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3 Best Rowenta Hair Dryers for December 2022

3 Best Rowenta Hair Dryers for December 2022
3 Best Rowenta Hair Dryers for December 2022

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What are the distinct features of the Rowenta hair dryer?

Rowenta hair dryers are distinct thanks to the variety of models this brand provides - they can be matched with all needs and budgets. It’s worth noting that even a low-price Rowenta hair dryer is durable, powerful, and might offer ionization. The strongest models equipped with modern technologies are suitable for professional use.

What types of Rowenta hair dryers are available?

Just like devices from other brands, Rowenta hair dryers offer various lines matching the users’ needs. You can choose from the following lines:

  • Moveling,
  • Compact Pro,
  • Powerline+,
  • Silence AC Premium Care,
  • Instant Dry,
  • Pocket Dry,
  • Studio Dry,
  • Ultimate Experience,
  • Premium Care,
  • Handy Dry,
  • Powerline,
  • Scalp Care Ultimate Experience.

What are the possible settings offered by a Rowenta hair dryer?

Airflow regulation is the basic setting offered by Rowenta blow dryers. Most models have two levels of speed. Additionally, there is also a Turbo mode, allowing for a more powerful airflow for a while. Other settings concern temperature - in this case, you have three levels to choose from. Some models also offer cold air option - it comes in handy when you want to set the hairstyle.

Is the Rowenta hair dryer loud?

Rowenta hair dryers aren’t loud devices. Using them every day doesn’t cause discomfort nor disrupt family members in other rooms in the house. Nonetheless, the brand took care of those who value complete peace and quiet. That’s why it offers models with the Silence technology. A Rowenta hair dryer of this type is equipped with a special AC engine - efficient, but with a reduced noise level.

Is there a ionic Rowenta hair dryer?

Rowenta guarantees the ionization function even in cheap models. It means you can buy a $20 hair dryer and get excellent technical parameters, along with hair protection. Make sure to check the technical specification of a particular model, as some older models aren’t ionic - this way, you can avoid disappointment after the purchase.

Who is a Rowenta hair dryer best for?

The Rowenta hair dryer, depending on the model, can match various needs. Thanks to this, these devices are used by those who don’t really care about their hair that much, as well as the most demanding users. Rowenta hair dryers with the latest technologies are often used by professional hair salons, where experts care about their clients’ hair.

What parameters should I pay attention to when picking a Rowenta hair dryer?

When choosing a Rowenta hair dryer, you should first determine whether the device will be used at home or as professional equipment. This way, you limit the range of models to choose from, so it’s easier to make a decision. If you know what you expect - pay attention to technical parameters. In this case, consider the following:

  • device’s power - although available models have from 1000 to 23000 W, the weakest models are not worth the money - aim for devices offering more than 1500-1600 W,
  • temperature regulation - some value a higher temperature when drying hair, others hate it, so make sure it can be regulated across several levels,
  • airflow power - in case of thin hair, a gentle flow is the best option, while thick strands require more power,
  • ionization - this option is particularly useful when your hair has a tendency to get frizzy.

Another thing to remember is that Rowenta hair dryers are available in different sizes, which also affects their weight. If you are going to use the device sporadically, the weight isn’t that important. It’s significant when the Rowenta hair dryer is used in a hair salon, even for a few hours a day. The construction is important as well, in this case. A comfortable handle that won’t slip off your hand is an essential.

Here are other potentially important features:

  • special layers affecting the device’s durability,
  • cord’s length,
  • additional accessories (diffuser, concentrator, straightener, Spin Curl attachment for curling).

How much does a good Rowenta hair dryer cost?

The cheapest Rowenta hair dryers cost $20-$30. If you want a better quality or additional features, you can decide on a more expensive device. A high-quality Rowenta hair dryer might cost $50 and more.

Where to buy a Rowenta hair dryer?

All hair dryers from Rowenta can be found on the brand’s website, but you cannot buy them there. The site contains link to shops offering the devices - online and physical ones. You can use renown sales platforms as well. They might offer Rowenta hair dryers at a much lower price, compared to most physical stores.

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