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5 Best Crêpe Pans for December 2022

5 Best Crêpe Pans for December 2022
5 Best Crêpe Pans for December 2022

A crêpe pan is an essential piece of equipment for those who love this dish. Thanks to it, one can easily make these flat cakes and enjoy their taste more often - while not spending too much time on preparation. Manufacturers offer various models - a crêpe, or pancake pan can have different nonstick coatings and features. What are the characteristics of such equipment? Is a crêpe pan worth buying?

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What is a crêpe pan?

Frying pancakes and crêpes might seem complicated. Flipping them is the most common problem homemade chefs face. When using an ordinary pan, it might be very difficult. Because of their high sides, one has to use a flat spatula to flip the cake, which is not easy nonetheless. As a result, you get unevenly fried or even broken cakes with an irregular shape.

Thanks to a pancake pan, you can avoid frustration in the kitchen. Its sides are low, and in some models specially sloped. This solution allows you to easily flip a pancake or a crêpe. A Crêpe pan is perfectly flat on both sides. Thanks to this, the cakes have a perfect shape and are fried evenly. Such equipment is lightweight, so flipping a pancake without using any utensils is very easy. Pancakes and crêpes lovers cannot imagine frying them on anything else.

What kinds of pancake pans are available on the market?

Manufacturers offer many types of crêpes and pancakes pans. They differ by the production material and type of nonstick layer. Teflon-coated pans are the most popular. They are typically made of aluminum covered with a layer of scratch-resistant Teflon. This type is perfect for frying without fat - something appreciated among those on a diet. Stone and ceramic layers are similar, but more resistant to scratching than Teflon. Their main advantage is the fact that they are made of 100% safe materials.

You can also get heavier pancake pans made of cast iron or stainless steel. They are much more durable, but require using grease. Double pans are another interesting solution - they look like two stacked pans. Flipping a crêpe is easy with such a pan. The market also offers an electric pancake pan - it’s a good solution is there is no stove, e.g. in a holiday cabin. A device of this type heats up the surface evenly, so the pancake fries perfectly.

If there are children in the house, they might like a pancake pan with special holes. Thanks to it, you can make pancakes in interesting shapes and with printed patterns, for instance, with a smiley face.

What are the advantages of a crêpe pan?

The flat surface and low sides are the basic advantage of a crêpe pan. Thanks to them, the pancakes have a uniform color across their surface, and flipping them is easier. Pancake pans are made of lightweight metals like aluminum, which makes them more convenient to use. Nonstick surfaces allow for frying without oil. It’s useful for those who follow a low-fat diet.

Do pancake pans have any disadvantages?

Even the best crêpe pan is limited in its functions. Such a product can be used only for frying pancakes, crêpes and omelettes. Preparing anything else on such a pan is pointless because of its low sides. Products will simply fall off the pan. A pancake pan is, therefore, not a universal product.

If you decide to purchase a cast iron or steel pancake pan, keep in mind it’s heavier and more difficult to use. A stainless steel pan also needs to be burned before the first use, along with further maintenance.

How much does a pancake pan cost?

The price range of pancake pans is quite broad. The cheapest products of this type cost less than $20. Keep in mind, though, that a higher price means a better quality. For this reason, consider purchasing a more expensive, but better crêpe pan. The best pans for frying pancakes cost around $50. There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for something you are going to use only occasionally.

Where can you purchase a crêpe pan?

A crêpe pan is standard equipment of every home appliances store. Such products can be purchased in popular supermarkets and stores selling kitchen utensils. Make sure to check various offers before buying, and then pick the best product for you. Online shopping is a good idea as well. Internet stores offer a better selection of product, and have the best pans at good prices.

Who is a crêpe pan for?

A crêpe pan is of course a perfect idea for anyone who loves crêpes and pancakes and eats them very often. Thanks to it, you can prepare this dish much quicker. It’s also a good solution for families with children, A pan of this type allows you to make pancakes, crêpes, hash browns and omelettes - the most popular dishes picked by the youngest family members. A pancake pan is useful in basically any household. Thanks to it, the time you spend on making pancakes is shorter, and you can eat them more often and make your diet more diverse.

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