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4 Tasteful Table Setting Ideas - The Classy Guide to Setting a Table

Have you invited guests to your house and want to impress them? A proper table setting is the absolute essential. It's equally important, no matter if you receive family members or friends and colleagues. What's more, plate decor can appear not only during Christmas, but also when having a casual meeting. It will surely make a great impression and put you in a good light. Many think setting a table is a difficult task. Although it requires a good plan and consistency, you can use some tips and ideas. Check the table setting rules and learn how to set a table - get inspired and take action.

4 Tasteful Table Setting Ideas - The Classy Guide to Setting a Table

Table setting - the most essential elements

A proper table setting requires using the essential elements. Depending on the character of the organized celebration, you might need:

  • dishware: plates, saucers, bowls,
  • silverware: spoons, forks, knives, teaspoons, pastry forks,
  • glassware: tumblers, wine glasses, cordial glasses and shot glasses for stronger alcohols.

Don’t forget about additional elements, for instance various types of placemats, napkins, napkin holders, vases with flowers and candles. If you want to pick a perfect table setting, you have to have the occasion of the party in mind.

Table setting - the most essential elements

Setting the table - plates arrangement

Arrangement of the plates is one of the most important issues when setting a table. It might be a little complicated, as it depends on what dishes are going to be served during the meeting.

A classic, formal table setting you can see during dinners or wedding parties looks like this:

  • first, you place the large, flat plate for the main dish,
  • you put the soup plate or a soup bowl (depending on the menu) on top.

In addition, you can enrich the table setting with a decorative placemat under the plates. You can also use a side plate for bread or starter, placed by the whole set mentioned before.

The mentioned plates arrangement is suitable for home parties and places where guests are supposed to serve themselves. But sometimes meals are directly served, which means they are delivered already on appropriate plates. In this case, only a placemat is prepared - possibly with decorations.

Setting the table - plates arrangement

How to set the table? Silverware and glassware arrangement

The choice of utensils and glassware mostly depends on the character of the party and what you are going to serve to your guests. This concerns both meals and beverages.

As for silverware, there is a rule stating that the items to be used as first should be placed on the external side. Remember that if you serve a few dishes, you have to prepare a new set of utensils for each.

The table setting will look aesthetic if you make sure the utensils are evenly distributed. This way, the whole arrangement looks harmonious.

Regarding glassware, tumblers are the basic items. They are typically placed on the external side of plates and silverware.

The rest depends on what you are serving. If there are alcoholic beverages such as champagne, white and red wine, liqueur, whisky or vodka on the table, make sure that each guest has a suitable glass. Sometimes it is better to limit the selection, to avoid the trouble.

ATTENTION! As you place the silverware and glass on the table, you leave ugly fingerprints on them? There is a solution. Just wear fabric gloves or grab each item through a cloth.

How to set the table? Silverware and glassware arrangement

Plate decorations - the most interesting ideas

Additional decorations typically appear on the plate if one organizes a Christmas dinner or a theme party - relating to a particular occasion. There are many examples but here are the most popular celebrations:

  • birthdays,
  • baptism parties,
  • bachelorette parties,
  • baby showers.

Plate decorations - the most interesting ideas

You can use decorations like fresh flowers or green plant branches - they look very interesting. This is just one of the ideas. You can also choose:

  • dried fruits or flowers,
  • crystals,
  • cookies or chocolates,
  • decorative cards,
  • colorful feathers,
  • plaster figurines.

Decorated napkins folded in an unusual way and placed on the plates is another interesting idea for a table setting.

Boho table setting

Table setting ideas - cookies plate decoration

A feast day table setting - inspiring arrangements

A feast day table setting should be elegant - to highlight the majesty of the moment. A special tablecloth, used only on unique occasions is the essential item here. Although many people decide on a white table runner, it’s not obligatory. You can also pick beige, red or intense bottle green.

Additionally, use candles and other themed decorations, referring to the occasion. You can pick branches from various coniferous trees. If you want, enrich the table setting with golden accessories, e.g. napkin rings.

An Easter table setting looks a little different, as it’s based on pastel colors instead of strong shades. What’s more, a lot of flowers and lightweight fabrics are perfect, in this case.

A feast day table setting - inspiring arrangements

Christmas table setting - pink

Blue Christmas table setting

Minimalist table setting Christmas

Boho style table setting - be original

Boho style has been very popular in recent years. No wonder then, that it appears in interior design but also in the way of setting the table.

What table decorations can be considered boho? Most importantly:

  • flowers and plants - both in alive and dried version - lavender, roses, pampas grass, peonies,
  • characteristic fabrics - lace, embroidered cloths, jute,
  • wood or plywood,
  • paper elements,
  • feathers,
  • candles.

As for a boho table setting, a delicate color palette is important as well. It’s white, ecru, ivory, blue, delicate purple or dusty pink.

Boho style table setting - be original

Boho table setting - minimalist

Boho table setting ideas - gold

Table setting on the patio - Boho

Setting the table using black color

The times when a proper table setting could only use bright colors are long gone. It has opened the door to completely new, at times breathtaking possibilities. It concerns black as well. Combining it with gold or even white can bring spectacular results.

There are many possibilities on how to use black while setting a table. This color can be the background for the whole arrangement - if so, a black table runner should be used. But you can also use dark plates and utensils. Combining them with a gold-and-white table cloth perfectly complements glamour style.

A table setting with black color is a great both for a birthday party and Christmas dinner. It’s also becoming a common option for wedding parties.

Setting the table using black color

Elegant table setting - black

Christmas table setting with black color

A subtle and interesting table setting - white as the main color

Does white color mean boredom? Quite the opposite! This color gives you endless possibilities for setting a table. You can use light decorations for any occasions. What should a white table setting look like? First of all, you can pick a rich variety of decorations. Make sure to use flowers, candles and richly decorated glass.

You can add green plants to the white table setting - they will make the whole arrangement more energetic. Monstera or palm leaves are great for this purpose. But it is not the only possibility. You can also pick moss or fern to create a more rustic, less formal atmosphere.

At any moment, you can enrich a white table setting with decorations in any color palette, as it can be combined with practically anything.

A subtle and interesting table setting - white as the main color

White table setting glamour

White table setting - Easter

📍 Setting a table - where to place napkins?

There are several ways of placing napkins when setting a table. Using them as plates decor and adding interesting accessories is one of the most popular methods. You can also place the napkins by silverware - on either of the sides. Folding napkins like a fan and putting them into glasses is quite an original idea.

📍 What is a table setting supposed to look like?

Although there are many ideas on how a table setting can look like, there is one rule - everything has to be aesthetic and consistent. Pay attention to the color palette - don't mix intense, striking colors. Also, make sure to pick a single style.

📍 An everyday table setting - is it important?

An everyday table setting is not as interesting as the one for a party or a meeting. Although it doesn't have to be as calculated and rich, make sure to follow certain rules. Thanks to them, eating meals is much more pleasant.

📍 How to set a table?

Setting a table involves mostly picking the right dishware, silverware and glassware and putting them in a proper arrangement. A lot depends on what meals and beverages you are going to serve. You can always seek for some tips on the Web for a particular case. After you arrange all the elements, you can use decorations - you have a free hand in this matter.