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4 Best KitchenAid Blenders for December 2022

4 Best KitchenAid Blenders for December 2022
4 Best KitchenAid Blenders for December 2022

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KitchenAid is a well-known premium brand offering kitchen appliances. Its popularity is a result of the high durability and perfect technical parameters of the offered devices. Its applies to KitchenAid blenders as well. The brand manufactures both handheld and countertop devices.

What’s the difference between a KitchenAid blender and devices from other brands?

KitchenAid blenders are characteristic for their unique and very consistent design. It refers to retro style and is truly fascinating. But that’s not all! A KitchenAid blender, just like other devices from this brand, is available in unusual colors. For instance:

  • red candy,
  • honey (yellow),
  • pistachio,
  • ink blue,
  • pebbled palm (green),
  • Kyoto glow (canary).

These are just some of the available colors. But judging by the list, one can note that matching a KitchenAid blender with your own needs and interior design is not a problem. This makes the brand characteristic in comparison with other companies.

How much power does a good KitchenAid blender offer?

KitchenAid blenders differ between each other, depending on a particular model. A classic device of this type has a 550 W engine. It’s enough power to prepare delicious fruit and vegetable beverages - even if the ingredients are frozen. But the best blenders from this brand offer up to 1200 W. Typically, such devices have an option to regulate the speed of blending. The highest setting can blend fruits and vegetables into a perfectly smooth pulp.

Is a KitchenAid blender a durable device?

KitchenAid blenders are among the most expensive devices on the market, which results in a higher durability. The blenders are made of high quality materials - primarily of durable metal. Thanks to this, most KitchenAid blenders can be used e.g. for ice crushing. The appliance offers failure-free work for many years.

What are the functions offered by KitchenAid blenders?

Nearly every KitchenAid blender is more functional than standard devices from other brands. Particular models differ by the number of available options. It means that each of them has completely different programs - fit to the needs of users. A KitchenAid blender can offer the following programs:

  • Crush Ice, *Stir, *Puree,
  • Chop,
  • Pulse Mode,
  • Mix,
  • Liquefy.

The program options differ by speed of rotation and time of blending.

What are the functions offered by KitchenAid blenders?


Are there any potential flaws of a KitchenAid blender?

KitchenAid blenders are among the best devices of this type on the market, so it’s difficult to speak about any flaws. Nonetheless, some users note that the price of such devices is a serious disadvantage. Not everyone can afford an expensive KitchenAid blender.

Is the KitchenAid blender loud?

The noise level of a KitchenAid blender depends on its type, power, blending mode and type of prepared food. It’s not a mystery that hard ingredients generate more noise while blending. But on average, KitchenAid blenders are not very loud.

How much does a KitchenAid blender cost?

KitchenAid blenders are high-end devices - which is reflected both in quality and price. Handheld blenders are the cheapest - their prices start at $100, depending on the accessories. As for countertop blenders, one has to spend a minimum $170. The best KitchenAid blenders cost $200-$300 and more.

Where can you buy a KitchenAid blender?

A few years ago, when KitchenAid blenders were new on the market, their availability was limited. In time, they started appearing in many electronic stores. Online shops offer the widest selection of these devices - that’s where you should look for KitchenAid blenders.

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