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Hamptons Style Bedroom - 3 Gorgeous Ideas For Hamptons Decor

Are you looking for bedroom decor ideas? None of the standard solutions match your taste? Check out Hamptons style. Get inspired with elegant, coastal decor and create a space in which you will be able to relax. A Hamptons style bedroom is currently one of the most popular trends.

Hamptons Style Bedroom - 3 Gorgeous Ideas For Hamptons Decor

What are the features of Hamptons style?

Hamptons style features very harmonious spaces, that encourage a good rest. The crucial aspects are comfortable furniture and the color palette. The latter consists mostly from bright shades. The most common colors used in Hampton style are:

  • shades of blue,
  • soft grey,
  • cream,
  • beige,
  • white.

What are the features of Hamptons style?

What’s important, all the colors are pastel shades. Hamptons style doesn’t use any flashy colors, as they might be disruptive to relaxation.

Hampton style is determined not only by the colors, but also by the building’s character and furniture. Large windows letting a lot of daylight inside are characteristic for this style. The furniture is also important - massive, sturdy and comfortable.

Hamptons decor is one of the few timeless styles that match almost any interior. Inspired by its ambiance, you can easily furnish a living room, kitchen or bathroom. A Hampton style bedroom is the one that has been the most popular lately.

Hamptons style

Hamptons style - what’s the origin of the name?

The Hamptons style name is not a coincidence. Modern and comfortably furnished interiors originate from small towns located on Long Island. They are Southampton and East Hampton. That is where the interior design elements have been used for the first time in this way, and the style became popular across the world.

Hamptons style has been created out of the necessity to find an alternative to the New York design that was too dignified for the coastal towns. The elites who purchased the residences on the island didn’t want to give up the convenience and elegance they got used to. That’s how a more modest, cozy interior design has been developed.

A white bedroom - minimalism and simple Hamptons style

Hamptons style uses white color the most of all. White walls and bright floors make a particularly good background that leaves plenty of possibilities for interior design and decoration. One can also choose a “total look” for their Hampton style bedroom and keep everything white with occasional accessories in other colors.

Even if the whole bedroom has been designed in white, the bed is typically in another shade such as light blue, beige or grey. It results from a very practical aspect. A white bed - especially an upholstered one - easily catches dirt. As an alternative, you can choose a bed in the mentioned shades and put bright - white blankets on it. An arrangement like this looks equally good.

White furniture, a dressing table and a carpet - large and soft, might be the basis for the rest of the interior.

Do you like reading before going to sleep? Instead of taking a book into the bed, invest in additional equipment for your bedroom - buy a large and comfortable wing chair. You will love it after just one evening.

A white bedroom - minimalism and simple Hamptons style

Wicker accents perfectly complement a white Hampton style interior:

  • plant pot covers,
  • little baskets for cosmetics, placed on the dressing table,
  • lamp shades.

A wicker chair or armchair standing next to the vanity is an interesting option. It might not be so popular yet, although you can easily find a manufacturer producing such furniture.

If you don’t like the color of wicker elements and you prefer brighter accents but cannot find them - don’t worry. Just buy a special kind of paint, e.g. in a spray can.

White Hamptons decor

Hamptons style bedroom - choose grey accessories

Grey is not only a very universal but also highly elegant color, therefore it matches Hamptons style perfectly. Grey shades of different intensity (but still bright) can be used in a few different ways.

First of all, you could choose grey walls, that will be a great background for lighter furniture. You can also choose the reverse - a white wall and grey furniture. A huge bed and classic, elegant tables and wardrobes will be your basis here.

A grey Hamptons style bedroom can also use light grey floor planks. They can be used regardless of the accessories you choose. Similar to white, grey color is so universal that it can be matched with any pastel color.

If you decide on a grey interior, you could choose the following accessories in this color:

  • heavy, silky drapes,
  • decorative linen and cushions,
  • blankets,
  • lamps,
  • pictures and posters on walls,
  • carpets by the bed.

Make sure that all the elements complement each other. Hamptons style does not like chaos.

Hamptons style bedroom - choose grey accessories

Grey Hamptons style bedroom

Grey Hamptons decor

The real Hamptons style - a bedroom with dark blue accents

The real Hamptons style, often used by coastal private hotels, implements different shades of blue as a reference to the history. It doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in your private house or apartment. It is not difficult - you just need well matched accessories.

Do you want to design a unique Hamptons style bedroom? Choose delicate blue furniture that will look distinct against white walls. If you decide on a dark blue bed, you can add white blankets and a beige carpet. The elements will not blend into each other, and the Hampton style will be retained.

The real Hamptons style - a bedroom with dark blue accents

Blue Hampton style

Are you looking for unusual ideas for your bedroom? Choose an interesting-looking white-blue wallpaper. You can even choose a marine accent, e.g. a boat or anchor pattern.

Hampton style interiors that use dark blue color will be perfectly complemented by lamps looking like old oil lamps used on ships in the past. It might be an interesting, exceptional element.

Styl Hampton granat szary

Styl Hampton z granatem

📍 What is Hampton style?

Hampton style is an interior design type originating in the coastal towns of Long Island. It's an alternative to the luxurious New York style. Hamptons style is elegant and organized. It relies on bright, pastel shades: white, beige and blue.