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5 Best Philips TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

5 Best Philips TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands
5 Best Philips TVs for December 2022 - Top Brands

Philips TVs are among the most popular devices on the market. Not only they are very aesthetic-looking, but also highly functional thanks to the latest technologies. Devices from this brand have gained a lot of new users over the recent years. Check what to pay attention to when choosing a Philips TV.

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What are the characteristic features of Philips TVs?

Modern Philips TVs are equipped with innovative lighting, which distinguishes them from the competition. Ambilight - that’s what it’s called - is a modern technology that incorporates special lights around the device. They are synchronized with display and sound. One has also an option to disable this feature completely.

Why do users who own a Philips TV like Ambilight so much? First, it makes the TV look much bigger. Furthermore, it makes watching movies much more pleasant.

A modern Philips TV - SmartTV

Nowadays, a Philips TV without the Smart function simply doesn’t exist. Thanks to this option, you can connect the TV with other nearby devices, or look at the photos from your smartphone - without a wire. This function iis called Simply Shake.

Additionally, Philips TVs have a voice assistant built-in, thanks to which you can control the device using your voice.

The biggest advantages of a Philips TV

Apart from the mentioned functions offered by Philips TVs, users point to many other advantages. Three of them are characteristic for particular models only.

Quantum Dot is the most popular one. It’s a special technology using so-called quantum dots. Thanks to it, the display has a better quality, and the color saturation is much better.

Picture in Picture is an absolute hit proposed by Philips TVs. Thanks to this feature, the screen gains two surfaces. The main one displays the main picture, and you can watch something else in the corner of the device.

Users of the brand are ecstatic about the Bowers&Wilkins speakers. The brand is a pioneer in the world of audio. A Philips TV equipped with such system provides perfect sound in addition to ideal display.

Best Philips TV - what sizes are available?

Similar to devices from other brands, Philips TVs are available in various sizes. One can find small 32-inch models as well as large 70-inch devices. Thanks to the wide choice provided by the brand, everyone can match a device with the size of their interior.

How much does a Philips TV cost?

The price of a Philips TV mostly depends on its size, technology it offers or Ambilight technology. The simplest models cost about $300. Large Philips TVs with all functions might cost $3,000 or more.

Where to buy a Philips TV?

Philips TVs can be bought both in physical and online stores. Which option is better? Online shopping is often more beneficial. When searching for the right device, you can easily compare two different Philips TV models - not only by their parameters but also prices.

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