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4 Fascinating Guest Bedroom Ideas - Design a Perfect Guest Room

Are you frequently visited by friends and family who stay overnight? It's a good opportunity to design a guest bedroom in your house or apartment - of course, if you have enough space. Looking for good guest bedroom ideas? Take a look at a few inspirations we've prepared for you. Check them out - perhaps you'll like some of them.

4 Fascinating Guest Bedroom Ideas - Design a Perfect Guest Room

Why do you need a guest room?

Just over a dozen years ago, a guest bedroom was an essential element included in every house project. But in time, such space organization became less popular. Currently, guest rooms appear again in many houses and apartments.

A guest room is useful if you live far away from your hometown. In this case, you can expect frequent visits from your friends and family. But if you don’t want them to come back at night or sleep at a hotel, you should be prepared and have a spare bedroom.

Contrary to what some might think, a guest bedroom can be designed both in a big house and a small apartment. All you need is creativity and a little space to spare.

Why do you need a guest room?

Does a guest bedroom have to be big?

A guest room can be designed even if your space is limited. The size of such an interior is irrelevant - functionality is much more important. This might be a tricky issue even in a big house.

Of course, the more space, the better, when it comes to designing a guest room. But sometimes, a large wall niche and a bit of space separated in a large living room is all you need to design a perfect guest bedroom.

A spacious and practical guest room in a house

If you have a large house, you can let your imagination run wild and create a “real” guest bedroom. Such an interior is much more friendly for your guests, as it makes them feel unrestrained.

Organizing a large classic room is the basic option. A guest bedroom design of this type should contain a bed or a sofa and practical furniture. A dresser and a closet are essential for storing clothes.

If the house is huge, you can go a step further. With enough free space, a guest room design can include a separate toilet and even a small kitchenette. There’s an additional benefit of such a solution - you can rent such a room to tourists and make money on it, if needed. It’s a popular idea in large cities and resort towns.

A spacious and practical guest room in a house

A mini-studio guest room design

Small guest bedroom ideas

A place to sleep comfortably is the most essential thing for someone staying at your home. That’s why, if you have a small room to spare, you should make sure to put a comfortable bed in it, or a sofa bed which can be folded for the day to sit and watch TV.

If there’s not enough space for a closet or a dresser in the small guest room, you can put some hangers on the wall. This way, your guests can hang their most important clothes on them to avoid creases.

Such a mini guest bedroom design is characteristic for small apartments. But you can also use this idea in a house, if you have little space to spare for a guest room.

Small guest bedroom ideas

Spare bedroom ideas - small and bright

A guest bedroom design in the attic

Using an attic as a guest room is a perfect solution for houses that have such a space. It’s also possible in apartments located on top floor, where you can purchase the attic and make it into a part of the living space.

A guest room in an attic can be small or large. Its functionality depends on whether the walls are tall or if the room has slopes.

If you have enough space in the attic, you can design a mini studio in it - everyone who visits you will love such a guest room. Using dividing walls, you can separate a small wash stand, or even a tiny bathroom with a shower. Instead of a large bed, use a sofa bed or a corner sofa with sleeping function. This way, one can sleep comfortably at night, and rest during the day or in the evening.

A guest bedroom design in the attic

Guest bedroom ideas - a spare room in the attic

Small guest bedroom ideas - use a niche

Is your apartment very small but despite this you still have frequent visitors who stay overnight? Are you wondering how to solve this issue? There are a few guest room ideas you can use - everything depends on your apartment’s layout.

If your living room is medium-sized, and you sleep in a bedroom, you can use this space as a temporary guest room. Just choose a practical sofa bed or a corner sofa with sleeping option. You will use this piece of furniture daily e.g. when watching TV shows and movies. When someone visits you - they will be able to sleep on it.

Have you already used the only spare room in your house for a small office, and there is no more space for a guest bedroom? Perhaps you can combine both of these functionalities - especially if the room has a niche. This way, you can add a wall-bed to it. When it’s not needed - it can remain folded without taking any space, and you won’t even notice it. When guests visit you, you can unfold it and offer them a place to overnight.

If you design a small office and a guest bedroom in one interior, pay attention to the location of the furniture items. Note that the wall-bed requires some space to unfold it. It’s the only drawback of this solution.

Small guest bedroom ideas - use a niche

A small office and a guest room design in one room

📍 How to design a small guest bedroom?

A small guest bedroom doesn't offer a lot of options - but you can make it functional. A bed is the most important item here. If there is enough space, add a dresser or a small closet. You can also decorate the room with small ornaments that won't take too much space.

📍 How to furnish a guest room?

A comfortable bed is the basic item in a guest bedroom. You can replace a regular bed with a sofa bed or a corner sofa with sleeping option, depending on the available space. Make sure to include a place for storing clothes and personal items. If your budget allows it - purchase a TV and hang it on the wall.

📍 How to paint a guest room?

Neutral colors are the best for a guest room design, so that the room is comfortable to rest in. Beige, grey and pastel colors are the best shades. Of course, you can pick other colors as well, but make sure not to make the room too gaudy.

📍 How to design a small guest room in an apartment?

Designing a small guest bedroom in an apartment is more difficult than in a house, mostly because of the limited space. It doesn't mean it's not possible, though. You can design a guest room in a separate interior or in the living room. You can also use some practical solutions, e.g. a wall bed.