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3 Top Rated Best Air Purifiers for December 2022

The market offers many air purifier models. They use different filters and air filtration stages. Such devices are available in various sizes and colors. Some offer the function of ionization, while others also humidify the air. To find the best air purifier matching the individual needs, one has to consider different issues - including the already mentioned ones.

Take a look at the ranking of top best air purifiers - grouped by categories:

3 Top Rated Best Air Purifiers for December 2022

Below, you can find the top rated air purifiers. These are the best rated devices by the users. They have been classified by particular brands and additional functions. Thanks to this, you will find the best air purifier for you in no time.

The best air purifier and humidifier combo:

  • The best Samsung air purifier:
  • The best Sharp air purifier:
  • The best Philips air purifier:
  • The best Xiaomi air purifier:

The best air purifier - who is such a device for?

An air purifier is an electric device to use in any house and apartment. It’s highly appreciated by residents of large cities, where it helps in removing smog and harmful dust particles - such as PM 2.5 and PM 10. But these are not the only advantages of an air purifier. It perfectly removes dust, various allergens and even viruses and bacteria. That’s why air purifiers are purchased by those who have small children or pets. Allergy sufferers can also find relief by purchasing the best air purifier for allergies.

Why should you invest in the best air purifier?

As the name implies, an air purifier is a device that removes pollution from the air in a room. It’s typically used in interiors where one spends the most of their time. But it’s also a popular practice to put the device in the central part of the apartment.

Polluted air is harmful for human health. As the consciousness about this issue increases, more air purifiers appear in a number of homes. Thanks to the availability of various models with different levels of efficiency, parameters and prices, everyone can pick a suitable air purifier for their needs and budget.

The best air purifiers - how do they work?

The principle of operation of an air purifier is quite simple. The device lets the air through special filters and blows it back into the surroundings. Most of the available devices on the market work this way. There are also more complicated, modern air purifiers, thanks to which one can remove viruses and bacteria from the air. Additionally, they ionize the air or sanitize the filters using UV lamps. Although such an air purifier is not cheap, it is the best equipment offered on the market.

How to pick the best air purifier? Models available on the market

The devices offered by air purifier manufacturers can be classified into various groups of different purposes and functions.

Anti-smog air purifiers are the most popular models. They are the simplest and at the same time the cheapest devices. Air purifiers and humidifiers combos are the second most chosen category. They are particularly useful during the heating season, when the air at home is very unpleasant - especially for sensitive people.

An air purifier for allergies is a little bit more complicated device. Typically, it contains HEPA filters that can remove even the tiniest, microscopic particles. Thanks to this, one can get rid of up to 99,9% of air pollutants at home.

The last and the most advanced machine is an air purifier with an ionizer. It’s a specific type of device that can pull and splice harmful particles.

The best air purifier - what filters does the device use?

The effectiveness of an air cleaner greatly depends on the filter the device uses. Certain solutions impact the effectiveness of removing the air pollutants.

The initial filtration is the phase stage of air cleaning. At this stage, every air purifier uses so-called mechanical filters to catch larger particles. The initial filtration process can also remove hair and larger pollutants. The filters can be cleaned with water or a vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filters are more advanced elements. The best air purifiers that use them can remove even the smallest particles - characteristic for smog. But not every HEPA filter is the same. The better it is, the more expensive the air purifier gets - but also more effective. Currently, HEPA 13 are the best filters in this category.

Carbon models are yet another type of filter used in the best air purifiers. They remove unpleasant smells and harmful gases from the air.

What to pay attention to when looking for the best air purifier?

Are you wondering which air cleaner is the best? You should consider several crucial parameters, thanks to which you can find the best device, fit to your own needs and home interiors. Efficiency is the most important feature of the best air purifiers. This parameter indicates how much air can be filtered in an hour of operation. The value is expressed in m3/h. If you know the cubic area of the apartment or a particular room, you can easily find the best and most effective device. Specialists stress that a good-quality appliance should have the efficiency of 90 m3/h per a 10 m2 interior.

The type of filtration is another important parameter. Determine the kind of pollution the apartment or house is exposed to and pick the right filters - already mentioned above.

Many users also pay attention to the noise level of the device. The best air purifiers generate little noise and offer an additional night mode which doesn’t disrupt the user’s sleep. Devices with this function are particularly useful when used in a bedroom.

Sensors are a convenient feature used in modern home air purifiers. Typically, they are dust detectors. But every high-quality air purifier and humidifier combo also has a temperature and humidity sensor. Some brands install carbon dioxide detectors in their models as well.

The best air purifier with app control

Controlling the home devices has never before been so simple as nowadays. It’s possible thanks to synchronization of an air purifier with an app in a smartphone. Such technology is offered by the top brands. It’s used, for instance, by Xiaomi air purifiers and Philips air cleaners.

How much does the best air purifier cost?

Air purifiers are available in a really wide price range. In fact, the cost depends on their efficiency, filtration method and additional functions. Typically, the cheaper the air purifier is, the less features it offers to the user.

Experts stress that the best air purifier for a 500 ft2 (around 50 m2) apartment costs around $150, up to $500. Note that some suggest purchasing several smaller air cleaners for each room rather than a single device for the whole house or apartment. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such an investment - because of the budget and the available space.

Where to buy the best air purifier?

Air purifiers are becoming more and more popular devices with every year, so you can easily buy them in any store selling electronic devices. You can also buy online. The latter solution might be better, as you can compare the device with different models - by functionality and price. This way, you can buy the best air purifier at a good price - much lower than in a physical store.

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