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4 Best Refrigerator Reviews for December 2022

Every user pays attention to different parameters of a device to fit it to their needs. Because of this, it’s difficult to find a perfect device matching all preferences. But thanks to checking the qualities of a particular device and considering various tips and reviews - you can pick the best refrigerator for you.

Here’s the list of the best fridges currently available on the market. The rating shows the devices and their reviews grouped into categories:

4 Best Refrigerator Reviews for December 2022

Check the best refrigerators - reviews. Pick the devices from the categories below.

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What is the best refrigerator?

A fridge is one of the basic appliances present in every home. Thanks to it, one can store food that requires low temperature to keep fresh. Everyday functioning without fridges would be difficult. The market offers a wide choice of various models. Because of this, everyone can find the right device fit to their needs. It might be problematic though, therefore, many people wonder what model is the best refrigerator. With some helpful tips, one can decide what fridge is the best - matching their individual needs.

What types of refrigerators are available on the market?

If you want to find the best refrigerator matching your needs, make sure to check what’s on the market. Only then you can decide which model is the right one. Single-door fridges are the most popular, and they can be found in most households. They typically take little space, which is an advantage. They are the best refrigerators for those who don’t want to invest too much in the appliance. A new refrigerator of this type costs just a few hundred dollars. But the price depends on the size of the device. The market offers models with two or three shelves and one drawer in the freezer section. Most brands offer larger refrigerators for big families as well.

There are several types of freezers. Some reviewers claim the best refrigerators come with a freezer at the bottom. Thanks to this, using the device is more convenient and won’t disturb the functionality of the device. But there are users who prefer a fridge with a freezer located in the upper part. The capacity of the container is also important. Just one drawer in the freezer might be insufficient. For this reason, models with two or three drawers are much more popular. Because of them, one can freeze more food at once.

Double door fridges - perfect for big families - are becoming more and more popular around the world. Their capacity is the biggest advantage. But for some, they might be too big. Modern interior design often combines living rooms with a kitchenette section. In such a case, the limited space doesn’t allow for such a large device. Do you have a lot of space and think the best refrigerator for you has a double door? Pick the right model - they are many, differing, for instance, in the location of the freezer. Standard devices have it located at the bottom. But modern best fridges are of the side by side type. Such models have a freezer on one side, and a regular fridge on the other.

Four door fridges - opened to both sides in the fridge part, and in the freezer part are very practical.

Large fridge models also include French door fridges. In this case, the refrigerator has double door, and the freezer has a single large drawer. This type is among the largest models available. They are for really big families or small eating places. The best refrigerators of this type cost a lot, though - even a few thousand, so few people can afford them.

Depending on the interior design concept, you can also decide between freestanding or built in fridges. The latter are smaller, but the prices of such devices are comparable. However, if you want to achieve the best aesthetics in the interior, they are the best refrigerators to pick. Such models are often used in kitchenettes, where a uniform kitchen unit looks better than additional freestanding devices.

What are the characteristic features of the best refrigerator brands?

The expression ‘the best fridge’ means something different for everyone. While functionality is the most important feature for some, others pay attention to the compact size, capacity or other additional features of a particular model. But regardless of the mentioned parameters, one is always worth noting - energy efficiency. Because such devices run constantly, the best refrigerators use relatively little energy. The differences counted annually might be quite big, and by picking the right device you can save money, which you could spend on something pleasant. The best fridges, according to the European Union labeling have A+++ class. But if an A++ model matches your expectations, you don’t have to worry - it’s a good choice. Every region has different labeling for energy efficiency, so make sure to learn what it looks like in your area. This way, you will pick the best refrigerator.

When choosing a fridge, one can consider other issues as well. The noise level is an important factor. Especially if the device is located in a kitchenette combined with the living room - the best fridge is a quiet one. As experts stress, the maximum noise level for this type of device is 40 dB. Louder models are not worth it.

What is the best refrigerator built into cabinets?

Building kitchen appliances into cabinets is an increasingly popular solution. No wonder then, that many homeowners are curious what are the best fridges in this category.

Built in fridges are installed inside kitchen closets. Their doors are attached to furniture doors. In this case, any side the device opens to is good. Because the fridge is located inside furniture, the air flow is limited. There’s a risk of overheating, in this case. The best built in fridges have special cooling systems. Regardless, make sure the cabinets have special ventilation holes to release hot air generated while the device works.

Are models with ice maker the best refrigerators?

Do you love convenience? A model with an ice maker is probably the best fridge for you. Thanks to it, you can have ice at any moment, without worrying about it any earlier. There are various models of such devices available on the market. Some users claim that devices with a water dispenser are the best refrigerators. Thanks to this feature, one can get cold and filtered water directly from the device. It’s a very convenient solution, although if you decide to buy such a fridge, you have to accept a higher price. That’s why most customers pick standard models with just an ice maker.

What is the best refrigerator for a large kitchen - single or double door?

A large kitchen offers more possibilities for the appliances you can put in it. Of course, you can pick a classic solution and pick a single door fridge. But in case of large interiors, double door fridges are the most common pick. Consider your needs when making a choice. If you are not planning to use the device’s capacity to the fullest extent, even the best refrigerator with double door won’t serve its purpose. The appliance will use the energy, and you won’t use its full potential.

What are the functions of the best refrigerators?

The best fridges available on the market offer not only energy savings but also special additional features making using the device more convenient. One of the most desired functions is a no frost system. Thanks to it, the excess moisture is removed automatically, the products inside don’t get stuck, and you don’t have to worry about defrosting the device. The new technology does it for you.

Some claim the best refrigerators have a special fresh compartment. If your diet consists mostly of vegetables and fruits, it’s a perfect option for you. At a first glance, the compartment looks just like in standard appliances. But thanks to modern technologies, the container offers completely different conditions than in the other parts of the fridge. Some models of this type are designed not only for fruits and vegetables, but also for fish - thanks to this, they keep fresh for a long time.

Are you paying attention to the smallest details? Do you know that the temperature in the fridge drops when you put new products in it, which affects other things that are already inside? You can prevent this if you pick one of the best refrigerators with the instant cooling feature. When you put a new product inside, an automatic system turns on. Once the temperature reaches an optimal level, it turns off.

What other features do the best refrigerators offer? Pay attention to issues like an alarm when the door is open, additional lighting and the layout of the main and side shelves. Each of these details might be important when using the device.

What are the dimensions and capacity of the best refrigerator?

The size of a fridge is in fact an individual matter. For some users, the best refrigerator has a standard size. Others appreciate compact dimensions, or the opposite - a device of high capacity. Medium-capacity refrigerators are the most popular. As for the height, most users claim the best fridges have from 170 to 190 cm.

The best refrigerator for a big family

The kitchen is a special place for a family, where one spends a lot of time. The devices placed in such an interior cannot be randomly picked. Functionality is essential - it relies heavily on the size. One should think of how big the family is. If the number of family members is high, the best fridge has to be capacious to hold enough food for the whole week.

The best refrigerator for a single

Picking a device for a single is quite easy, provided that they don’t have any special requirements. The best fridge in this case is a compact single door model with additional features, e.g. the mentioned fresh compartment. Thanks to it, even after buying a lot of vegetables and fruits, one doesn’t have to worry they won’t be used and will spoil. The modern solution makes them last even three times longer than in standard models.

What about special requirements? Purchasing a single door fridge with an ice maker is currently not a problem. It’s just slightly more expensive than standard models. That’s why even a hard to please person will easily find the right device for them.

How much does the best refrigerator cost?

The cheapest compact devices cost a few hundred dollars. They are the best fridges for a student’s apartment if one person lives in there, or for a dorm room, if it doesn’t provide such equipment. This type of appliances won’t be enough for regular homes, though.

The prices of standard fridges start at $500. The upper price depends on the functions, brand and design. The best refrigerators with modern technological solutions and a perfect design often cost a few thousand dollars. But a good-quality device with many useful features and high energy rating can be purchased for a little over $1000.

Double door fridges, French door or side by side are typically more expensive. Their prices start at $1500. But keep in mind the cheapest models aren’t the most energy efficient. Do you want to have a better device? Prepare for a higher price. Energy efficient side by side fridges cost over $2000. French door refrigerators of the same class can cost even over $5000.

Travel fridges - the best refrigerators for traveling

Apart from standard devices, many use travel size models. They are the best refrigerators when you go outside the city. They are also a good idea if you prepare for long travel with a child, you need to pack the necessary food and don’t want it to spoil. There are two types of devices in this regard. Some travel fridges come with special cooling pads. It’s an older type, which holds temperature for a short time. It’s a good option for products that need a cool storage without any special conditions. Car refrigerators are another type. You can plug them into a special socket and keep a constant temperature inside.

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