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Boys Bedroom Ideas - 5 Inspirations for a Practical Boy Bedroom

A boy bedroom, regardless of the age, should match his dreams. But at the same time it needs to be a practical space to fit all the toys and other equipment, depending on the age and the interests. Do you want to grant your child's wish and design a new bedroom for him? Use some boys' bedroom ideas we have prepared for you. When designing a boy room, you can use a theme from his favourite cartoon or a topic he is interested in. Thanks to such a design, boys' bedrooms look incredible.

Boys Bedroom Ideas - 5 Inspirations for a Practical Boy Bedroom

A classic boys’ bedroom - choose a universal color palette

Typically, a boys’ bedroom is designed in one particular color. Pink is a usual choice for girls, whereas a boy bedroom can be:

  • green,
  • blue,
  • yellow,
  • black-and-red.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to give up the old patterns and choose something completely new. A boys’ bedroom does not have to be flashy. Boys rooms look very good in neutral colors as well. Most importantly, such an interior is very universal. This way, you don’t have to worry that in two or three years the interior will have to be completely redesigned.

Neutral colors in boys’ bedrooms are a perfect base for any changes and decoration. See how simple it is:

  • if you have decided to combine white and dark blue, you can change the interior by adding marine or space-themed elements,
  • a grey or beige interior can be freely decorated, e.g. with aviation or car-themed elements.

You can always choose fabrics in a uniform color. Just replace pillows and blankets for new ones to make the boys’ bedroom look completely different.

A classic boys' bedroom - choose a universal color palette

Boys' bedroom ideas - colorful accessories

Bedroom ideas for boys - blue and black accessories

Boys' bedroom decor beige

Boy room blue

Boys’ bedroom ideas - inspired by cartoons

A boy bedroom is supposed to be his private space, where he feels good and secure. This is the reason why boys’ bedrooms need special attention from the design point of view. So, if your son loves a particular cartoon and dreams of a bedroom with its theme - do not hesitate, because an interior like that can look really good.

There are a few options for a cartoon-themed boys’ bedroom. First of all, you can use it on the walls. Nevertheless, the choice is not as simple as it seems. You can:

  • pick a cartoon-themed wallpaper,
  • paint the walls in a particular color and put special wall stickers with cartoon characters on it,
  • hire someone who can paint a theme from the cartoon.

The first two solutions are low-budget. The third option, if you decide on it - will cost a bit.

If you are looking for someone who would paint your wall, browse through students’ offers, who might do it as a form of practice. They usually take less for it, and the results are stunning.

You can also use the cartoon themes on the furniture in the boys’ bedroom. Here, all depends on your own creativity and what exactly you will be able to find.

Boys' bedroom decor cartoon inspired

Boy bedroom ideas Finding Nemo

Bedroom ideas for boys Monsters Inc

Boys' room ideas Minions

A boys’ room decor with a dominating theme

If your child is very interested in one particular topic, consider a boys’ bedroom decor with a main theme. Creating such a project might be a real adventure - for both of you!

By introducing a particular theme into the interior, you will add a character to it. Furthermore, the whole design will look very consistent. Thanks to this, you will avoid chaos, which is a common occurrence in boys’ rooms.

How to design a themed boys’ bedroom? First of all, get together and think what he likes most. Once you have chosen a theme - it needs to be distributed across the interior’s elements. A lot depends on individual creativity here.

  • If your son loves soccer or participates in trainings - pick the theme for the room. Choose and interesting-looking wallpaper, posters with his favourite players or a ball-shaped armchair.
  • Does you child love Lego blocks? They can become the theme for the boy’s room. In this case, you can use a standard wallpaper or line one of the walls with Lego blocks. It will take a long time, but the child’s reaction will prove it was worth it.
  • Does your son binge-watches cartoons and movies related to space? Create a cosmos in his bedroom - surprisingly, it is not that difficult, and you can even find furniture with this theme in stores.

Boy bedroom decor with main theme

Boys' room - Lego

Boy bedroom - mountains

Boys' bedroom ideas - space

A bunker bed in boys’ bedroom - is it a good idea?

Designing a boy bedroom is a real challenge, although it shouldn’t be too problematic. It gets a little bit more complicated when there are two or three sons in a room. In such a case, you have to choose completely different solutions which will not only look good but also be practical.

Even if a boys’ bedroom is supposed to contain several people and the space is limited - there are solutions for this. Bunker beds can help you spare a lot of room. Additionally, they are very exciting - both for younger and older children.

If the brothers have a very strong relationship - for instance because they are twins, and you have really limited space - choose two joined beds instead of a bunker bed. It is a very interesting solution. During the day, they might act as a sofa.

A bunker bed in boys' bedroom - is it a good idea?

Small boys' bedroom

Boys' room ideas - beds

Boy bedroom - bunker bed

Unusual boys’ bedroom ideas

If your child is a little bit older - the previous ideas might not work for him. In this case, you might have to choose a non-standard solution. You can use the following ideas:

  • interesting furniture, e.g. a pallet bed,
  • highlighted walls,
  • a hanging bed,
  • glass walls,
  • unusual wall decorations, e.g. a bike.

Unusual boys' bedroom ideas

Boys' bedroom - hanging bed

📍 How to design a boys' bedroom?

A boy bedroom can be designed in many interesting ways - creativity is key in this case. You can draw inspiration from cartoons or pick a particular main theme. What's more, classic boys' rooms in neutral colors have become quite popular nowadays.

📍 How to paint a boys' room?

If you decided to paint your child's room, make sure that the walls match the rest of equipment. Most importantly, they should't be too intense. After finishing painting, you can add some decorations or stickers.

📍 How to design a small boys' bedroom?

Designing a small room for a boy is not the easiest task - because of the limited space. The best option, in this case, is choosing practical solutions. You can, for instance, combine several functions in one furniture piece. A bunker bed with a desk underneath is a good example.