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Grey Living Room - Discover 7 Superb Grey Living Room Ideas

Does grey living room seem boring to you? Wrong! Such interiors can be really interesting - just choose the right idea. Apart from using various shades of grey, you can pick different decorations to refresh the room and add some character to it. Regardless whether you choose interesting-looking lamps, posters or furniture - your gray living room might stand out against standard designs. Are you looking for the best grey living room ideas? We have prepared a few popular inspirations for you.

Grey Living Room - Discover 7 Superb Grey Living Room Ideas

A light grey living room with floral patterns

Floral patterns have been increasingly popular in home interiors for several seasons. Interestingly enough, it concerns mostly living rooms, but also bedrooms, hallways and even bathrooms. Now wonder then that many homeowners are interested in Urban Jungle style.

There are several ideas for using floral patterns in home interiors. The easiest way is buying some house plants to enrich the room with them. A picture with a floral theme is also a good idea. Such decorations look very stylish on a grey wall.

If you want something truly unique - choose a wallpaper with a floral pattern. It can be with delicate plants or a real jungle - it all depends on the effect you are hoping to achieve. Any idea is good provided that you pick matching furniture.

Do you want to add something that will distinguish your living room from other designs? A plant wall is a non-standard option. Such decorations are typical for public spaces, but it doesn’t mean you cannot use it in your living room - especially if you have enough space for it.

A light grey living room with floral patterns

Grey living room plants

Grey living room plant wall

Grey living room floral pattern

Grey living room wall with floral pattern

Choose concrete - raw grey living room

Do you like industrial style? Picking the color palette, furniture and lighting characteristic for this type of interiors are the obvious issues. In addition to them, you can choose the latest sensation - decorative concrete on walls or floors.

Are you afraid that the walls finished with this material will be too overwhelming? Choose the following combination: finish just one wall with concrete and paint the rest. Using this material on the floor only is another good solution.

Apart from decorative concrete which can be used for walls and floors, you can pick other materials that imitate it. The most popular options involve:

  • plaster,
  • paint,
  • decorative panels.

If you want to achieve an interesting result but at the same time you don’t want to spend too much money - choose paint that imitates concrete. A good protection is a very important issue, in this case. After the paint dries, the surface has to be covered with special varnish.

Choose concrete - raw grey living room

Concrete - grey living room

Concrete panels - gray living room

A grey living room with wood

Is there something more soothing than a gray living room? As it turns out - yes! Just combine it with wood - using accessories, for instance. This way, the interior gains some character while remaining very cozy. Are you wondering how to create such a room? It’s not difficult - find some ideas below.

  • Grey walls and floors plus wooden furniture - this is the most popular option. Just paint the walls, choose grey floor vinyl planks and choose classic wooden furniture.
  • Grey walls and furniture plus wooden floors - it’s a little bit more neutral combination for those who love classic looks.
  • Grey, white and wood - this combination is very characteristic for Scandinavian style. Here, one can match the items freely. You can e.g. choose double-colored white-wooden furniture against a grey background or grey-wooden furniture against a white background.

You can also break the classic combination of grey color and wood with innovative ideas. A wooden wall or ceiling is an interesting option. Such grey living room designs look truly unique.

A grey living room with wood

Grey living room ideas - wood

Grey living room wooden ceiling

Grey living room ideas - an accent color

Don’t be afraid of colorful accents and contrasts when designing a grey living room. A grey base is a perfect basis for practically any shade, so you can try some bold combinations in this case. What’s more, such a grey living room looks really unusual. What are the most popular colors for such a design? Living rooms use the following shades:

Do not forget that the two most popular colors of 2021 by Pantone Color Institute are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow. So, consider combining them in your living room. Similar as in other designs, grey can work as a basis for colorful decorations such as:

  • curtains,
  • pillows,
  • blankets,
  • carpets.

Grey living room ideas - an accent color

Gray living room yellow accessories

Grey living room and colors

Grey and white living room with romantic decorations

Grey living rooms using pastel colors, Boho accessories or romantic decorations are interesting combinations one can see both in small apartments and large houses. The basis for a grey living room of this type is typically bright. The accessories are the main ingredients here.

What elements to choose in this case? They can be:

  • pampas grass,
  • macrame,
  • floral decorations,
  • candles,
  • cushions and blankets with a characteristic fringe,
  • mirrors,
  • lamps,
  • soft, fluffy carpets, e.g. Shaggy.

Grey and white living room with romantic decorations

Grey living room with white and romantic decor


Grey living room ideas - romantic pattern

A modern and minimalistic grey living room

Many young people decide to decorate their interiors using modern minimalistic designs. Such grey living rooms contain only items necessary for relaxation or the ones giving a certain character to the interior. You won’t find useless dust-catching bibelots there.

A minimalistic grey living room means mostly a characteristic flooring. One can choose tiles or the already mentioned decorative concrete.

A modern grey living room also means very simple furniture. Large upholstered sofas and big armchairs are very good options in this case. They will look perfect with metal coffee tables or lamps of external metal construction.

A minimalistic grey living room also looks good with a leather sofa. Make sure to think the idea through. When combined with tiles on the floor or concrete on the walls, such an interior might look very “cold”, which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A modern and minimalistic grey living room

Minimalistic grey living room

Modern grey living room,110317.html

A grey living room with an unusual wall

Gray living rooms are perfect interiors for experimenting with interesting wall decorations. If the whole interior is relatively calm, you can choose non-standard wall-surface decorations.

Golden and silver ornaments are popular solutions. That’s not the only possibility, however. You can use an unusual wallpaper with dominating grey and addition of other colors. If the whole room design is bright - this solution will look particularly unusual.

A grey living room with an unusual wall

Grey living room decorative wall

Grey living room with decorations

📍 What accessories to choose for a grey living room?

A grey living room is a perfect basis for practically any decoration. Both natural and more pronounced decorations will look perfect in this case. It all depends on the result you are hoping to achieve. If you want to enliven the interior, choose expressive pictures and strong-colored cushions, carpets and blankets. If you prefer more calm designs - use delicate lamp shades, posters, candles and other decorations you can put on a coffee table.

📍 What curtains look good in a grey living room?

A grey living room looks very elegant with classic curtains in one color. It doesn't mean, however, that it is the only option. Basically, any type of curtains can be used in a grey living room. If you prefer a material with an interesting print - pick it.

📍 How to enliven a grey living room?

If you want to enliven a grey living room - choose colorful accessories that will make the room really interesting. It doesn't mean whether they are warm or cold colors. You can choose yellow, red, purple and turquoise decorations - it all depends on what you like.

📍 How to make a grey living room warmer?

If you want to make your living room more cozy - choose the right colors, accessories and pleasant fabrics. Yellow, orange, pink and pastel colors are the best options. As for the fabrics, velvet, plush, fleece and wool are perfect. You can also choose fluffy accessories - blankets, cushions and carpets.