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Turquoise Color In The Living Room - 6 Ideas On How To Use It

Turquoise color is a common choice among people who like strong colors. Are you just finishing your house and wondering how to decorate your living room? Turquoise blue in accessories might be a great idea. It is not the only option you can use, however. We suggest how to use turquoise in the living room interior design - take a look and get inspired. Create a turquoise living room!

Turquoise Color In The Living Room - 6 Ideas On How To Use It

What color is turquoise?

Turquoise is a unique color falling between the shades of blue and green. It is often called sea blue. Turquoise in color code HEX is defined as #30D5C8, while in RAL 6027 as light turquoise. Its name is not a coincidence - it comes from the gemstone, also called turquoise (gr. callais).

It is a very intriguing color, which catches the eye - although a lot depends on the shade of turquoise. Psychologists agree that turquoise color is beneficial for better focus and calmness. Hence, turquoise is perfect for home interiors.

What color is turquoise?

Why is turquoise blue good for home interiors?

Turquoise can be characterized as a very elegant color. Thanks to this, it can be used in designs referring to various styles. It is a fantastic addition to Scandinavian interiors, but also works perfectly in English and French country styles. The only matter to remember is to use it skillfully - it mostly regards the intensity of the color.

There are four turquoise variants in RAL system:

  • turquoise green (6016),
  • light turquoise (6027),
  • mint turquoise (6033),
  • pastel turquoise (6034).

Keep in mind that each manufacturer (of paint, furniture or accessories) might adjust the colors to their own needs. For this reason there are much more turquoise shades than those mentioned.

Why is turquoise good for home interiors?

Is turquoise green good for every interior?

Turquoise color can be used basically in any house - provided that the people who live there like it. In fact, there are no limitations regarding the size of the interior where one wants to use it.

Because of the number of possible uses, turquoise can be adjusted to the home interiors and your own needs. Some home owners use it on walls, while others choose turquoise furniture.

What colors go with turquoise?

Although turquoise is a very unusual color, matching it with other shades is not a problem. But one has to do it carefully, so that it is not overdone. If the latter happens, the result will be a stylish chaos instead of a stylish interior, and it does not bode well for rest and relaxation.

Turquoise color looks perfect with neutral shades. It is typically combined with:

  • white,
  • beige,
  • cream,
  • pastel pink,
  • light grey.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with matching turquoise with bolder colors such as gold, [fuchsia **]( even **yellow. It is not easy, however, so if you want to do it, ask an interior design specialist for help.

What colors go with turquoise?

Turquoise on walls - create an interesting-looking interior

Turquoise colour looks very fresh on walls, and it can completely change the interior. For this reason, it is often used for white living room designs, e.g. on one of the walls, to create an interesting effect. This way you can make a small interior look slightly bigger.

Manufacturers offer various types of paint in different shades. You can find at least a dozen of turquoise blue paints which slightly differ between each other. It’s crucial to find a shade that is not too light and not too dark.

Turquoise color on the wall is a perfect base for decorations. Large, bright pictures and photographs in white frames look beautiful on it. It can also be a good background for a white sofa. What’s more, it is perfect for a TV wall.

Turquoise has another important feature. It disperses the light very well. It’s perfect for living rooms with an entrance to the patio or garden and large windows or balcony doors that let the light in.

Turquoise on walls - create an interesting-looking interior

Turquoise wall

Turquoise - a perfect color for eye-catching furniture

Well-matched furniture can create a unique atmosphere in the interior. That’s what turquoise color can do. Do you think that finding furniture in this color is difficult? Quite the contrary. Are you dreaming of a turquoise corner settee or a light turquoise armchair? Many companies offer various models - both in physical stores and online. You haven’t found what you wanted? No problem. You can order a light turquoise armchair directly from the manufacturer. The cost of the service is typically the same as buying a ready model.

The colors shown by the manufacturer on the website might be different than in reality. For this reason, before you make any decision on what turquoise settee or armchair you choose, first order fabric samples. This way you can verify how the offered turquoise really looks like.

A turquoise sofa or armchair is not the only option regarding living room furniture. You can also order a wall unit in this color. While they are becoming quite rare, you can make a custom order and adjust it to your own needs.

Turquoise - a perfect color for eye-catching furniture

Turquoise furniture

Turquoise table

Turquoise color in trendy accessories

Turquoise blue does not have to be the base color of an interior. Characteristic shades like this look best in home interior accessories - both larger and smaller ones.

It means that you can choose, for instance, a turquoise carpet. Both plain variant and a turquoise carpet with a pattern - geometrical or floral will look very good. A gradient turquoise carpet on which the colors go from the brightest to the darkest is also an interesting option.

What to use apart from a carpet? Think about:

  • a turquoise blanket,
  • a turquoise vase,
  • candles,
  • house plants pots,
  • wall ornaments,
  • posters,
  • snack or fruit bowls,
  • clocks.

Turquoise color in trendy accessories

Turquoise pots

Turquoise accessories

Turquoise bowl

Turquoise color in a living room window design

Are you thinking of a bright interior in which you are going to use an interesting turquoise accent? We have a perfect solution for you. Just choose an interesting window design. It will look particularly well if there is a balcony or a glass panel in the living room. This way you will create a holiday atmosphere at your own home.

Start your window arrangement from choosing lace curtains. White, half-transparent veil looks perfectly when lined with turquoise color. Plain turquoise curtains will perfectly complement the design.

If you decide on a turquoise interior design, make sure that all accessories complement each other - mostly regarding the intensity of the shade. If you want turquoise curtains and furniture, make sure that they match. It is better to choose an armchair or a sofa first, and then the window decor.

Turquoise curtains

Turquoise color in interior design

Color focus: turquoise and natural wood

Are you designing a Scandinavian living room and you’re looking for unusual solutions that cannot be found in every other house? Turquoise color will help you. Just match it with natural wood equipment.

You can, for instance, choose a wooden wall unit with light turquoise fronts. Varnished turquoise furniture will give you an equally good result. It can be matched with a chest of drawers made of natural wood - add turquoise handles (in an identical shade as the rest of the furniture).

Turquoise and wood combination looks particularly interesting in coffee tables and chairs that might appear in a living and dining room combo. The table top and chair seat might be turquoise, and the other elements - wooden.

Color focus: turquoise and natural wood

Turquoise and wood

Turquoise and yellow - is it a good combination?

A turquoise living room can look really interesting if you add another lively color to it. You can choose yellow - for instance lluminating Yellow (Pantone 13-0647), which is one of the leading colors or 2021. This combination should not be very problematic. All you need is choosing the right shade of turquoise blue color.

The fact that the suggested shade of yellow fits to every shade of turquoise is a big plus. Regardless what you choose, your living room will be unique anyway.

Turquoise and yellow - is it a good combination?

Turquoise carpet

Turquoise and yellow

📍 How to get turquoise color?

Turquoise blue is not difficult to get - just mix some blue and green. The proportions depend on how strong color you want. The brighter the color is supposed to be, the less of green you add.

📍 What is turquoise color?

Turquoise color is often referred to as sea-blue, which results from its resemblance to the water in the sea or the ocean. Turquoise blue shades can differ in their intensity.

📍 Turquoise room - how to decorate it?

If you are designing a turquoise room in which the color is a base color, you can choose accessories in different shades. White, beige, pastel and grey colors are perfect in this case. If you want a strong accent, you can also choose yellow, but be careful when matching accessories.