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Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets - 3 Stunning Blue Kitchen Inspirations

Are you wondering what a navy blue kitchen would look like in your house or apartment? Although many homeowners are skeptical about such a design, it is still worth considering. Navy blue kitchen cabinets not only look very elegant, but also they have a soothing effect, which is beneficial when eating meals. Are you not sure how to design the interior? Use the suggestions we've prepared for you. Thanks to them, your kitchen will gain a unique character.

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets - 3 Stunning Blue Kitchen Inspirations

Isn’t a navy blue kitchen too dark?

A blue kitchen is a dream of many homeowners. Unfortunately, some of them give up the idea, claiming that the color is too dark for an interior where one prepares and eats meals. Is it true? Of course, it might be the case. But if the project is well designed - a navy blue kitchen will not be too dark.

Are you not sure whether your idea for the kitchen interior design is good? Consult an expert. An interior design will tell you:

  • what colors go with navy blue,
  • what materials to choose,
  • what the kitchen cabinets should look like,
  • how to space particular elements.

Thanks to this, your navy blue kitchen will not only look beautiful, but also become a highly functional interior, in which time spent is just a pleasure.

Isn't a navy blue kitchen too dark?

Blue kitchen cabinets

Because of the mentioned argument that navy blue is a dark color, some people claim that it fits large interiors only. But that claim doesn’t match the reality.

A navy blue kitchen decor is a solution both for the owners of houses and apartments. Just like with any other interior design case, a good idea is the baseline.

A dark blue kitchen is often chosen by homeowners whose interior is combined with the living room. Thanks to this, you can create a really interesting design without overwhelming the interior.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets - do they match any interior?

A bright navy blue kitchen design

White is a common choice for a navy blue kitchen. A combination of those two colors looks exceptionally elegant, and at the same time is quite universal. It can be matched both with glamour and English style. If the project is well-thought-out, this color scheme will work even with Scandinavian style.

If you want to design a blue and white kitchen, you have various solutions to choose from. One of them involves using white as the base color and matching it with dark blue. In this case you can choose white walls and floors and combine them with navy blue kitchen cabinets.

A combination of white and blue kitchen cabinets in one room might look equally good. How to do this so that it’s classy? As a rule of thumb, make sure the lower cabinets are blue and the countertops and the upper cabinets - white.

A kitchen interior might combine fully white and fully blue kitchen cabinets. It typically concerns varnished, glossy furniture. Putting such pieces together is exceptionally difficult and it might not be possible in some interiors. If you want to achieve such an effect - make sure to ask a professional for help, who will be able to assess the situation.

If you are using white and navy blue, you can also choose accessories in a strong shade. White color is the base in this case - combine it with dark blue lamps or chairs upholstered in the same shade. If there is a window in your kitchen, you can also use navy blue drapes for a good finish.

Navy blue and white kitchen

Navy blue and white kitchen

Navy blue kitchen with white countertops

Blue decor kitchen

Do you like bold solutions? Your project can be based on blue kitchen walls, that will be a base for the whole design. You can use navy blue on one or several walls. It mostly depends on how much space do you have.

If the interior is small, only one blue kitchen wall will suffice. The wall might be a basis for kitchen cabinets. Do you think it is too little? If the interior is combined with the living room, you can choose a navy blue kitchen island.

Do you have a lot of space to fill up? You don’t have to limit yourself in this case. You can use blue for each of the kitchen walls. White or wooden kitchen cabinets look perfect against such a background. You can also choose golden lamps or ecological decorations - made of wicker or bamboo. Such accessories determine the style of the interior - it might be either more elegant or more rural.

Navy blue kitchen - a strong colour accent on the wall

Strong navy blue kitchen

Although dark blue seems obvious, there are several shades of this color. For this reason it is good to know the exact color that will make the interior truly atmospheric and cozy.

There are many colors one might call dark blue. The following are the most popular:

  • Classic Blue,
  • Galaxy Blue,
  • Blue Pansy,
  • Blue Depths,
  • Reflex Blue and Reflex Blue 2X.

Apart from those, there are at least a couple of dozens of other colors you can use in your blue kitchen. Interior design experts recommend choosing calm shades that are not overly intense. This way you can achieve a harmony in the room.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets? Choose warm colors!

Navy blue kitchen cabinets look perfect when combined with wood - especially neutral, bright one. Hence, blue kitchen cabinets are often finished with wooden countertops, or the fronts are part blue, part wooden.

A navy blue kitchen looks very good with wooden or wood-like flooring. Furthermore, you can get an interesting result by combining wood with marble tiles. It means that you can choose white walls, dark blue furniture and the flooring made of two materials. Cover the kitchen’s workspace area with bright, white marble-themed tiles. For the rest use wood.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets and wood - a perfect combination!

Navy blue kitchen cabinets with wood

📍 Where to buy blue kitchen cabinets?

A blue kitchen design is not as unique as several years ago. Thanks to this, you will easily find furniture in this color produced at least by several manufacturers. If you don't like any of the offers - you can order a custom project. Keep in mind that customized furniture is more expensive and it takes longer to manufacture it - it might take up to two months.