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Dark Blue Bedroom - 4 Perfect Navy Bedroom Ideas to Try

Do you want to change something in your home, and you've decided to start from renovating your bedroom? Or perhaps you have to furnish a new apartment and are looking for some interior design ideas? In fact, it's not that important. What's truly essential, you have to find something that will amaze you. A navy blue bedroom is an increasingly popular trend. Are you considering this idea, but are no sure what the interior will look like? Check a few interesting solutions below - you might like them. Thanks to them, your dark blue bedroom will look fantastic, and you will be able to peacefully rest in it.

Dark Blue Bedroom - 4 Perfect Navy Bedroom Ideas to Try

A navy blue bedroom - is such an interior a good idea?

Many who want to design an interior like a bedroom usually pick light colors. They were considered calming for years. But as you can note, the trends change over the years and dark colors like emerald or navy blue appear in home interiors - in bedrooms as well.

Currently, a dark blue bedroom, just like a green one is not a surprise at all - it appears in many houses and apartments. In accordance with dark blue color symbolism, it’s typically picked by those who love order. Keep in mind, though, that it’s also a good shade for enthusiasts of timeless classics.

So, if you like navy blue, you don’t have to avoid it just because it’s a dark color. Just make sure to incorporate it well into the whole design, using our tips and inspirations.

A navy blue bedroom - is such an interior a good idea?

What is the best style for a dark blue bedroom?

There are several various ideas for a navy blue bedroom - fans of different styles will surely find something suitable for themselves. Homeowners who pick dark blue interiors, typically choose simple classics. This color matches perfectly with beige, white and wood. This way, the interior is calm and balanced - without any extravagance.

But dark blue color is highly universal - if used skillfully and combined with the right accessories, it can create other styles as well.

  • Combine dark blue with beige color, bamboo or rattan elements and fringed decorations to create a Boho style interior. A navy blue wallpaper with an interesting, bright pattern might be a perfect addition.
  • If you pick golden or silver accessories and glass - you will get glamour style as a result. It’s highly expressive and elegant, but also very feminine.
  • If combined with charcoal grey or graphite and metal or wooden elements, a dark blue bedroom gains an industrial spirit. It’s a specific and difficult combination, but industrial style enthusiasts will love it.

What is the best style for a dark blue bedroom?

Do you like the idea of a navy bedroom? It doesn’t mean you cannot use other colors in the interior as well - on the contrary, it’s highly recommended. Dark blue and white or grey are the most popular combinations. In this case, it’s the mentioned timeless classic which is never outdated and always trendy. But it’s just one of the many possibilities.

A navy blue bedroom looks equally good with other colors like:

  • mustard,
  • blue,
  • pink,
  • green - various shades,
  • lavender.

Contrary to what some might think, a dark blue bedroom looks interesting with other intense colors like pink or lavender. Of course, just like in every other case, you have to keep everything in moderation and not overdo the color added to the interior. If you have any troubles with the design, you can always ask an interior design expert for help.

Navy bedroom ideas - can you use other colors?

Dark blue bedroom ideas - combined with other colors

A dark blue bedroom - where can this idea work?

It is generally accepted that dark shades like navy blue are suitable for large interiors only, as they might make small rooms look even more cramped. Of course, there’s a lot of truth in this, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up navy blue if your bedroom is small - especially if it’s your favourite color.

It’s important to use the right amount of the color. If the interior is small, combine the shade with other colors and use it only on one wall or in accessories. This way, you can create a fascinating design.

There’s no such problem in large interiors - here, you can use as much dark blue as you want - and even combine it with other dark colors. But, in this case, take care of good lighting - if possible - natural, or artificial in the form of a few light sources. It might be that when resting in your bedroom, you will feel better if it’s well illuminated. Make sure to take care of it earlier to avoid additional, costly renovations.

A dark blue bedroom - where can this idea work?

White and navy blue bedroom - a simple classic

A white and dark blue bedroom doesn’t have to be boring, as some might claim. Such an interior can be enriched with many interesting accessories. You can pick unusual versions of the following elements:

  • lamps,
  • flower vases,
  • pictures,
  • carpets,
  • bed linen and pillows.

A photo wallpaper installed on the wall over the bed might be a good solution. In this case, you can pick a design offered by catalogs, or choose something completely new. A decor element like this will make the interior unique.

A white and dark blue bedroom is a fantastic solution for those who love marine themes. They can let their imagination wild and create a perfect resting room for them.

White and navy blue bedroom - a simple classic

An interesting white and navy blue bedroom

White and dark blue bedroom with wood

A grey and navy blue bedroom - an idea for a peaceful interior

Many consider navy blue a color symbolizing order, while some claim grey has relaxing properties. Such a combination in a bedroom is exceptionally beneficial - especially for those who want peace and quiet, and aren’t fans of designer experiments.

One can use both colors in many ways, and they will look perfect almost every time. You can pick, for instance:

  • grey bedroom walls, wooden furniture and dark blue accessories,
  • navy blue walls and bed, and grey interior elements,
  • wooden furniture and bed, and a combination of grey and dark blue walls.

A grey and navy blue bedroom is extremely easy to design. One can easily say that it’s a perfect solution for those who want to design their interior themselves - without any help from experts. All they need to do is pick what they like the most and combine it together.

A grey and navy blue bedroom - an idea for a peaceful interior

A grey and navy blue bedroom with sloped ceiling

A dark blue bedroom and gold - glamour style

Glamour style is one of the most popular trends of the recent times. It’s not a surprise, then, that it also appears in bedrooms. A combination of dark blue and gold is a perfect example for how to easily add glamour style to home interiors. It’s classic and elegant, while flexible in terms of design at the same time.

A dark blue glamour bedroom uses a typical pattern. A navy blue base is supplemented with golden accessories. They can be the following items:

  • lamps,
  • decor placed on furniture,
  • furniture elements - armchair or bedside table legs.

As an interesting solution, you can lay one wall with tiles featuring golden elements or a mirror effect. Not only it looks beautiful, but also makes the interior look bigger. One is certain - a dark blue bedroom like this has to look “luxurious.”

A dark blue bedroom and gold - glamour style

Dark blue bedroom with silver elements

Dark blue bedroom - glamour style

A navy blue bedroom with a color - an interesting idea

A dark blue bedroom might be a too dark interior for some. In this case, you can break it using another color to brighten or enliven the room, and add some character to it.

If you are afraid of bold combinations, perhaps dusty rose or lavender is a good solution for you. They add elegance and peace to the interior, and at the same time they look fascinating. An upholstered bed in these colors looks great against a dark blue wall. But, you can also pick a navy blue foundation and add some pink and lavender elements to it. Light satin bed linen looks excellent on a dark blue upholstered bed.

Are you not afraid of courageous mixtures? Combine a dark blue base of the bedroom and various shades of yellow and green. Using these two colors is analogous to the two colors described above. But the result is entirely different - perfect for fun people who want a tint of extravagance in their bedroom.

A navy blue bedroom with a color - an interesting idea

A dark blue bedroom with pink

Navy blue bedroom ideas - colorful accessories,31238.html

📍 Is a dark blue bedroom a good idea?

A navy blue bedroom is a very good idea for an interior - it can be found in many houses and apartments. Such interiors are perfect for relaxation, and they look beautiful. Just find your unique idea to design it.

📍 What other colors can be used in a dark blue bedroom?

A navy blue bedroom looks great with many colors - that's why it's so easy to design. You can combine navy blue bedroom walls with grey, white and golden elements. If you're feeling bolder, you can try combinations of dark blue and pink, purple or yellow. Everything depends on what you like.

📍 A midnight blue bedroom - what is the best style for it?

Classic style is the most popular design for a navy blue bedroom - but it's just one of the many options. Those who design such an interior, can use Boho, glamour or industrial styles. Choosing the right color palette and accessories is the most important element.