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4 Hottest Living Room Colors - Check the Latest Trends for 2022

Are you renovating home interiors and wonder what paint colors for the living room can make it look really good? It's not as simple as it seems. You have to decide how to paint the living room and what accessories to pick so that everything fits. Perhaps some proven tips will be useful. Discover the most popular living room colors this year. Get inspired and use them in your house or apartment.

4 Hottest Living Room Colors - Check the Latest Trends for 2022

What to pay attention to when picking the living room colors?

As you decide on particular living room colors, make sure to consider several important issues. Thanks to this, you can predict what the interior is going to look like. In contrast to what some claim, such an analysis can be done without any help from specialists. It’s not very complicated, especially given that it mostly concerns individual preferences.

Picking the right shade - bright or dark is the most important issue. It depends on what the interior looks like. If your space is small, pick rather bright colors for your living room. This way, you avoid overwhelming and “shrinking” the interior. Homeowners with large living rooms have more possibilities. In this case, you can even use colors like graphite or charcoal grey.

Are you looking for a safe paint colors for the living room? Pastel colors are probably the best answer to your needs. They are very neutral and create a perfect background for various designs. They perfectly complement Boho style, as well as bolder Art Deco interiors.

In addition to the mentioned issues, make sure to think about all the factors that decide on the living room colors to pick. Find the most common elements below:

  • the interior’s layout,
  • access to natural lighting,
  • the style of the interior,
  • furniture and other equipment.

What to pay attention to when picking the living room colors?

Living room colors - how to use them?

As you design home interiors, you have to not only pick the living room paint colors but also choose furniture. For those who like bold designs, a strong color on the wall is a perfect solution. Keep in mind that you can add living room color schemes using the less obvious items - accessories and furniture. A color in the living room can be just an addition.

If you want to design a universal interior, pick a classic background and colorful accessories such as:

  • blankets,
  • pillows,
  • pictures on walls,
  • carpets.

There are many possibilities, in this case. It all depends on what you like.

Living room colors - how to use them?

Strong and saturated living room colors - yellow and blue

Highly saturated, energetic shades are one of the best 2021 living room colors. Blue and yellow are among the most popular options. Interestingly enough, such colors for the living room can be used both separate and combined.

A matching combination breaks the monotony and brings beautiful views to mind. But remember that one of the shades has to dominate in the interior. This way, you can avoid the overflow effect.

Typically, blue or dark blue is the base color of the interior. It works perfectly as the wall paint color for the living room. You can complement them with yellow accessories to enliven the interior and create a unique atmosphere.

Strong and saturated living room colors - yellow and blue\~l_164364

Strong living room color schemes

Blue and yellow - collors for the living room

Popular living room colors - yellow and blue

Dark blue and yellow - best living room colors\~l_164364

Living room colors reminding of holidays - shades of green and blue

As you pick the living room color schemes, do you want them to remind you of relaxation and holidays, and at the same time be calm? Here’s the absolute hit of 2021: all kinds of blue and green that can be associated with water - the sounds of ocean waves or a peaceful surface of a lake.

One can note such inspirations both in living room wall colors as well as furniture. Turquoise sofas or wingchairs are the absolute hit. If you create a neutral background for them, e.g. ecru or beige, they will look perfect.

Blue and green shades are also perfect living room paint colors. Be careful, in this case. Don’t pick too dark colors. You can also brighten them up using a contrasting accent, for instance amaranth accessories - but used in moderation.

It’s a common belief that blue and green living room colors have a great influence on the human psyche. They are soothing and relaxing. No wonder that they have been so popular recently.

Living room colors reminding of holidays - shades of green and blue

Best paint colors for the living room

Green living room colors

Bright green popular living room colors

Calm colors for the living room - choose the stylish brown

Do you like to be surrounded by nature and value your own peace? It turns out that there are many people like you. For this reason, as you search for the best living room colors in 2021, you’ll find at least a few variants of brown.

As stressed by interior design experts, shades of brown are very calming and evoke a positive attitude. They are also highly universal, so you can combine them with practically any color - and it will look great every time.

Brown living room colors are a timeless option. You can use such a base in many different styles. It’s a perfect choice for those who are not sure what to pick.

Calm colors for the living room - choose the stylish brown

Brown - best living room colors

Art Deco living room colors

A modern interior - living room colors

Brown - living room paint ideas

Class and elegance - purple colors for the living room

Dark and saturated living room colors are an ideal option for those who want to add some elegance to their interior. Purple is one of them - in 2021, it breaks the popularity records. Plum is one of the most popular of the living room colors.

Purple colors for the living room can be used both on walls and in furniture. If you want to get an interesting effect - don’t paint all the walls in one shade. Combine the opposite surfaces with each other and use purple on them. Hand a bright wallpaper with a delicate golden print on the two remaining ones. Such a combination will create an amazing effect.

Purple can be also used as a living room color on curtains or upholstered furniture. The potential of this color has been acknowledged by furniture manufacturers who offer different interesting variants. You don’t have to search for long to find real pieces of art.

Class and elegance - purple colors for the living room

Purple - living room colors

Intense living room colors

📍 What are some good living room color ideas?

Choosing a living room color depends on many factors. The concept of the furnished interior is one of them. Remember that different colors can be used in a small and different in a large room. While living room colors should make small interiors seem more spacious, you can go crazy if the room is large. Just make sure that the interior looks consistent.

📍 How to paint a living room to make it look modern?

Be open-minded and don't focus just on one color when looking for living room paint ideas. Two contrasting colors is an interesting solution that can make the room look more attractive. Just paint one wall in a darker color and use a brighter shade on the rest of them.

📍 What are the best living room colors for a small interior?

If your living room is small, make sure to pick the right colors. Making the interior look bigger is key. To achieve this effect, you can use colors like grey, white, blue, beige and purple.

📍 What is the best color for a big living room?

Painting a large living room offers you many possibilities. You can pick from a wider range of colors, including e.g. graphite or charcoal grey. Also, consider combining several colors that complement each other. You can go wild without worrying that the interior is going to seem too small.