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Is a hanging chair a good idea? Hanging chair types

Hanging chair is a comfortable piece of furniture that can be found in many apartments. It is mostly associated with a teenager’s or children’s room, however it is also appreciated among adults. It’s not surprising - rocking movement can quickly relax the whole body. Hanging chair is also a highly aesthetic element. Is it suitable for every type of interior design?

Is a hanging chair a good idea? Hanging chair types

Hanging chair - comfort in your home

First hanging chairs were constructed in the 60s. The most popular model from that period is the famous Bubble Chair, designed in 1968 by a Finnish creator. The seat is perfectly round and made of transparent material. The chair is hung from the ceiling on a metal chain, so that it resembles a floating bubble.

Hanging chairs are more popular than ever, with a lot of different shapes and materials. They have many advantages. Gentle rocking is a great way to relax. It scientifically proven that rocking motion relaxes muscles, helps to fall asleep and stimulates deep sleep. Hanging chairs are very comfortable and they are equipped with soft cushions and mattresses. An evening spent in such a chair with a book or a cup of tea is an ideal way to relax after a long, stressful day.

Hanging chair is a perfect decoration element for any type of interior design. This type of furniture can be characterised by a wide variety of shapes. Colour and material can be suited to an interior design - the choice is wide. A hanging chair is a perfect element for rooms in scandinavian and minimalist style.

What is the best hanging chair?

There are many types of hanging chairs. Designers constantly create new forms. As a result one can fit the hanging chair style to the interior design at their place. You can choose from simple and minimalistic, as well as ornamental and decorative shapes.

Choosing a hanging chair - types

The main difference between furniture of this type is in appearance and construction. Not every hanging chair is suitable for every room. When choosing the right object, consider your own needs and the purpose of the chair. Most furniture shops offer products such as:

  • Ceiling hanging chair - it is the most appealing type. The seat hangs on a rope attached to a hook fixed to a ceiling. This type allows full range of movement for a user. There are wider and narrower models, you can choose the one that fits your particular needs.
  • Hanging chair with stand - this type is more mobile. The seat hangs from a stand placed on the floor. It is much smaller than the version attached to a ceiling. It is a big advantage in places of limited space. A hanging chair of this type offers a smaller range of movement. The mobility allows to put it on a balcony or in summer - on a patio.
  • Brazilian hammock chair - it’s a type of hammock. Its advantage is the fact that it perfectly fits any body shape. It is also much cheaper than the previous models. The hanging chair of this type might be removed if needed. It can be easily stored in a wardrobe, not taking too much space.

If you decided to buy a hanging chair, pay attention to its shape. There are many designs available. Some are completely round, similar to the Bubble Chair. The most commonly chosen type is hanging egg chair with elongated back rest. There are also two-person versions, with wide seats. Make sure consider the amount of space you can dedicate for this piece of furniture.

Choosing a hanging chair - types

Hanging chair materials

The shape is not the only criterion that you should pay attention to. A hanging chair might be made of various materials. The original Bubble Chair is made of acrylic, stainless steel frame and leather cushion. The most commonly used materials are:

  • Rattan - rattan constructions are very decorative. It’s a durable and eco-friendly material, although it is not resistant to water. For this reason weaved furniture should not be placed outside. You can coat the pieces with varnish.
  • Technorattan - a technorattan hanging chair is as decorative as natural rattan furniture. Its main advantage is durability and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Wood - material of this type is heavier than the others. It is perfect for those who value natural materials.
  • Plastic - plastic hanging chairs have the widest variety of designs. Plastic is lightweight and relatively durable. One should be careful not to scratch it, as any mark is very noticeable and hard to remove. Hanging chair made of plastic is easy to clean.
  • Fabric - fabric is most commonly used for hammocks production. They are lightweight, breathable and easy to fold. The most popular fabrics are cotton and linen. There is also a similar solution - a hanging chair made of twine.
  • Metal - a metal hanging chair i made of a durable net. The most common metal used for this purpose is aluminium.

The choice of material depends on the purpose of your hanging chair. If you are going to place the object outside, choose a material that is resistant to weather conditions. You should also consider the general design of your room. The popular scandinavian style uses wood, fabric and weaved hanging chairs. Natural rattan chairs are good elements for rustic style. Contemporary and minimalist style can be perfectly complemented with plastic or metal hanging chair with a simple, geometric shape.

Where to place a hanging chair?

If you decided to purchase a hanging chair, make sure that you have enough space in the house. If it’s a ceiling hanging chair, position it in a spacious room so that the movements are not blocked. The chair should be placed far from the windows and other objects. If it’s too close, there is a risk of breaking the window when swinging on the chair. You could also accidentally hit the sharp edges of furniture.

A hanging chair with stand takes significantly less space. Because of its construction the movements are limited, therefore there is no risk of damaging the furniture. You can place it closer to the walls and furniture. A big advantage is the fact that it can be moved at any time.

If you are planning to place a hanging chair in a children’s room, pay special attention to safety. The best location for an object of this type is the middle of the room. Place the seat relatively low over the floor.

Where to place a hanging chair?

How to attach a hanging chair?

A hanging chair with stand does not to be installed in any special way - just put it wherever you want. If it’s a ceiling hanging chair, make sure to install it properly. It needs to be done carefully, otherwise the construction might collapse.

Be careful if your ceiling is very old or in poor condition. Before buying a hanging chair, check the ceiling to make sure that it can hold such weight. It is a good idea to ask a specialist to assess the situation. In some cases it might be safer to choose a hanging chair with stand.

To attach the chair to the ceiling, you need to prepare a few accessories. Make sure you have chemical anchor, an eye screw or a wall plug and a snap ring. You will also need a drill, a hammer, an adjustable spanner and a screwdriver.

After figuring out where you want the chair to be placed, use a pencil to mark the spot for drilling. The hole should be drilled at an angle of 30 degrees. If you hit a reinforcing bar, move the spot by a couple of centimetres. Widen the drilled hole using a larger bit and vacuum it. Squeeze the chemical anchor into it and insert the eye screw or wall plug into it. Screw it tightly. The next step is hanging snap rings and chain.

You must test the durability of the construction. To do it, take the chain in both of your hands and hang on it for a while, ideally with another person. The structure should hold weight of two people. After the test, tighten the plug. If everything is fine, you can install the seat.

A hanging chair is a great addition to any house. It’s a modern interior design element which will impress your guests. There are many colours and designs to choose from. Such a piece of furniture placed in a bedroom or living room is a great way to relax. A hanging chair will surely fit any interior.

Langing chair - FAQ

📍 How to make a hanging chair?

Brazilian hammock chair is a relatively easy hanging chair to make. All you need is a sturdy piece of cloth, strong rope, a broomstick and hanging elements. Attach the rope to the cloth and to the stick, and then to the chain and hook. You can find a detailed tutorial on the Internet.

📍 How to hang a hanging chair?

If you want to attach a hanging chair to the ceiling, test the ceiling first. If it is safe, drill a hole in a desired place and use chemical anchor to attach an eye screw or wall plug to the ceiling. Attach the rest of the elements and test the construction - if it can hold two people, attach the hanging chair.

📍 How to install a hanging chair?

There are two ways to install a hanging chair, depending on its type. The first one requires minimal effort - the chair just needs to be hung on its stand. The other type needs to be hung from the ceiling.