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3 Best 4K TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models

3 Best 4K TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models
3 Best 4K TVs for December 2022 - Top-Rated Models

Innovative technological solutions are something modern 4K TVs are known for. Although considered a luxury just a few years ago, currently they can be found in every other home. But choosing the right model is not as easy as it might seem. What to know before buying a 4K TV and how much such a device like this cost? Check before you pick an ideal device for you.

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What are the characteristics of a 4K TV?

4K TVs are models with a multiplied Full-HD standard. In practice, their display resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which guarantees unforgettable experiences during watching TV. The huge popularity of these devices makes them cheaper with every year. As estimated by experts, the 4K TV might completely replace HD models.

Is a 4K TV worth investing in?

Are you wondering if a 4K TV is a good choice? It’s definitely one of the better technologies improving comfort of watching the TV every day. The more pixels, the better. You should know that the market offers 8K TVs as well, but as for now, they are very expensive. A 4K TV seems a reasonable choice. What can you gain by choosing a 4K TV? Take a look at the list below:

  • a better contrast,
  • a better color quality,
  • high density of pixels providing a perfect display - even when watched close-up,
  • a realistic display,
  • high detail.

A 4K TV - what to watch on it?

A 4K TV can be used for watching standard programs, just like any other model. There are also special transmissions in 4K - sports games and even movies. There are also special 4K programs that offer a perfect picture and incredible emotions when watching.

Some movies and series platforms offer 4K versions of certain shows as well. Having a 4K TV, one can enjoy the perfect quality of favourite shows.

What are additional functions offered by 4K TVs?

Modern 4K TVs provide not only a perfect display, but also additional functions and convenient features. Some of them offer compatibility with the Alexa voice assistant. What’s more, users can also adjust the mode of the TV. Film and games are the two most popular ones.

Some 4K TVs also have double-channel speakers built-in, which allows for a stereo spacial sound - perfect for evening movie sessions.

What is the best size for a 4K TV?

4K TVs offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to their sizes. As stressed by manufacturers, it’s best if they have at least 50 inches. In fact, you can observe a simple rule here - the larger the screen, the better your experiences when watching TV.

Those who have a big living room and the possibility to put the device at least 2 meters from the sofa can decide on a 60 or even 78-inch 4K TV. But keep in mind the cost of such a device is higher as well. That’s why few people pick this option.

What is the best 4K TV for a medium-sized living room?

When picking a 4K TV, most people pick a 50 or 55 inches device. It’s perfect for small and big interiors. Such TVs provide a very good display and don’t overwhelm the interior.

How much does a good-quality 4K TV cost?

The prices of 4K TVs vary - everything depends on their size and additional functions, which might differ. Medium quality devices cost $1300-$1500. But for this budget, it’s not a device that offers a lot of possibilities.

A good quality, the best 4K TV might cost even $3000. The market offers more expensive devices as well, but within this budget one should consider getting an 8K model, which guarantees the highest quality available.

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