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What is Magnetic Paint? Check Best Home Decor Painting Ideas

Are you tired of the classic looks of the interiors in your home? Are you planning to refresh your apartment? Magnetic paint is a real hit of the recent years! Thanks to it, you can easily change your boring kitchen, living room or children's room - and make it look completely different. Check the variants available on the market and enjoy amazing results.

What is Magnetic Paint? Check Best Home Decor Painting Ideas

How to use magnetic paint?

Magnetic paint is a fantastic product that has many practical applications. It might be used to paint plaster, mortar, wood and metal. It cannot, however, be used outside. Magnetic paint is meant to be used inside, therefore you might apply it on walls in any interior of your house. A worth noting fact is that magnetic paint is completely safe and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Magnetic paint owes its magnetic properties to iron filings - one of its ingredients. A wall covered with such a paint might be used as a magnetic board. Using magnets, you might attach pictures, photos and notes to you wall.

How to use magnetic paint?

Magnetic paint - available colors

Magnetic paint is available in various colors to choose from. Black, grey and graphite of different shades are the most popular ones. It doesn’t mean that you have to completely change the colors of your house. Magnetic paint is typically used to paint just one or two walls in a room - not the entire interior.

Magnetic paint - available colors

For some time now manufacturers offer magnetic paint in light grey color that is similar to off-white. If you’d rather have a magnetic wall in a bright color, this might be the right product for you.

How to cover walls with magnetic paint?

Painting with magnetic paint is quite different than using usual product. Improperly applied or accidentally spilled magnetic paint might leave marks that are difficult to remove. For this reason make sure to secure the room before you start painting.

Before applying the paint, you should prepare and clean the painted surface. It must be dry and smooth. If you want to apply magnetic paint to a surface that is slick or shiny, you should sand it. Wooden surfaces require using a primer before applying the paint.

To achieve successful and aesthetic results, start painting from mixing the paint, using a wooden stick. This way you can be sure that the iron filings will be applied to the surface with a brush and that they won’t stay at the bottom of the can.

Cover the wall thoroughly with a layer of magnetic paint. Adding more layers results in better magnetic properties - apply at least 3 of them. Remember to keep equal time gaps between adding each layer.

How to cover walls with magnetic paint?

Jak poprawnie malować farbą magnetyczną?

You are free to choose any painting technique. DIY magnetic boards can take any shape, regardless of the surface. It all depends on your own preferences. By using just one type of magnetic paint, you might create a traditional, rectangular board or pick other shapes such as a house, a teddy bear or a princess castle - those forms are perfect for a children’s room.

If you aim at a particular, more complicated shape, it is a good idea to use a stencil. This way, painting is easier and the walls are protected against accidental splashing.

If the wall is going to be touched frequently and the magnets are going to be often moved around, consider coating it with a layer of varnish. You might choose either shiny or matt coating. It is an effective way to protect the wall against scratches and dirt - perfect for the kitchen or children’s room.

Magnetic chalkboard paint - ideal for children’s room

Magnetic chalkboard paint is a product of a wider use. As the name indicates - “chalkboard paint” can be used as a chalkboard - apart from magnetic properties one might also write on it with chalk. That’s exactly how it works.

What is more, magnetic chalkboard paint allows you to write or draw with chalk, and wipe the surface afterwards. A wall covered with chalkboard paint may be wiped with a piece of cloth, dry or dampened with water.

Careful! Do not use detergents to wipe surface covered with magnetic chalkboard paint. It might damage the paint and, in some cases, the wall.

Magnetic chakboard paint is a popular solution for a children’s or a teenager’s room. It is not a secret that children love drawing on walls. Usually, it ends up with walls renovation or redecoration. In this case it is not necessary! Magnetic chalkboard paint allows your toddler to be creative in a specially designated place. A wall painted with a chalkboard paint is a fantastic idea for a children’s room. It can make studying much more pleasant. Small artist will appreciate the opportunity to express themselves anywhere, even on walls.

Magnetic chalkboard paint - ideal for children's room

Perfect for children's room - magnetic paint

Where else can you use chalkboard paint?

Chalkboard paint is a product of practically endless ways to use it. Due to the fact that chalkboard paint can cover any surface that is inside of a building, you might use it anywhere, for any purpose.

Using chalkboard paint in the kitchen is quite a popular solution. A part of (or whole) wall covered with chalkboard paint is a great spot to make shopping lists or noting recipes for favourite dishes.

Chalkboard paint could also be used in a living room or in the hall. You might use it to collect visitors’ signatures or simply to make a to-do list.

A wall covered with chalkboard paint in a bedroom or an office can be used for private notes.

Apart from walls, you might use chalkboard paint also to cover objects. You might use it to paint wooden boxes or doors to cabinets to easily label them.

Where else can you use chalkboard paint?

How to use magnetic paint? Bedroom

Magnetic chalkboard paint - colors

Magnetic chalkboard paint is used for attaching notes and drawings to it, as well as for writing and drawing on it. For this reason it is sold in two colors - black and grey.

Initially, the only option was black magnetic chalkboard paint. Grey chalkboard paint appeared later.

An interesting fact is that magnetic chalkboard paint, covered with other type of paint keeps its magnetic properties. If you do it, it cannot be used for writing with chalk anymore. For this reason you shouldn’t coat chalkboard paint with anything.

Magnetic chalkboard paint - colors

📍 How to use magnetic paint?

Painting with magnetic paint is quite different from using ordinary paint. Make sure to mix it thoroughly before starting, as it contains iron filings. Then use it similar as normal paint.

📍 How to make magnetic paint wall?

Choose the color of your magnetic paint and prepare the room. Mix the product well and cover the wall. If you want a colorful magnetic wall, you might cover magnetic paint with a layer of ordinary paint - the wall will keep its magnetic properties.

📍 How strong is magnetic paint?

Most of magnetic paint products have medium magnetic strength. The strength depends on the content percentage of magnetic ingredients (iron filings).