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Purple Color - Create an Inspiring Interior with Color Purple

Purple color has been more and more popular in interior design. It looks particularly well in elegant modern or glamour style interiors. It doesn't mean, however, that it cannot be used in other styles. Although it has to be carefully thought-out - how it is going to be used and what shade to choose. Not every purple looks the same. What's more, purple might be mistaken with violet. Check how to use it in home interiors and what colors go with it. Get inspired and create an aesthetic space, encouraging rest and relaxation.

Purple Color - Create an Inspiring Interior with Color Purple

Purple - what color is it?

Purple color is considered a unique and noble shade. It works everywhere where elegance and chic are needed. For this reason, purple is often used in modern interiors - especially those furnished in glamour style.

How to make the color purple? Purple is a result of combining two colors - blue and red. The proportions of the mixture determine the shade one get get. With more blue, cool shades are created. If red is dominating, you get a warmer tone, like purplish red.

Purple - what color is it?

Purplish red - unusual purple color

Although purple is often mistaken for other shades such as purplish red, those colors are considered very different. They mostly differ with saturation, although they remain in the same area on the color palette.

Purplish red - unusual purple color

What does the color purple mean?

In accordance with psychology, purple color has soothing and calming effects. In some cases, it is linked with mysticism and human intuition. Some even claim that purple can be used in therapies for treating migraines, neurosis, depression and addictions.

No wonder that an increasing number of homeowners decide to use purple color in home interior design. Thanks to this, you can get a space not only aesthetic, but also positively affecting your health and well-being.

Purple color can be used not only at home, but also office space. Purple stimulates creativity and results in a highly effective work results.

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Is purple color good as a primary shade in the interior?

Purple can be easily used as the main color in the interior, but one has to remember about one rule. Do not overdo this color, as it might overwhelm the whole interior.

Nonetheless, you can freely use purple accessories and decorations in a modern living room. You can pick:

  • curtains,
  • cushions,
  • blankets.

Purple color looks great on furniture as well. Strong purple armchairs and a sofa against a bright background - white, grey or beige - they are very impressive and add some style and elegance to the interior. It’s particularly important in the mentioned living room and other home interiors.

Is purple color good as a primary shade in the interior?

Purple living room

Grey-purple living room

Which home interiors look good in purple color?

In fact, purple color can be used in any home interior - provided that the right shade and proportions are used.

  • Bright, delicate violet is perfect for the bathroom and bedroom. But the shade is so universal that you can easily use it in other interiors: the living room, the kitchen, the office and the children’s room.
  • Plum purple color or purplish red look really well in the living room or the kitchen. The latter solution is quite unusual, but when combined with white or gold, it look really impressive.
  • Dark purple is typically used in living rooms - but there’s nothing against using it in other interiors. Just make sure to combine it with bright colors and provide a good source of lighting - this way, the room doesn’t seem smaller.

Which home interiors look good in purple color?

Purple mood board

Purple bedroom

Light purple bedroom

Purple kitchen

Violet children's room

What goes with purple color?

Purple color likes very cautious combinations. Depending on a particular shade, purple can be combined with pastel colors. It’s common to match it with white, beige and various (not too dark) greys.

If you’re aiming at very elegant and refined interiors, the trio: plum purple, cream and gold is a good solution. Alternatively, you can combine violet color with white and silver, which results in a stylish, but a little bit more “cold” interior.

Are you open to bold designs? Do you like when something is happening in the interior? Combine purple with turquoise, intense fuchsia or emerald green. Although such a solution is recommended for rooms with plenty of space.

What goes with purple color?

Purple front room

📍 How to make the color purple on the walls?

Purple color on walls is easily achieved simply by picking a purple paint. None of the available shades satisfy your taste? You can also mix red and dark blue in right proportions to get a desirable shade. You can also pick a purple wallpaper.