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6 Best Compact Washing Machines for December 2022

6 Best Compact Washing Machines for December 2022
6 Best Compact Washing Machines for December 2022

Everyday life without a washing machine would be really difficult. A device of this type has to appear even in the smallest apartment. But standard-sized washers usually overwhelm small interiors. What to do in such a case? Consider a compact washing machine. Thanks to this solution, you can resolve the problem of little space and the need for a modern device.

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What is a compact washing machine?

To meet the needs of small apartment owners, washing machine manufacturers offer special compact models. Such devices usually have similar functions as standard versions but they are much slimmer. Thanks to this, the user doesn’t have to give up modern solutions in behalf of space.

A compact washing machine has a reduced depth. While standard devices are typically 50-60 cm, a slimline washing machine usually is no deeper than 45 cm. The smallest models can be as slim as 30 cm. It’s a very big difference appreciated by many users. Because of the smaller dimensions, compact washing machines typically have less capacity but it should be more than enough for everyday washing.

A narrow washing machine can be a top loader. The market also offers standard models with front doors. The choice of a particular type depends on the user’s preferences, as the dimensions are similar in both cases. But a smaller size doesn’t mean a smaller number of functions. Manufacturers make sure that slimline models are very similar to full-size models. In many cases, they are the best washing machines available on the market.

What are the advantages of a compact washing machine?

The small size is, of course, the biggest advantage of a slimline washing machine. It’s the main reason to purchase such a product. Compared with standard devices, a slim washing machine takes half their space. It’s a huge difference in small bathrooms where every centimeter counts. Thanks to the tiny dimensions, a compact washing machine can fit even in a very small apartment bathroom.

Compact washing machines are typically cheaper than full-size models. But the capacity of narrow models is comparable - a maximum load is typically up to 6 kilograms. It should be more than enough for a small family, and purchasing a cheaper and smaller washing machine saves both money and space.

What are the possible disadvantages of a slim washing machine?

Although the capacity of compact washing machines is similar to the load of standard models, it might not be enough. The maximum capacity of slim models is 7 kilograms. It’s suitable for people who live alone, as well as couples and small families. But if the household consists of more than 4 people, it might not be sufficient.

Slimline washing machines, as the name indicates, are much slimmer than normal models. But in front loaders, the width remains the same (around 60 cm). If you’re focused on the width rather than depth, consider buying a narrow washing machine - a top loader. Their width is typically 40 centimeters.

What compact washing machines are available on the market?

Most washing machine brands offer compact models. Such devices usually have a similar function range as standard models. Slimline washing machines are usually 40-45 cm deep, although there are slimmer versions as well. The smallest models have the least capacity - typically 4-5 kg.

Compact washing machines have many useful options such as delay timer, foam control and the possibility to add a clothing item during a washing cycle. But those features are used in standard models as well, and they do not depend on the size of the device. Carefully consider how useful each feature is to you. The more of them a device has, the more expensive it is. In most cases, a normal model is more than enough for everyday use.

Where can you buy a compact washing machine?

Most standard stores with household appliances offer small washing machines. The selection of products is usually wide, and shop assistants can help you in picking the right model for you. Make sure to browse through several stores before making a decision. Online shopping is another good option - Internet stores often have cheaper offers. When purchased online, the best washing machines can cost a few percent less than in a physical store. After taking measurements, you can purchase a device without even leaving the house. Most shops offer delivery and installation of the product, as well as taking the old device away.

How much does a slimline washing machine cost?

The cost of a slimline washing machine depends on the number of functions a particular model has. The price of a good quality device usually starts at $600. A more expensive compact washing machine is usually more advanced and has more programs.

The price you can pay for a certain model depends on your individual financial possibilities and needs. Those who do laundry very often surely use a lot of programs offered by the device. But cheaper compact washing machines with basic functions should be enough for most users.

Who is a compact washing machine for?

A compact washing machine is a perfect solution for those who want to save some space in their apartment. Such devices are very slim, thanks to which they don’t take the whole bathroom, as it is with standard models.

Because of their small size, they are good for singles, couples and small families. The capacity and the number of programs in compact washing machines are similar or even the same as in full-size models. Thanks to this, a device of this type is perfect for those who do laundry every day, as well as those who do laundry once a week or less frequently.

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