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13 Marvelous Christmas Centerpieces to Set the Cozy Mood

Christmas is just around the corner - not much time left! It's a perfect moment to start planning how your house is supposed to look like when the time comes. Do you always use Christmas centerpieces, but want to make them special this year and surprise your family? There are plenty of possibilities. We have prepared a few inspirations for you to use during Christmas preparation. Take a look at them and use the ones you like.

13 Marvelous Christmas Centerpieces to Set the Cozy Mood

A DIY Christmas centerpiece - how to make the base?

There is such a variety of Christmas centerpieces nowadays, that it’s difficult to distinguish one universal solution. We recommend experimenting. Thanks to this, you can create truly fascinating and impressive Christmas decorations.

Coniferous branches are a typical base of Christmas centerpieces. Everything depends on what the decoration is supposed to look like. If you’re planning to make a circular Christmas centerpiece that resembles an Advent wreath, you use some tricks. You can use one of the following items as the base:

  • a steering wheel cover,
  • a swimming foam noodle,
  • a wired hanger.

A DIY Christmas centerpiece - how to make the base?

A Christmas centerpiece in glass

Christmas centerpieces don’t have to always look classic. Sometimes an original idea is a much more interesting solution, and a perfect addition to the interior. No wonder then, that glass Christmas centerpieces have gained popularity over the past years. Not only they look beautiful but also are easy to make.

To make it, you need the base of the composition - a glass container. You can pick a large or a small one, depending on the result you’re hoping to achieve. What else? Decorative elements - whatever you like. There are no limits here. You can use, for instance:

  • pine cones,
  • coniferous branches,
  • small and large baubles,
  • gravel or sand.

A Christmas centerpiece in glass

A light silver Christmas centerpiece

A forest-scented Christmas centerpiece with pine cones

A Christmas centerpiece made of pine cones is a great solution - especially if you like minimalist decorations. In fact, all you need are pine cones, a few pine branches and a ribbon. It’s a simple and at the same time impressive decoration.

You need the following items to make a pine cone Christmas centerpiece:

  • pine cones,
  • hot glue,
  • additional ornaments,
  • your vision.

A forest-scented Christmas centerpiece with pine cones

Curious Christmas centerpieces made of pinecones

Small centerpieces on a plate or a tray

Christmas centerpieces on plates and trays are one of the latest ideas for such decorations. It’s a fascinating approach, which poses many opportunities. Such Christmas centerpieces have a frugal, minimalist form - which doesn’t mean they cannot look excellent.

You can put any ornaments of your choice on a plate. They can be wooden elements, coniferous branches, dried fruits and candles. You can cover everything with artificial snow. This way, the Christmas centerpiece gains a frosty character, even if there’s no snow outside.

Small centerpieces on a plate or a tray

White-gold Christmas centerpiece on a tray

Christmas centerpieces with LED lights

Do you have small children who are practically everywhere, especially where they shouldn’t? In such a case, a Christmas centerpiece with candles is not the best idea. Just a moment of distraction is all it takes for an accident. LED lights are a perfect alternative. Small battery-powered lights can create a brilliant effect. Modern LED Christmas lights also have special shapes such as stars or snowflakes. They look even better and create the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

Are you wondering how to use LED lights in a Christmas centerpiece? Just prepare a classic wreath or a different arrangement, and wrap the lights around certain elements.

Christmas centerpieces with LED lights

Christmas centerpiece with candles

A rustic Christmas centerpiece

Are you a rustic style enthusiast and want your Christmas centerpiece to keep this vibe? You can easily create such a decoration. It’s not difficult at all.

Rustic Christmas centerpieces with a metal or wooden base look the best. You can use a metal, e.g. golden tray, or a wooden stump - it depends on what your project is supposed to look like.

Dry branches and hay are common ingredients of rustic Christmas centerpieces. You can combine them with coniferous branches and candles. This way, you’ll get a simple and beautiful-looking Christmas decoration.

A rustic Christmas centerpiece

A rustic minimalist Christmas centerpiece

Christmas centerpieces with dried grass and feathers

Have you designed your house mostly in Boho style, and now you’re afraid a classic Christmas centerpiece won’t fit in? Pick something which works perfectly in your case - a Christmas centerpiece made of dried grass and feathers.

You can use pampas grass when making your Christmas centerpieces - it’s a typical filling for vases. It’s very universal, and always looks beautiful - regardless how you use it. Twigs in natural colors - beige and brown are the best option. They fit most interiors.

If you’re using grass as the base of your Christmas centerpiece, consider enriching it with something more lively. You can use, for instance, pastel-colored feathers. Use a bow made of a thick thread as a final touch.

Christmas centerpieces with dried grass and feathers,jak-zrobic-swiateczny-stroik-na-3-sposoby,10080227,artykul.html

Christmas centerpieces made of baubles - a minimalist decoration

Not a fan of plants, but still wanting a Christmas centerpiece in your house? You don’t have to give up the idea. Just use modern ideas like a Christmas wreath made of baubles. It’s quite universal, and you can hang it on your entrance or put in on the table. It looks equally elegant in both cases. Furthermore, it’s quick and easy to make - it’ll take you less than an hour.

You need the following elements to make a Christmas centerpiece from baubles:

  • a round base,
  • a glue gun with glue,
  • baubles in different sizes,
  • ribbons (optional).

If you have your workplace ready, all you have to do is stick the baubles to the base and wait until the glue dries.

Christmas centerpieces made of baubles - a minimalist decoration,jak-zrobic-swiateczny-stroik-na-3-sposoby,10080227,artykul.html

Golden baubles Christmas centerpiece

A Christmas centerpiece with dried fruit

Do you love the smell of citruses? We have good news for you - you can use dried orange and lemon slices to make a Christmas centerpiece. Not only it will look beautiful, but also bring the typical Christmas atmosphere to the interior.

You can use coniferous twigs or pine cones as a base for this project. Both versions look fantastic. After creating the base, add the dried fruit - stick the slices using hot glue.

If you love the scent of cinnamon, you can enrich your Christmas centerpiece with a few sticks of this spice. It will smell and look even better. Anise stars are another interesting option, although not everyone likes them.

A Christmas centerpiece with dried fruit,jak-zrobic-swiateczny-stroik-na-3-sposoby,10080227,artykul.html

A small Christmas centerpiece with dried fruit

Handmade Christmas centerpieces on wood slices

Christmas centerpieces made with wood slices are the hot trend of the recent years. You don’t need much effort to create an interesting Christmas decoration. Just put some elements of your choice on a wooden slice. You can use, for instance:

  • pine cones
  • coniferous branches,
  • baubles,
  • candles,
  • ceramic figurines,
  • dried fruit,
  • moss.

The arrangement depends on what you like the most - and you can change it each year.

Handmade Christmas centerpieces on wood slices

A simple Christmas centerpiece on wood slices

Birchbark - inspiring Christmas centerpieces

Modern and minimalist Christmas centerpieces aren’t just the mentioned baubles and pine cones. They can be a direct reference to nature - especially if you use birchbark sheets to make them. Larger elements can become the base of the arrangement - smaller ones can become the elements of the Christmas centerpiece.

If you’re making a Christmas candle centerpiece with wood (which looks truly magical), be extra careful. Pick candles in glass jars. This way, you can be sure that your Christmas centerpiece won’t burst into flames.

Birchbark - inspiring Christmas centerpieces

A Christmas centerpiece on a birch stump

A Christmas centerpiece in a basket - beautiful and original

Many people associate baskets with Easter rather than Christmas. Maybe this is the reason why you should pick this type of decoration and surprise everyone with the unique arrangement.

You can put a small coniferous plant in the basket and decorate it with baubles or LED lights. If you want to use fresh branches instead, stick them into a floral foam soaked with water. Make sure to secure the basket’s bottom, so the water doesn’t leak.

Christmas baskets look brilliant when combined with contrasting red or golden ribbons.

A Christmas centerpiece in a basket - beautiful and original

Eco-style Christmas centerpieces

Do you love eco-style interiors and everything related to nature? You can express it in your Christmas centerpiece. Just choose some ecological elements. In addition to the mentioned coniferous branches, wooden stumps, pine cones and dried fruit, you can also pick special materials like jute. It looks excellent - both in wreaths and classic centerpieces.

This material is typically sold in meters - so you can buy the exact amount you need. Furthermore, it’s usually available in the basic brown color, but sometimes you can buy it dyed. Consider enriching your Christmas centerpiece this way.

Eco-style Christmas centerpieces

Eco Christmas centerpiece - jute fabric

A Christmas centerpiece in a wine glass? Why not!

Do you want a small Christmas table decoration - just resembling a Christmas centerpiece? You can prepare a miniature arrangement in a wine glass. Although the small size limits the options, you can create true art pieces this way.

What can you place in a wine glass?

  • small pine cones,
  • sequin stars,
  • tiny baubles,
  • LED lights.

There are many possibilities in this regard. Try these ideas and see what you like the most.

A Christmas centerpiece in a wine glass? Why not!

📍 How to make a Christmas candle centerpiece?

A Christmas centerpiece is not difficult to make. Such a decoration looks great both in a classic variant with coniferous branches, and in a modern version - in glass. Just make sure the flame doesn't light up other elements.

📍 How to make a Christmas centerpiece for a table?

A Christmas centerpiece looks great if you arrange it on a plate or tray. Just put a candle in the center, and spread coniferous twigs, dried fruits, pine cones and small baubles around it. You can spray the centerpiece with artificial snow.

📍 How to make a Christmas centerpiece on a door?

A Christmas wreath is one of the most popular centerpieces. To make it, you need a base, e.g. wicker, straw or styrofoam. Depending on your preferences, one can decorate the Christmas centerpiece with pine cones, pine or spruce twigs, ribbons and other ornaments.

📍 How to make a beautiful Christmas centerpiece?

When making a Christmas centerpiece, pick something associated with the event. It can be a large bauble, a star, a pine cone or another element. Make sure the whole arrangement is consistent - this way, it looks amazing.