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4 Top Rated Philips Air Purifiers for December 2022

4 Top Rated Philips Air Purifiers for December 2022
4 Top Rated Philips Air Purifiers for December 2022

Smog is one of the most serious problems of recent years. No wonder then, that air purifiers are becoming popular. Customers are particularly interested in Philips devices - one of the pioneers on the electronic market, which offers a lot of various appliances. Check what is a good quality air purifier and why such a device is worth investing.

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Is a Philips air purifier worth buying?

Philips is a well-known brand among homeowners who use its various devices. The manufacturer has a lot of experience with production of high-quality home appliances featuring a lot of convenient functions. Philips air purifiers are no different.

Depending on which Philips air purifier model you pick, it can feature an advanced system of filtration, modern appearance and the possibility of control using a smartphone. Make sure to pick a device that matches all your expectations.

Who should buy a Philips air purifier?

A Philips air purifier is an excellent choice for those who value high quality, a good price and an interesting design. Most of the models offered by the brand look very interesting, thanks to which they fit any interior - they can be used in a living room, bedroom and home office. The modern technologies offered by every modern Philips air purifier will satisfy even the most demanding user.

Philips air purifier - what features are offered by the best models?

A high-quality Philips air purifier should be very efficient. This is the most important parameter. A good quality appliance can clean about 250 m3 in an hour. What other features the best air purifier from Philips should contain?

Special dedicated operating modes are a big convenience. Typically, it’s an allergen mode which removes up to 99,9% of potentially allergenic particles. A night mode is another feature. An exceptionally low noise level is its huge advantage. Thanks to this, the device won’t disturb your sleep, even if it’s located in the bedroom.

Note that a high-quality Philips air purifier typically has a HEPA filter. The better the element, the more effective the device is in air purifying.

What is the best Philips air purifier for home?

As experts claim, an air purifier should be picked not for the whole house or apartment but for a particular room. Only then one can note its highest efficiency. But few homeowners decide on such a solution.

So, how to pick the right Philips air purifier for your home? Pay attention to the most important features like: efficiency, filtration method and noise level. If the air at your home is dry, consider purchasing a model combined with an air humidifier. Make sure it is the best air purifier fit to your individual needs.

Are Philips air purifiers good devices for an office?

Philips air purifiers are devices designed not only for home, but also for an office. However, a lot depends on the model.

For small offices, where 3-4 people work everyday, one good-quality air purifier is enough. For larger interiors, it is recommended to use several devices, to optimize the air quality.

Using an air Philips purifier in the office can be key during an autumn-winter season, when the workers are more prone to get ill. Regular removal of bacteria and viruses is a form of protection and prevention of seasonal infections. For this reason, make sure that a Philips air purifier for an office provides a sufficient filtration level.

How loud are Philips air purifiers?

Noise level is an individual parameter and every Philips air purifier is characterized by a different value.

The typical noise range is 20.5 - 63.8 dB. Keep in mind that the larger the Philips air purifier and more functions it offers, the louder it might get.

Those who aim for efficiency and low noise level should consider purchasing a Philips air purifier featuring a night mode.

How does a Philips air purifier compare to other brands?

As users’ reviews indicate, Philips air purifiers are one of the best devices on the market. The ratings confirmed by a purchase also show that the appliances are valued for their high efficiency and durability, as well as interesting design.

Philips - an air purifier for every budget

Philips air purifiers are appreciated by the users not just for the high filtration quality or modern functions. Many clients note that the brand offers the appliances in a wide price range, thanks to which one can choose according to their financial capability.

A good-quality Philips air purifier can be purchased for $400-$500. But there are also cheaper and more expensive models available on the market.

Where to buy a Philips air purifier?

Philips is a widely available and very popular brand, so its products can be bought in any electronic store. Occasionally, one can find a Philips air purifier in a supermarket.

Philips air purifiers can be purchased online as well. It’s a very convenient and often very beneficial solution. You can easily compare particular models and their functions in an online store. There are also various sales, when you can buy the best Philips air purifier at a price even 10% lower than in a physical store.

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