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Halloween Decorations and Crafts - 20 Scary Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you decided to throw a theme party this year, but you have no idea for Halloween decorations? You have plenty of options - you can use store-bought decor or design your Halloween crafts. Looking for an inspiration? Check the ideas we have prepared for you. Using some of them, you have a chance to really surprise your guests.

Halloween Decorations and Crafts - 20 Scary Halloween Decor Ideas

Classic pumpkins - obligatory Halloween decorations

Pumpkins are the absolute essential when it comes to Halloween decorations, as they are directly related to this event. The classic way to prepare a Halloween pumpkin involves scooping out the flesh, carving scary faces and putting a candle or an electric lantern inside. This type of decor looks best at night - when left in front of the house, it’s not only very impressive, but also scary.

In addition to carving, one can also paint a pumpkin. Depending on what you like, you can make e.g. a ghost out of it. Many people draw inspiration from the Mexican death festival - Día de Muertos. Pumpkins painted in this mood have their unique charm and look very different. So, if you want to be original - consider this option.

Classic pumpkins - obligatory Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations - pumkins,halloween-film,51,r22p1.html

Unusual Halloween decor - pumpkins, reinvented

Do you associate Halloween pumpkins only with orange color? Of course, such Halloween decorations are the most popular ones - but it doesn’t mean you cannot use something new and unique.

Many people have been trying to break stereotypes on how to decorate for Halloween. That’s how interesting crafts are made - and such decor fits any interior. You can decorate a pumpkin as follows:

  • paint them white and decorate with black lace,
  • color them using dark paint and draw interesting patterns on the surface,
  • stick something to them.

Each of these ideas is perfect for Halloween, and because the pumpkins stand out from usual Halloween decor - they are going to catch a lot of attention. You will see if you decide to make such decorations!

Unusual Halloween decor - pumpkins, reinvented

Halloween decor - starry pumpkins

Halloween decorations - painted pumpkins

Scarrry jarrrs - highly creative Halloween crafts

Do you have more time and love creative handicrafts? It’s a good moment to make your own DIY decorations. Their uniqueness is their biggest advantage - you won’t find two same-looking elements anywhere.

Various jars - painted or decorated with characteristic elements, make very interesting DIY Halloween decorations. Looking for an idea to craft an impressive Halloween decor? Here you go:

  • Take a few jars and clean them thoroughly.
  • Prepare spray paint, black nail polish a small brush and electrical candles.
  • Spray the paint inside the jars - you can use a few colors.
  • Using the brush and nail polish, draw a pattern on the jar’s surface - you can use a stencil.

After the paint dries, put the electric candles inside the jars - your Halloween crafts are ready!

Scarrry jarrrs - highly creative Halloween crafts

Jars with a ghost - Creative Halloween decor

Spider jars - Hallween crafts,79324,27674835,ozdoby-halloweenowe-jak-udekorowac-mieszkanie-na-halloween.html

Halloween crafts - paper ghosts and spiders

Paper Halloween crafts are one of the simplest and quickest ornaments you can make yourself - even minutes before the party. So, if you didn’t have time to decorate your house for Halloween, consider this option. All you need is:

  • white or black paper - depending on whether you’re making spiders or ghosts,
  • scissors,
  • some imagination,
  • a thread with a needle - if you want to make a garland.

These are very cheap Halloween decorations - and at the same time, very universal ones. You can put them on the wall or doors, but also on the table among snacks. Either way, they will look great.

Halloween crafts - paper ghosts and spiders

Black ghosts - Halloween decorations

Crafts for Halloween - bats

Window Halloween decor ideas - they will scare anyone

Do you want to create the Halloween atmosphere not only for your family, but also for anyone who passes by your house? Window Halloween decorations are a great idea. There are plenty of possibilities. You can use the mentioned paper decorations or buy some cool stickers.

Classic Halloween decorations depict, for instance:

  • bats,
  • birds,
  • ghosts,
  • witches,
  • pumpkins.

If you want to really scare someone, you can use skeleton or skull motives.

Do you have a child and want to make Halloween decoration really pleasant for them? You can decorate the windows using characters from the movie Monsters, Inc.

Window Halloween decor ideas - they will scare anyone

Halloween decorations - Monsters, Inc.

Cool Halloween decorations - spider webs

You don’t have enough time to create Halloween decorations but want to achieve a really cool effect? We have a perfect solution! Using spider webs is a fantastic idea. You can buy them packaged - and they can cover a wide surface, depending on how you spread them.

Webs are not only great as indoor decor. They make perfect Halloween outdoor decorations. Using them, you can easily decorate the entrance to your house and give it some character. Everything depends on your creativity.

Cool Halloween decorations - spider webs

Halloween decor - entrance decorations

Dusky wreaths - unique Halloween decorations

When picking Christmas decorations, you always choose wreaths, and you hang them on the entrance, as well as in the house interiors. You can pick similar-looking Halloween decorations… although they will be quite unusual.

You can get a store-bought dark Halloween wreath - the Web offers a lot of interesting products. But if you have enough time, you can make it yourself. Regardless of what it is supposed to look like, you will surely need the following items:

  • dried leaves,
  • paper (regular or crêpe),
  • ribbons,
  • dry branches,
  • feathers.

Adding a skeleton, a skull or bats to your wreath is a good idea - this way, it makes a better reference to the event.

Dusky wreaths - unique Halloween decorations

Wreath with a skull - Halloween decorations

Wreath of branches and bats - Halloween decor ideas

A bat garland - DIY Halloween decorations

Bats - just like ghosts and pumpkins - are strongly associated with Halloween. If you want to decorate your house for this event, consider picking this theme. Halloween decorations such as a bat garland can be easily bought at a store. But they are so simple that you can make them yourself as well.

You only need a few sheets of black paper, a bat stencil (find it online), scissors, a piece of string and a duct tape.

  • cut the bats out of paper,
  • line the bats next to each other,
  • spread the string across the bats and stick it using the tape.

Hang the garland with the other side at the front, so that the string remains invisible.

A bat garland - DIY Halloween decorations

Paper bats - Halloween craft ideas

Bat garland - Halloween decor ideas

Lanterns - small Halloween decorations

Lanterns are the proven Halloween decorations - you can use them either indoors or outdoors. Just like the other decor pieces, you can purchase some at a store or make your own. You don’t need a lot of effort to achieve a fascinating result. Just paint something on a classic lantern or stick some characteristic elements to it.

Ghost-like lanterns make a truly enchanting idea for Halloween. They are perfect outdoor decorations. You only need a large white plastic bottle, a black sharpie and an electric candle or Christmas lights. Wash and dry the bottle, put the lights inside and draw a face of your ghost - that’s all!

Lanterns - small Halloween decorations

Fun Halloween decorations - lanterns

Crafts for Halloween - bottle ghosts

Balloons - cheap Halloween decorations

Are you looking for a quick way to decorate your house for Halloween? It’s easy - use balloons. Just buy some balloons and blow them up. You can find many Halloween balloons of various shapes and sizes - you will surely find something you like.

If you have some time, you can also draw something on the balloons. For instance, using an orange sharpie, you can create something resembling a pumpkin.

Balloons - cheap Halloween decorations

Halloween balloons - Halloween party crafts

Pumpkin balloon - Halloween decorations ideas

Themed signs - store-bought Halloween decor

Apart from the classic Halloween decorations, you can also use various signs - they are perfect for a themed party. Signs like Happy Halloween or even a simple Boo look great on photographs. You can draw them on paper and add to the whole arrangement, or buy some at a store. There are plenty of options, in this case.

Themed signs - store-bought Halloween decor

Signs - Halloween decor ideas party

A mysterious entrance - fun Halloween decorations

Halloween outdoor decorations are as important as the ones used indoors. Some neighbourhoods completely change their looks for this season. If you don’t have enough time and are looking for an entrance decoration ideas, pick the well-known classics.

You can use all the mentioned Halloween decorations at the entrance of your house. You can use pumpkins, lanterns and stick some paper Halloween crafts to the door. Remember - your imagination is the most important.

A mysterious entrance - fun Halloween decorations

Home netrance with crows - Halloween decorations

Home entrance - scary Halloween decorations

Ghosts in the yard - Halloween decor from the other side

Do you like ghost themes? Use them in your garden - this way, everyone who passes by your yard will feel the atmosphere. You don’t need much to create scary ghosts. You can make the simplest Halloween outdoor decorations using some sheets, a piece of wire and a black sharpie.

Are you dreaming of illuminated ghosts in your garden? Purchase some decorations on the Web and place them wherever you want.

Ghosts in the yard - Halloween decor from the other side

Halloween yard - decoration ideas

Fun Halloween decorations - ghosts

Skulls in many forms - scary Halloween decorations

Skulls and skeletons are very popular Halloween decorations, as they can create an amazing atmosphere - especially if you use them creatively. You can find ceramic figurines in various stores with decorations. If you want, you can go wild and create a larger arrangement made of a few skulls, bats and ghosts. You can use it to decorate e.g. a table with snacks.

Skulls are perfect Halloween outdoor decorations as well. You can, for instance, place them among the pumpkins outside the house. It’s a quick way to decorate the building before the party.

Skulls in many forms - scary Halloween decorations

Scary skulls and sunflowers - Halloween decor

A ghost garland - quick Halloween decorations

What would Halloween be without ghosts? Make sure to use such decorations in your house. There are two ways for making a garland. The first one involves cutting the ghosts out of paper and attaching them to a string. The method is exactly the same as the one with bats we have described above. It won’t take too much time to make a long garland - so it’s a perfect last-minute decoration.

You can also make a ghost garland out of… tissues. Prepare a long string, to make sure everything works. Then, put a ball made of a tissue in another tissue. Tie the string under the “head,” beginning at one of the ends. Using this method, create a few or a dozen of ghosts. Lastly, draw their faces. Easy, right?

A ghost garland - quick Halloween decorations

Napkin ghosts - Halloween crafts decorations

Scarrry cookies - edible Halloween decorations

One has to eat something on a Halloween party. You can use Halloween decorations for this purpose as well. Just make some decorative Halloween snacks, e.g. cookies. They will decorate the table and at the same time be a scarrry bites.

Ghostly muffins? An eerie gingerbread house, or maybe bat-cookies? Making them is surprisingly easy. The Web offers plenty of sweet Halloween cookies ideas. You can also let your imagination run wild and create something yourself.

Sween Halloween snacks that make Halloween decorations are perfect for school parties. If your child has given you a task to prepare something - use this idea.

Scarrry cookies - edible Halloween decorations

Gingerbread house - Halloween decorations

Bat muffins - Halloween snacks ideas

Tasty Halloween decor to enrich the table

Savoury Halloween snacks as as important as the sweet ones. You guests will eat them when they get hungry. This is your another chance to shine.

  • You can make small brooms using salty sticks as the base and carrots plus cheese as the brush - use chives to assemble them.
  • Orange bell peppers stuffed with rice or groats perfectly imitate pumpkins.
  • Use guacamole as a witch’s cauldron filling.

Deocrative burgers resembling monsters or creatively used fruits are interesting options as well.

Tasty Halloween decor to enrich the table

Scary burgers - Halloween snacks

Fruit snacks - Halloween decor

Witch’s fingers - Halloween decor and a snack in one

Witch’s fingers are another great idea for a Halloween snack decoration which will steal the hearts of your guests. You can make them in various ways p depending on the decor style you pick. The classic form uses the skin color - but you can also add some spinach or food coloring to the dough to make it green.

You can find a lot of recipes for such snacks - making them shouldn’t be a problem. Just go step-by-step with the instructions.

Witch's fingers - Halloween decor and a snack in one

Green witch fingers - Halloween snacks

A black cat and birds - Halloween decor ideas

A black cat is typically an animal no one wants to meet on their way. But it gets more lucky on Halloween - that’s when it becomes one of the most common decorations. It doesn’t mean you have to search for a cat and force it to sit in one place. You can use figurines or even cardboard cutouts. Similar to other products, you can find them in decor stores.

It’s quite similar with birds. Black crows are the best for this purpose. Pick a few large figurines and put them in front of your house. You can use smaller elements indoors.

A black cat and birds - Halloween decor ideas

Black crows garland - Halloween decoration

Blood for drinking - the best Halloween decorations that will catch everyone’s attention

Are you throwing a Halloween party for adults? The blood theme is a perfect idea for Halloween decor, and at the same time for creative drinks. Bloody Mary with tomato juice is ideal for this purpose. You can also prepare shots of vodka and raspberry juice in a syringe. This way, you will really surprise your guests.

Blood for drinking - the best Halloween decorations that will catch everyone's attention

Bloody Mary Halloween snacks decorations

Halloween shots

📍 How to make Halloween decorations?

You can craft your Halloween decorations - use pumpkins, colorful paper sheets, crepe paper, strings, wires and store-bought elements. You can make a jack-o'lantern or paint a pumpkin. Use paper to cut out some spiders, ghosts and bats. Everything depends on your imagination.

📍 How to make paper Halloween decorations?

Paper decorations are the easiest Halloween crafts to make. Just cut out any shape you want. You can put such a decoration on a table or a shelf, or attach the shapes to a string and make a garland.

📍 What Halloween decorations can I make?

There are plenty Halloween decoration ideas - everyone can find something they like. You can pick a classic and make a jack-o'lantern. Paper Halloween crafts are also a good idea - you can make them entirely yourself or combine them with some store-bought elements.

📍 How too decorate a room for Halloween?

Halloween room decorations depend on the space you have available. You can always use artificial spider webs, ghost and bat girlands, figurines, skulls and lanterns. Such Halloween decorations can create an interesting atmosphere.