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5 Magnificent Ideas on How to Use Gold Color in Home Decor

Gold is a very pronounced and eye-catching color. No wonder that gold color palette is often used in home interior design. One has to be careful, though - although gold color is very elegant and makes the interiors look unique, too much of it can be overwhelming. That's why gold decor and accessories are perfect. They are characteristic for Art Deco or glamour styles. Are you looking for an inspiration on how to use gold color in your own house or apartment? We have prepared a few ideas that might help you. Find the best solution for your expectations.

5 Magnificent Ideas on How to Use Gold Color in Home Decor

Gold color on flower pots and candle holders - stylish decorations

Moderation is the secret of gold color. Accessories that will subtly decorate the interior and won’t be too eye-catching are the best options, in this case. You just need some small elements to get a good result.

House plant pots and various candle holders are the most common golden decor. Surprisingly, there are a lot of options here. Each of the pots can look slightly different. You can pick either minimalist containers or slightly elevated flower pots. They look great in a modern living room and office.

You can also completely change the home interior if you pick golden candle holders. Such decorations are available in different variants, so that you won’t have a problem in finding the ones you like. Although simple forms have been trending for a long time, consider more characteristic variants. Such small gold colour accessories will surely add some character to the interior.

Gold color on flower pots and candle holders - stylish decorations

Gold color flower pot office

Gold color - raised pots

Decorative candle holders - golden color

Gold color - interesting candle holders

Gold color in lighting - beautiful ornamental lamps

Many homeowners consider lamps as just a practical element that provides enough light to rest or work in the interior. But such products are something more, especially if they use gold color. In such a case, golden lamps can become the main decorative element of the room.

Gold color is not an accident when it comes to lamps. They not only light up the room, but the shades also reflect the light, making the room more spacious. It is, therefore, a perfect solution for small interiors.

Because the living room is the most representative place of a house, this is where golden lamps typically appear. The way the lighting looks like depends on the style of the interior. Large lamps hung under the ceiling are one of the latest trends in interior design. It’s a very characteristic solution for modern style rooms.

Regardless, richly decorated, ornamental chandeliers are still in fashion. They typically appear in Art Deco style interiors. Such elements look perfect when combined with white or grey colors. You can also combine gold color with stronger shades. The following colors are great choices:

Gold color in lighting - beautiful ornamental lamps

Gold color large chandelier

Gold color - large decorative lamps

Interesting golden lamps

Golden color - unique chairs and tables

Do you like unusual solutions in interior design? Use gold color in elements like tables and chairs. They are perfect for modern interiors, although they also look great in industrial style rooms - especially when combined with black.

As for modern tables, there are many variants to consider. Minimalist golden tabletops with black legs are quite popular. Such furniture draws attention and is very characteristic. It might be, therefore, a too “strong” decoration for some. You can also implement golden color by choosing the opposite solution - black or wooden tabletop and golden legs.

Gold colour chairs are also elegant and luxurious furniture. Models with a golden base and upholstered seats look exceptionally good.

Golden color - unique chairs and tables

Golden color - unusual table

Art Deco design gold color

Gold color - glass table

Gold color in non-standard decorations

Color gold is looks perfect in feminine, very cozy spaces. Such interiors substantially benefit form small, yet unusual accents that make the whole design remarkable. Polished gold brightens the room and makes it look classy.

You can use gold color in the following accessories:

  • ornamental figurines,
  • fruit baskets,
  • jewellery holders,
  • sugar bowls,
  • flower vases.

Gold color in non-standard decorations

Gold colour - interesting figurines

Golden color table figurine

Gold color decorative pineapple

Mirrors and other wall decorations using gold color

Mirrors are the absolute necessity in a bathroom or a hallway interior design. They also often appear in living rooms, typically over a dresser or a console table. It is not only a practical accessory thanks to which one can look at oneself and adjust make-up, but also a golden mirror looks really good. For this reason, a lot of homeowners decide to purchase very decorative mirrors of eye-catching frames to make the interior look unique.

A mirror is not the only wall decoration you can use in home interior design. Various posters, pictures and clocks look great as well. Manufacturers offer a really wide choice, so the decorations have different shapes and sizes.

Golden, hexagonal wall tiles are the absolute hit of the season. Not only they look beautiful and are something completely exceptional - you can also look at yourself in them!

Mirrors and other wall decorations using gold color

Color gold - decorative mirror

Color gold - hexagonal tiles

Color gold - clock with crystals

📍 What does color gold mean?

Golden color is typically associated with richness and prosperity. It is also often linked to knowledge, wisdom and higher ideals. In interior design, gold color is associated with elegance and femininity. Apart from classic gold, the color appears in other variants as well, e.g. old or pink gold.

📍 What color makes gold?

Gold color belongs to so-called special colors, which means it cannot be created by mixing different shades. But you can get a similar effect - the color will be cream or beige but without the characteristic illumination that gold has. So, if you want to paint the interior gold, you have to buy paint in this color.