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How to Dry Orange Slices - 3 Quick Ways to Dry Oranges

Drying orange slices is something associated with wintertime. Properly prepared orange slices look beautiful on a Christmas tree or centerpiece. As it turns out, they can be used all year round. But it's important to properly dry oranges. Learn how to make dehydrated orange slices quickly and easily. Also, find out where you can use the dried oranges.

How to Dry Orange Slices - 3 Quick Ways to Dry Oranges

Why would you try drying orange slices?

Drying orange slices in winter or autumn is an important activity. It’s time when more and more citrus fruits appear on market shelves, and households start preparing for Christmas.

Dehydrated orange slices aren’t just nice ornaments for a Christmas tree or Christmas centerpieces. It’s a universal decoration you can use in various situations. It can decorate the following items:

  • a gift (not only a Christmas gift)
  • a table
  • a cheese board for a party
  • drinks served at a party
  • cakes and desserts

What’s more, you can add dehydrated orange slices to a cup of tea, to enhance its taste. You can also put the pleasant smelling dried fruits in a cloth bag and place it in a wardrobe or a dresser. Thanks to this, it will smell delightful.

Flower shops use dried oranges as an addition to various flower arrangements. It’s another great idea for using dehydrated orange slices.

Why would you try drying orange slices?

How to prepare oranges for drying?

If you want to make dehydrated oranges, you have to prepare the fruits beforehand, regardless of the method you decided to use. First, wash them in water and pat them dry. This way, you remove any dirt - which is important if you want to use the orange slices for consumption.

How you slice the orange is essential. The slices cannot be too thin - otherwise, they will crumble after drying. However, they can’t be too thick, either. Are you wondering why? It might be difficult to dehydrate them, and the process is going to take long.

The best size for the orange slices you want to dehydrate is 5-6 millimeters. Of course, you don’t have to cut them while literally holding a ruler. Simply measure the first slice, and estimate its width. Use it as an example for the next slices.

How to prepare oranges for drying?

How to dry orange slices on a radiator

Drying orange slices in autumn and winter is something special. It’s a time when houses and apartments need heating. It means you can get beautiful dehydrated orange slices without using any additional devices or electric energy.

Dehydrating oranges on a radiator is a popular and well-known method. It doesn’t mean, though, that everyone does it properly.

Many put orange slices directly onto the heater. First - it’s not the most hygienic solution, as dust will stick to the fruit pieces. Second - the fruits will leave difficult to clean juice stains on the radiator. Besides, the slices won’t look very pleasing, as they will bend in different directions, looking simply unaesthetic.

Does it mean drying orange slices on a radiator is not recommended? Not at all! But you have to do it right. The best way involves using a narrow sheet pan lined with baking paper. Put the orange slices on it, and now put the whole pan on top of a radiator.

Make sure to flip the orange slices from time to time. This way, they will dry evenly, resulting in great looks.

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How to dehydrate oranges in an oven?

Using an oven is a popular method for drying oranges. How to do it? First you have to drain the oranges. You can use a paper towel.

Then, take a large sheet pan, line it with baking paper and put the orange slices on it. Set the oven to 90-100°C (194-212°F) and bake the oranges for 2 hours - which should be enough time.

Drying orange slices with this method is extremely quick. But keep in mind it poses certain risks. Because of the high temperature, the oranges might get scorched. You can decrease it to 70°C (158°F). Also, remember to flip the drying orange slices every 20 minutes.

When the dehydrated orange slices are ready, take them out and leave to cool off. Then, you can use them right away or put them away for a future use.

How to dehydrate oranges in an oven?

Drying orange slices in a microwave

Using a microwave oven to make dehydrated oranges is a relatively new method, which has gained popularity - especially among young people. How to dry oranges with a microwave?

Put 2-3 layers of a paper towel on a large plate. Then, spread orange slices - make sure to pat them dry before. Put the plate in the microwave for 3-4 minutes. Then, take it out, flip the dried oranges and repeat the process.

Drying orange slices in a microwave oven lasts for longer, and you might have to repeat the process several times. Don’t let it discourage you. Consider slicing the oranges thinner. It should make the process quicker.

Drying orange slices in a microwave

📍 How to dry oranges fast?

Quick orange drying is not a problem. Just use one of the available methods. You can use an oven or a radiator. A microwave oven is another popular way of drying orange slices.

📍 Why drying oranges?

Dehydrated orange slices make perfect decorations. You can put them on a Christmas tree or in Christmas centerpieces. What's more dried oranges are also beautiful decorations for cakes, desserts and other dishes.

📍 Is dehydrating oranges safe?

Drying orange slices is something known for generations. Fruits served in this form are safe. You don't have to worry that dehydrated oranges are dangerous in any way.