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TreeHouse Is First Retailer To Sell Tesla Home Battery

AUSTIN — Texas startup TreeHouse will play a pivotal role in getting Tesla’s just-unveiled home battery to market. The maker of the premium electric car has chosen TreeHouse as the first retailer authorized to sell its groundbreaking home energy storage battery, the Powerwall.

TreeHouse Is First Retailer To Sell Tesla Home Battery

“This is really going to transform the way homes are powered,” said TreeHouse co-founder and CEO Jason Ballard, speaking at Tesla’s energy storage event in Hawthorne, Calif. “I think in the near future, having a battery in your home will be as normal as having a water heater or a dishwasher.”

Derived from the battery technology in Tesla’s electric vehicles, the new Tesla energy storage systems will bridge the gap between when renewable energy is generated and and when it is needed. For instance, the battery can stockpile power produced by a homeowner’s solar panels or wind power produced during off-peak hours.

This innovation opens the door for people to produce and store their own electricity. It can provide them with backup power and potentially help them leave the power grid completely. Even without a solar or wind solution, the battery can store energy bought at off-peak hours, which is typically cheaper, for use during peak periods. Tesla says a home battery will cost around $3,500 and be available by late summer.

“A home battery could make energy bills an archaic relic of a past system,” Ballard said. “You can now own your own production and storage of the energy you need. This takes us one step closer to completely powering homes without fossil fuels.”

Today’s announcement solidifies TreeHouse’s reputation for identifying emerging technologies and helping them come to the home design market. In addition to being the first to sell the Tesla home battery, TreeHouse is the first home improvement store to sell products from Big Ass Fans, Barn Light Electric, and Bolefloor. It is also one of the top-selling locations in the country for Nest smart home products.