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Rosewood Color - Pick an Unusual Wood Color for Your Apartment

Rosewood is one of the most popular tropical trees species. It often appears in home interior designs. It looks really interesting but it's also not the easiest to use. Do you want rosewood colored furniture in your house or apartment? Check what you should know about it before using it. Thanks to a few simple tips, you can design an inspiring interior.

Rosewood Color - Pick an Unusual Wood Color for Your Apartment

What exactly is rosewood?

Rosewood is exotic type of wood sourced from the trees belonging to Dalbergia family. They grow mostly in Asia and Africa, but also appear in Southern America. Depending on the country and the region of origin, there are several rosewood types. Indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) and brasilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra) are the most popular ones. Both of the types are impressive, although they differ in color.

Brasilian rosewood grows mostly in regions of Argentina. Its wood is dark in shade - it’s a saturated brown, sometimes even slightly red. Indian rosewood looks completely different. It has a characteristic golden brown colors with noticeable darker lines.

What exactly is rosewood?

What are the advantages of rosewood?

Rosewood, just like many other types of exotic wood is highly durable. This quality concerns both resistance to factors such as sunlight and water exposure, as well as immunity to pests like termites. If you decide to use rosewood, you can expect durability for years. This is the reason why this type oof wood is so popular. Many people appreciate it for so-called technical parameters. Unfortunately, they also decide on the high price of rosewood.

The price of rosewood depends not only on the unusual beautiful color or resistance to damage and pests. Because the wood is also very hard, its processing is much more demanding in comparison with other species. Keep that in mind if you decide to use it for interior design.

The specific smell of the wood is another advantage of rosewood. It resembles the scent of a rose, hence the name.

What are the advantages of rosewood?

Is rosewood suitable for home interiors?

Rosewood is perfect for interior design, and it’s looks beautiful regardless of how it’s used. Although many people associate it only with furniture, It offers significantly more possibilities. Because of high resistance to humidity and abrasion, it can be used as:

  • walls finishing material,
  • kitchen countertops,
  • indoors flooring,
  • balcony flooring.

Rosewood can also be used for more artistic projects. It’s often used for sculptures, which makes them durable.

Is rosewood suitable for home interiors?

Rosewood on the floor - an interior design hit

Rosewood is often used as an indoor flooring material. It has many advantages. Find the most important ones below:

  • good thermal and acoustic isolation,
  • air humidity regulation,
  • abrasion resistance,
  • the unusual color.

Notice that rosewood doesn’t cause allergic reactions, so it’s a perfect choice for sensitive people.

Many wonder whether rosewood is a good choice for underfloor heating, which is a standard in modern buildings. It’s one of the best choices. Why? Expansion and contraction of wood is one of the most important parameters, along with the time required for reaching hygroscopic balance. In both cases, rosewood works perfectly well, so it will last as flooring for a long time.

If pick rosewood flooring with underfloor heating, remember about one important limitation - which concerns every wood species. The planks should be no thicker than 8 cm. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry about heat loss and higher power bills.

Rosewood on the floor - an interior design hit

Rosewood flooring - planks

Rosewood furniture

Rosewood furniture means one thing - durability for years. If you invest in such equipment, you can be sure that nothing will threaten it - time or pests that might appear in your house.

Although rosewood furniture is typically associated with old display cases and dressers, the market offers a much wider choice. One can often find stylish pieces that perfectly match modern designs. Characteristic old-time furrniture is also not hard to find. Thanks to this, you have many possibilities as for the style you like the most.

Are you wondering in what interiors you can use rosewood furniture? This case is very universal as well. You can use it in:

  • the living room,
  • the bedroom,
  • the home office,
  • the kitchen,
  • the bathroom.

Furthermore, rosewood color and durability work perfectly when used as garden furniture. Contrary to the local wood types, you don’t have to worry that rosewood will crack or bend after contact with water.

Rosewood furniture

Modern dark furniture - rosewood

Old style rosewood furniture

What is the best style for rosewood?

Depending on how you use rosewood, it can be combined with various interiors and styles. For instance, classic rosewood furniture is perfect for traditional, colonial or even Art Deco styles.

Rosewood flooring or wall finish is a much more practical solution. You can use it in such a way for Boho style. It’s also perfect in a Scandinavian kitchen or interiors designed in industrial style.

Just using rosewood is not enough to create a style of the interior. Other elements, as well as decorations are equally important. Sometimes just a few items can completely change the looks of the interior. Make sure to think everything through when you design an interior yourself.

What is the best style for rosewood?

Boho dresser - rosewood

Rosewood art - home office

Rosewood in the living room - style and elegance

Rosewood seems to be made for using it in the living room. Interestingly enough, it fits both small and large interiors. It’s important to match all the elements that work in booth cases. There are also certain universal solutions you can use not only in every interior, but also combine them with any style.

Flooring is the most basic use of rosewood in the living room. It’s a very practical solution. Dark floors look great in large and small interiors. Just make sure to combine them with bright colors in the latter case. You can use colors like:

As for darker interiors, rosewood can be combined with colors like graphite and charcoal grey. They work perfectly in loft interiors.

Rosewood in the living room - style and elegance

Rosewood - accessories and decor

The kitchen in an unusual color - is rosewood a good choice?

Many homeowners are still not convinced about using wood in interiors like kitchens and bathrooms. Keep in mind that rosewood and other exotic types of wood are perfect for this purpose. They are resistance to humidity and water, so even in case of splashing or steaming - there is no issue.

A kitchen that uses rosewood might be very elegant. Even more so, if this material is used in a characteristic piece of furniture like a table or a countertop. It looks particularly good with white and such combination is the most popular.

If you want to design your kitchen in a classic style, you can pick rosewood furniture set. You can combine them with e.g. with brick-imitation tiles which are easy to keep clean. Ornamental stone is also a good solution. Keep in mind that the latter material requires protection with the right product. Contrary to rosewood - it’s not water-resistant.

The kitchen in an unusual color - is rosewood a good choice?

Rosewood kitchen furniture\~40982471

White kitchen and rosewood color\~95788566

Unusual rosewood kitchen with an island

📍 What color is rosewood?

Rosewood makes a whole palette of colors characteristic for the exotic wood. This name might refer to brown with a reddish tint, as well as to golden brown. As you pick the right shade, pay attention to what color the real rosewood has.

📍 Rosewood - what is it in RAL?

Rosewood is an exotic wood color which depends on the country of origin. It might be a strong chocolate color mixed with red or a golden brown shade with darker lines. There is no rosewood RAL equivalent. In HEX, rosewood has the number #532f28. RAL 8011 - Nut Brown or RAL 8012 - Red Brown are the closest to rosewood.