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2 Best Dyson Hair Dryers for December 2022

2 Best Dyson Hair Dryers for December 2022
2 Best Dyson Hair Dryers for December 2022

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The Dyson hair dryer - a truly revolutionary device on the market

The Dyson hair dryer is an absolute ground-breaker on the market. Many women dream of a device from this brand - it’s of the highest-quality. It differs from other brands thanks to its special digital engine. Thanks to it, a Dyson hair dryer is powerful and allows drying one’s hair almost in an instant without damage.

The engine offered by the Dyson hairdryer is almost microscopic. As stressed by experts who designed it, the diameter is no larger than 27 mm. Despite this fact, it’s highly efficient. It generates 13 liters of air flow per one second.

Preparing the perfect Dyson hair dryer took years. As the company owners note, the plans, initial projects and prototypes took 4 years of preparation to achieve excellence. Over 100 people were involved in the creation process of this device.

Is the Dyson hair dryer a good investment?

Although the opinions on premium-class devices like the Dyson hairdryer are strongly divided, one can find more users who recommend getting the dryer. The negative opinions typically come from those who never had a chance to use the device and are intimidated by the high price. What’s worth keeping in mind, the Dyson hair dryer is unreplaceable. It offers enormous power, a wide scope of regulation and is an intelligent device. The impressions after using Dyson heir dryers are clear-cut. The women who have used them note that their hair is softer and better groomed than ever.

Who is the Dyson hair dryer designed for?

One can say Dyson hairdryers have been designed for the most demanding users - and it’s absolutely true. But note that the Dyson hair dryer is also perfect for those with very thin and delicate hair. Thanks to the well-adjusted temperature and quick drying process, the hair is lighter. One can observe a noticeable difference after a few weeks of using the device. Hair looks healthier, is not frizzy and doesn’t break. It’s important, especially if it’s regularly brightened.

What’s more, because of its unusual shape, the Dyson hair dryer is great not only for individual users, but also for professional hair salons. Customers will surely appreciate the care for their hair, along with the interesting style of the device.

What features does the Dyson hair dryer offer?

The hair dryer from Dyson has similar functions to those offered by other brands. 3 temperature levels are the basic one. Airflow strength is another one - there are 3 modes as well. What’s more, the cold air function used at the end of drying provides smoother hair, and is relaxing to skin.

Are Dyson hair dryers loud?

Although it’s difficult to find concrete data on the noise level generated by the Dyson hair dryer, it’s worth stressing that it’s not loud when compared to devices from other brands. When drying your hair, you can easily listen to your favourite music or watch a video on your phone without discomfort. The quiet operation is a huge advantage for the rest of the household. You won’t disrupt a movie marathon when drying your hair. You can be sure the family will appreciate it.

Does the Dyson hair dryer offer any accessories?

Dyson Supersonic™ is the most popular version among the clients. It’s available in a few variants that differ in color, and accessories - the set might contain 3, 4 or 5 attachments.

Dyson Supersonic™ Fuchsia and Dyson Supersonic Black/Nickel have the best equipment. Black/Purple and Red offer 4 nozzles. Dyson Supersonic™ Professional offer 3 basic additional accessories.

The sets described above contain the following nozzles:

  • for frizzy and untamed hair,
  • for delicate drying,
  • a diffuser,
  • a concentrator for styling,
  • a comb with wide teeth for untangling.

Dyson Supersonic™ 23,75-karat gold is an absolute sensation in the hairstyling world. This Dyson hair dryer has been manually covered with 23,75-karat gold, which makes the device unique. The set contains a special red box for storage. Unfortunately, it means the price is higher. The device costs $100 more than the other versions.

In addition to the classic hair dryer from Dyson, the brand offers another device. It’s Styler Dyson Airwrap Complete. It contains much more attachments for hair drying and styling. They are:

  • initial drying nozzle,
  • tubular nozzles for curls,
  • tubular nozzles for waves,
  • brush for thick hair,
  • brush for thin hair,
  • brush for adding volume.

How much does the Dyson hair dryer cost?

The basic Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer costs $399. The more expensive model covered with gold comes with a price tag of $499. Styler Dyson Airwrap Complete can be purchased at a similar price.

Where can I buy a Dyson hair dryer?

Dyson hair dryers can be purchased directly at the brand’s website, and that’s where most users shop for these devices. Certain electronic stores have them for sale as well. The Dyson hair dryer is also available at various online retailers.

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