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2 Best 60 Inch TVs for December 2022

2 Best 60 Inch TVs for December 2022
2 Best 60 Inch TVs for December 2022

TVs are devices present in basically any home. They are typically used for watching programs, TV series and movies. But thanks to the possibilities of Smart TV, they are often used for watching streaming services as well. Gamers can plug a console to them and play favourite games in a higher quality. Modern TVs are also perfect for browsing the Internet and using special applications. 60 inch models are becoming popular. What to pay attention to when picking such a device?

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Who is a 60 inch TV perfect for?

Modern and flat TVs are currently the basic equipment of many homes. Thanks to various technologies, one can achieve the highest quality of picture and sound in your house - even if the users are very demanding.

If you decide on a 60’’ TV, remember it takes a lot of space. It should fit a particular interior - if the room is too small, the comfort of watching will significantly decrease. For this reason, 60 inch TVs are typically picked by owners of large houses and apartments with open spaces and a big living room.

A 60 inch TV - what kind of technology?

When picking a 60 inches TV, make sure to pay attention to the quality of the displayed picture. Picking one of the modern technologies - LED, OLED or QLED is the best solution. They provide a high resolution without having to worry about any imperfections of the display.

If you decide on a particular 60 inch TV model, check whether you will be able to plug all the equipment you want to it. The number of HDMI and USB ports is the crucial factor here.

Smart TV technology is a standard in such TVs. Thanks to it, you gain access to streaming apps and more. Software is something you should pay attention to. Some models have a system provided by the manufacturer, while others work using Android.

What other solutions a 60 inch TV can offer?

When you decide on a large 60 inch TV, make sure to check various brands offering different solutions. Thanks to this, you can fit a particular model to your interior and achieve a perfect sound or get an additional backlighting, so that you can watch your favourite programs and shows comfortably.

Certain technologies directly connected to brands are also worth paying attention to. For instance, Ambilight offers much better experience when watching movies. It’s a unique solution offered only by Philips.

Those who value their comfort when using the device will be interested in the solution prepared by LG - Magic Remote. It’s a remote control that works like a “cursor”.

How much do 60 inch TVs cost?

60 inch TVs are much rarer than 55 and 65 inch variants. Still, they are very popular. The cheapest and simplest models in these dimensions can be purchased for $600-$700. Better models with better features cost 800-1,000 dollars.

Where to buy a 60 inch TV?

A device like this can be purchased in a supermarket or in a good electronics store. Physical stores don’t offer access to all models, so it might be problematic to get the latest device right away. Typically, you have to order it and wait until it arrives.

An increasing number of people decide to buy online. It’s a quicker and often more economical option. Online stores offer best deals more frequently. You can also easily compare the devices with each other on the website. This way, you can easily find the best 60 inch TV for you.

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