaries and adding zones where the vacuum can go.

How much does the best vacuum cleaner cost?

Vacuum cleaner prices depend on the brand, type and design. You can buy a good vacuum cleaner for a hundred dollars. But models from renowned brands, e.g. Roomba vacuums or Xiaomi vacuums that offer the latest technologies, can cost even a few thousand dollars. The average price range, in this case, falls between $300 and $3,000.

Where can I buy the best vacuum cleaner?

The best vacuums can be purchased in any large electronic store. Make sure to check online shops - they often offer favourable prices and special offers. Thanks to this, you save a lot and get free shipping straight to your home.

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