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Kitchen Without Windows - 4 Practical Windowless Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen without windows is a typical interior in small apartments located in apartment complexes. Lack of any windows and no access to natural light is a problem for some people. But it doesn't mean such an interior cannot look beautiful. Are you wondering how to design a windowless kitchen? Check out a few ideas and get inspired.

Kitchen Without Windows - 4 Practical Windowless Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen without windows - what to consider when designing it?

A windowless kitchen is characteristic especially for old buildings. Such interiors used to appear in most tenements. Although this solution is avoided nowadays, some modern buildings happen to contain a windowless kitchen.

Some time ago, when the market didn’t offer such a variety of products as today - designing a kitchen without windows was quite a challenge. An interior like that could have been not practical enough to make cooking a pleasant experience. Fortunately, today things are quite different.

When designing a kitchen without a window, make sure to remember about a few important rules. If you follow them, you will be able to create an interesting and, most importantly, functional interior.

  • Pay attention to the colors you use. They don’t have to be light shades - but make sure they don’t overwhelm the interior.
  • Lamps… a lot of lamps, and backlit furniture - it’s important if you want to be able to prepare food comfortably.
  • Less is more - pick only practical equipment, don’t clutter the kitchen with unnecessary devices you’re going to use once every few weeks or even less frequently.
  • Pick glossy finishing materials - thanks to them, the interior seems larger.
  • Consider custom-made kitchen cabinets - it’s a more expensive solution, but this way you can easily fit the furniture into a particular space, which might have unusual dimensions.

A kitchen without windows - what to consider when designing it?

A bright kitchen without windows

A windowless kitchen looks best in bright colors. Are you wondering why? Because they don’t overwhelm the interior. Thanks to this, the kitchen seems more spacious - even if it’s a small kitchen without a window and access to natural light.

Does it mean that a windowless kitchen has to be white? Not necessarily, especially because white furniture is becoming outdated. You can pick fronts in another delicate shade - perhaps cream or beige.

You can combine light colors e.g. with a wooden table. It’s a perfect option for those who like classic interiors. Do you want your windowless kitchen to be more elegant? Instead of wood, pick a marble countertop and add golden handles on the cabinets. This way, you can design a glamour interior.

You can add a smooth surface over the countertop, and paint it using a special kitchen paint - a dirt-resistant and washable product. Still, tiles on the wall are a better option. You can pick an interesting pattern or carving. It adds character to the interior.

Remember about proper lighting. In addition to the main light, add a few smaller lamps. Lamps with transparent glass shades are a compelling option. They give a lot of light, look unusual and make a beautiful decoration in a kitchen without windows.

A bright kitchen without windows

A bright kitchen without a window

A colorful windowless kitchen

Are you not a fan of neutral colors? Do you want to make your kitchen without windows look good without overwhelming it, and at the same time - you want some color in it? It’s not as difficult to achieve as you might think.

Adding some color in accessories is the basic solution, in this case. Delicate accents often decide about the looks of the interior. For instance, you can pick items such as:

  • an interesting lamp in an original color,
  • colorful towels,
  • colored dinnerware and pots.

Do you want more? Colorful kitchen cabinets are an interesting option. The fronts can be e.g. dusty pink, mint or blue. While it might be a bit of a crazy idea, you can be sure nobody else will have a similar interior.

Regardless of the color of your choice - remember that good lighting is essential in this case as well. This way, you can brighten the kitchen without windows and make it look more spacious.

A colorful windowless kitchen

A blue kitchen without windows

A dark kitchen without windows

Many people, including some interior design experts, claim that a windowless kitchen shouldn’t be designed in dark colors like e.g. charcoal grey. Is it true? Not really. As a matter of fact, dark shades make a kitchen interior look smaller. But by following a few simple rules and interesting tricks, one can omit this echoed myth that small interiors cannot be dark.

  • Pick full gloss flooring and glossy kitchen cabinet fronts. They will reflect the light and illuminate the interior, making it seem bigger.
  • Lay mirror-like tiles on one of the walls or the space over the countertop.
  • Remember about lighting - choose not only hanging lamps, but also backlit furniture.

A dark kitchen without windows\~76520414

A windowless kitchen - a dark design

A modern windowless kitchen

A kitchen without windows in the modern version uses mostly minimalism. You can achieve this effect by using a kitchen unit and hiding all possible kitchen appliances behind it. Thanks to this, you can remove e.g. a microwave oven from the countertop, as it only takes too much space. In addition to classic devices - an oven, a refrigerator and the mentioned built-in microwave - you can also pick a coffee machine in this version.

Minimalism in a modern kitchen is also reflected by colors. Shades of white and grey dominate the color palette. If you need to enliven the interior, add black cabinet handles or put a plant in the room.

A modern design of a windowless kitchen is a typical choice of people who value convenient and harmonious interiors. They don’t spend a lot of time in there, though.

A modern windowless kitchen

A minimalist windowless kitchen

📍 Does a kitchen need a window?

Kitchens without windows are typical interiors in old buildings, although modern ones also contain them sometimes. While a kitchen doesn't need a window, a good design and a lot of lighting are crucial for its functionality.

📍 Is it difficult to design a kitchen without windows?

Contrary to popular belief, a windowless kitchen is not difficult to design - one just has to stick to certain rules. Good artificial lighting is essential in such projects. Light colors and glossy materials are recommended. Thanks to them, you can make the room look bigger than it is in reality.

📍 How to brighten a kitchen without windows?

The main light located in the central part of the room is the most important aspect of a kitchen without windows. You can add smaller lights over countertops, and pick backlit kitchen cabinets, if possible.