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5 Best Casper Mattress Deals for December 2022

5 Best Casper Mattress Deals for December 2022
5 Best Casper Mattress Deals for December 2022

Established only in 2014, Casper is currently one of the most popular mattress brands on the market. The company specializes in bed-in-a-box type of products and has greatly popularized purchasing mattresses online. Casper products are valued for their high-quality build, soft materials and innovative solutions. Is a Casper mattress for you? Which one should you pick to provide yourself a good rest?

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What are the features of Casper mattresses?

Browsing through various Casper products, one can note that the brand offers a selection of foam mattresses, along with hybrid spring models. Casper mattresses are available in six popular sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full-Size, Queen, King and California King. Thanks to this, you can easily fit the product to your own standard bed frame. The company also offers separate bed frames.

Each Casper mattress consists of several layers of various types of materials. It’s mostly polyurethane and memory foam shaped for a particular purpose. Some models also contain natural latex. The layers build several comfort zones that provide a different kind of support for each body part. Such a solution provides more comfort than models with the same firmness across the whole sleeping surface.

Apart from all-foam models, Casper mattresses are also available in hybrid versions with an additional layer of pocket springs. Thanks to this, the mattress is firmer and makes it easier to get out of bed.

Casper mattresses are known for their innovative solutions. The manufacturer has developed a special cooling technology that prevents the body from overheating at night.

What is the best Casper mattress?

Casper offers many mattress models that are fit to different types of users. As with any other product of this type, picking a mattress is an individual matter. For this reason, it’s difficult to determine what is the best Casper mattress. For instance, users who tend to overheat at night will appreciate models with the cooling system, while those on a tight budget might want to pick the more basic models. Everything depends on individual factors, including the weight and height of the user. That’s why it’s recommended to visit a physical store before making a purchase and try several products. This way you can be sure that you pick the right one. You can also browse the Web for Casper mattress reviews to learn the opinion of the users who already own the product.

Casper mattress - advantages

Without any doubt, Casper mattresses are highly popular products. They are considered one of the most comfortable models on the market. Their biggest advantage is the wide array of solutions fit to different issues the users might encounter. Availability is another big plus - Casper has greatly popularized online mattress shopping. Thanks to this, you can purchase a Casper mattress without ever leaving your home. If you prefer to see and touch what you are buying, you can also go to a Casper mattress store in your area.

Casper mattresses are available at various price ranges, so one should be able to afford one of the models even when on a tighter budget. The brand offers a 10-years warranty on each product in case of any hidden flaws. In general, a Casper mattress should serve you for a long time without any issues.

What are the possible drawbacks of Casper mattresses?

While any Casper mattress is a perfect choice for average and lightweight sleepers, heavier users might find it too soft. Certain models might also turn out to be unsuitable for stomach sleepers, as they don’t provide enough support for hips. The issue is opposite for side sleepers - the surface might cause too much pressure on sensitive spots like hips, therefore it’s not the best mattress for people with hip pain.

Although the brand offers a wide price range, those with a budget below $500 might not be able to find a Casper mattress for themselves.

Where to buy a Casper mattress?

Casper brand has truly revolutionized the market for online mattress and bed shopping. For this reason, one can easily purchase a Casper mattress online, with home delivery. Compact packaging (about the size of a mini-fridge) is a real advantage.

If you prefer to test the product before purchasing, you can visit an authorized Casper mattress store nearby you. Select Casper mattress models are also available in big supermarket chains such as Costco or Walmart.

Who is a Casper mattress ideal for?

Unfortunately, not every Casper mattress is for everyone. Each model has unique features suitable for specific needs. Overall, Casper mattresses are considered a perfect option for light and average users who prefer to sleep on their back. Side sleepers should also find most models comfortable. The brand also offers mattresses designed for lower back pain relief, although they might be a little pricey, depending on the version.

Heavier users might find a foam Casper mattress too soft. While the manufacturer offers hybrid products with a coil-spring layer, heavy back and stomach sleepers should probably look for firmer mattresses types.

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